SmutTalk: Censored! (The Post Script)

SmutTalk: Censored! (The Post Script)

Thanks to all of you, both for your support, and for putting up with my frothing at the mouth.

So Wednesday and Thursday’s uproar seems to have run its course. The hammer of the Amazonian gods has been lifted. The publisher resubmitted the book, having eliminated the word “sex” from the subtitle, and it was accepted. “Juliet Takes Off” is up for sale again. In fact, as nearly as I can tell, it never went off sale. So there’s that. Yay.

Unfortunately, we still aren’t sure that that AWFUL word was the cause of the ban. I got what seems to me to be a very likely suggestion from Selena Kitt, who wrote an excellent resource post for authors whose books are banned or stamped with the Scarlet Letter (that is, they’re classified as adult): Surviving the Pornocalypse: Erotica Writers Get Armed and Ready. Her thought was that Amazon’s ever-shifting standards (“about what you’d expect,” my ass!) may have morphed to include as ban-worthy covers that showed a naked woman’s back.

Let me reiterate that: an image of a nude female back may in fact be classified as indecent by Amazon.

Wrap your head around that one.

What are they going to do with Jacqueline Carey’s books?

Kushiel's Chosen

So the publisher went back and designed a bunch of new covers.

Here they go:

I actually like these a lot. (Yes, that’s Mary Cyn again, the same model from the original cover, and the lovely narrator of the Juliet audiobooks.) I have my own thoughts, but I’d love yours.

Mostly, I’m laughing, because I don’t think any of these is any less (or more) provocative than the first cover. But maybe that’s just me!

In any case, I’d love it if you’d go vote over at Stillpoint/Eros:

Personally, I think that whichever one you guys choose, we should put a big BANNED ON AMAZON!!! label on it. What do you think? 😉


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