Hey! Look — or rather, LISTEN!

Hey! Guess what’s available!!!

(I’ve listened to them. Several times. Fabulous! Listening to your own words read by someone else, though — sexy words especially — is a very, very interesting experience)

Steamy Sighs — Listen to Two New KD West Audiobooks

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Stillpoint/Eros July 21, 2013 Respond Edit

Stillpoint/Eros is pleased to release its first two audiobooks, each drawn from a steamy story by K.D. West, each recorded by a talented, sexy-voiced narrator.

Narrated by Mary Cyn, “Juliet Takes Stage” follows an assignation between an teacher and his former student in which they explore just what Shakespeare meant by the Little Death.

“The Big Easy,” narrated by Milo Churchcutt, tells the story of a young man who finds love, the cure for loneliness, and cayenne-hot sex in old New Orleans.



3 thoughts on “Hey! Look — or rather, LISTEN!

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