Review: Yank by Selena Kitt

Here’s another review of a favorite erotica author, Selena Kitt, for her quasi-incest coming-of-age (and also just coming) story, Yank.

I reviewed it on Goodreads here.

The difference between porn and erotica is all in the details. If a story’s generic, the characters are cardboard cutouts, and the actions (which is to say, the sexy bits) flow purely in an And then I… and then he… format, it’s porn. It’s also crap. If the story involves characters who are struggling with real problems that aren’t easily solved — even with a roll in the hay — then that’s actually a story, and if there’s sex involved then it might even be erotic.

Selena Kitt’s stories are pretty consistently erotic. Smutty fun, sometimes, but no cardboard cutouts in sight.

The premise for Yank starts out as pure porn corn: a young boy (David) who spends his days masturbating to porn magazines has the girl of his dreams all but literally step out of the pages of his favorite magazine. The twist here is that the girl — who proceeds to initiate David into all of the joys of sex and love — is his sort-of-sister Dawn. There’s a sense of pushing up against the incest taboo that fills each encounter with a kind of queasy dread — and adds a level of complexity throughout.

Is it sexy? Yup. Is there a lot of sexy? Yup

Is it brilliantly plotted and characterized? Well, not brilliantly, perhaps. Some of Dawn’s actions seem forced — even once her initial intention finally comes clear. And there’s a point at which you want to smack David if he says “But you’re like my sister!” one more time.

There’s also a secondary character who gets built up just to the point of being interesting before she is left, literally waiting in bed — never to be seen again.

Still, the encounters between David and Dawn are truly hot, and the whole romp is fun. Definitely worth reading.

Definitely not one of my favorite of her stories — in part because incest (or quasi-incest) as a kink does nothing for me — but also definitely sexy and, for the most part fun.


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