New Cover for The Big Easy?

New Cover for The Big Easy?

Come help Stillpoint/Eros choose what art to feature on my popular audio- and ebook, The Big Easy! ( I love both covers — please let us know YOUR opinion.

The Big Easy

“A real steamy read for those of you who like your sex hot and heavy!”–Mistress Ivey

In a beautiful city, take one part heartsick man, add one part gorgeous young woman and seven parts cayenne-hot sex.

Mix together and you’ve got the gumbo that is… The Big Easy

A tale of sexual serendipity.

Available as an audiobook and ebook on Amazon, Audioble, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, Smashwords, and Stillpoint/Eros

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3 thoughts on “New Cover for The Big Easy?

    • Thanks so much! I was pleased with that too!

      And obviously, I deeply love N’Awleans. I think the story sprang as much out of that as out of the character I was trying to create, or out of anything else.

      Mmm. Want some gumbo!


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