New Book Trailer – Juliet Takes Off

Sorry I’ve been non-present — school year beginning and…

And I have a new story — the next of my Juliet stories. Which you folks helped us choose the cover for!


And it’s almost ready to be released, and I’ve spent the morning listening to the audiobook (voiced again by the wonderful Mary Cyn), and I’m very, very excited.

So here’s a sneak preview of the audiobook:

Sexual initiation (Audiobook/Ebook Trailer)

And for those of you who like reading to be… you know… reading, here’s the words:

If anything ever felt like a sexual initiation, it was that first time that Ken ate me. […] Before he’d even made it all of the way up my thigh, I could already tell that the trip that his tongue, teeth, lips, and fingers were going to send me on was going to be way beyond my realm of experience.

Stout Cortez first seeing the Pacific had nothing on this.

Trying to talk about sex is funny: using words to describe experiences that are (for me, at least) intensely non-verbal. From the moment that Ken’s lips touched my lips, the whole memory is a wash of sensory impressions. Pulling. Friction. Wetness. Pressure, building steadily. Heat.

I can’t tell you what he did that first time, or how he did it. Later experiences, sure, maybe — I can at least try.

All I know is that the whole time-stopped, earth-moved thing? It’s real.

I know this too: I had brought myself to hundreds or maybe even thousands of orgasms before Ken touched my cunt that night.

But that was the very first time that I experienced an orgasm as the Little Death, the way the Elizabethans called it. The French still call it that, or so Jonathon tells me.

When I re-inhabited my body, I was sprawled on the sofa, my legs splayed over Ken’s shoulders.

He was kissing his way leisurely up my belly….

Let me know what you think; I’ll let you know when it’s available!


12 thoughts on “New Book Trailer – Juliet Takes Off

  1. Thank you! Lots and lots! I just came over to read yours and saw that. Um, saw what I’m saying thank you for, I mean. So yeah, just, thank you! That’s really sweet, and I really appreciate it and you’re very, very kind.

    And um, sorry I’m commenting here. The other doesn’t have comments on, and I couldn’t figure out how to talk to you inside goodreads. Um, me, them, issues. So anyway, sorry to talk on the wrong post, and kind of take over your thing. Which seems rude.

    But also, yay for you on yours too!

    And I was like, what, school year, and then I realized. Northern hemisphere.

    And I did see the friend thing, so we’re goodreads buddies now too. You’re like one degree of separation from someone who has like 10 million friends, so that must be good!


  2. Yeah, Northern Hemisphere. We’re all backwards and upside down. 🙂

    And no worries — post anywhere you want! I had set that post up as a Link, which means it isn’t supposed to be commented on. That was a surprise. So I changed it to Standard, and replies are now on.

    And in Goodreads, I am pretty sure that — if you’re signed in — you can click on a comment button and respond to a review.

    You’re very welcome. I’d already told you how I felt about those stories. 🙂


    • > post as a Link

      Ah right. Yes. Actually, I did know there were different kinds of posts, I just, um, don’t. I should probably look at that too. Now you mention it, it seems useful. Since I spent half my time playing facebook-link-button whack-a-mole because the share buttons make the page look ugly.

      > can click on a comment button

      Except I had a feeling that actually doing that was really bad and caused the wrath of the goodreads gods.

      I suppose what you say makes a difference though 🙂

      I’d actually thought there was an email system inside GR, somewhere, but then couldn’t find it. So never mind, since I’m hardy ever there anyway, and found you anyway.

      And yay for your reviews there. The constellations of stars on your stories must be very pleasing!


      • Those GR gods — jealous and wrathful.

        There’s also some sort of personal message system there. I know someone’s sent me one at some point — I can’t remember where it is though!

        I like the image of you playing facebook-link-button whack-a-mole. 🙂


      • > I know someone’s sent me one

        Yeah, that’s my problem. If you get one, it’s just kind of there, and you reply back. But not so much to start the talking. And I seem to have switched off it sending me actual real email when something happens there too, which there was probably a reason for.

        Probably because the place gives me flashbacks to high school and all the cool girls.

        And then I just want to go smoke behind a tree or something.

        > facebook-link-button whack-a-mole

        I do! Honestly. It’s like every time you turn around the fecking like buttons are back. Or comments window things on pages you don’t want comment windows on, because they’re just as ugly on a page that’s meant to just be a page, not a potential conversation.

        Oh yeah, and on this from a couple upwards…

        > I’d already told you how I felt about those stories

        I meant to say, well, yes, but saying it again is very nice, so I shall be grateful again!

        So thank you. Um. Again.


  3. My publisher started adding Facebook and Twitter buttons at the back of all of the ebooks (also Goodreads and Pinterest links). I didn’t like it at first, but It seems to be helping, so…

    And you line about Goodreads reminding you of THOSE girls in high school, because I know exactly what you mean.

    Though I never smoked.

    Ever hear of Snacky’s Law?


    • Snacky’s Law – Erm, yes, I have. Embarrassed blush. And totally fair and good call, and I shall consider myself utterly shot down. What’s worse is I did know, and did it anyway, completely unintentionally. So just ooops, and I guess that’s the point of the law.

      I started writing a story called Rule 34 a while back, but it didn’t really have anything to it except the idea of wildly unsexual scenarios unexpectedly devolving to smut. So it was kind of a one-joke story, and the joke was completely obvious given it was called Rule 34.

      Or if it wasn’t obvious, because someone hadn’t heard of the rule, then it would just be incomprehensible.

      So taking in-jokes a little far.


      • Well, maybe. But the possibilities! XD

        No calling anyone on anything — I knew those girls from high school too. Heck, I TEACH them. It’s more a mathematical law than a don’t-get-caught law, because that feeling’s absolutely universal.


  4. No no, I mean calling is completely fair. Calling should be done, even if the thing being said is still true. As in this case. I just really hadn’t realized I was!

    And especially you should call since we’re both actually living embodiments of Rule 34, too. Or 35. Whichever the one is that where there is no porn, porn shall be made.

    And I stopped since, I should add quickly. The smoking.


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