SmutTalk: Censored! (Epilogue)

Guess what! Juliet Takes Off is back on Amazon. Because we edited a sentence in the description that mentioned Allison wanting Ken to “make her a woman” — which always sounded ridiculously Harlequin Romance to me anyway. So gone is the reference to :gasp: virginity, and back the story goes onto the world’s biggest slushpile/marketplace. Sheesh.

In any case, the story has NEVER gone out of circulation on the publisher’s site, so I wanted to give them this plug… And what do you think? Should we keep the “BANNED ON AMAZON!” banner on the cover?

Kobo still hasn’t reposted most of my publisher’s stories but has assured us that they’re “reviewing all titles to make sure that they adhere to [their] content guidelines…. Due to the number of titles that are under review, it may take a week or two before we can restore all of the books. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.” Very nice. A week and a half too late. But still.

And “Bridget” is still off-line on B&N even though we’ve removed the offending word — “Virgin” — from the subtitle.

So. :twiddles thumbs:

Juliet Takes Leave (Free Story!)

Juliet Takes Leave (Free Story!)

Here’s another episode in my story cycle, Juliet Takes Flight. I’d love to know what you think of it! (And I’m very entertained by some of the formatting — check out the mock-iPhone text conversation!)

Juliet Takes Leave

An Erotic Student-Teacher Tale

Together with Ken again, and well-fucked for the first time in months, I feel as if I am smiling with my whole body — even the parts that are sore.

He is grinning up at me, his lips curved around my left nipple, which dangles down into his mouth. His tongue drawing up a feeling that seems to come from past my cunt, past my toes. My cunt gives a little flutter, which sets my sore ass twitching too, and I groan.

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Stillpoint/Eros post on Amazon and Kobo censorship

Stillpoint/Eros post on Amazon and Kobo censorship

Over the past few weeks, a series of denouncements online and, more particularly, in a British tabloid that we don’t choose to link to have thrown many of the major online ebook outlets into a panic. Accused of being incapable of detecting and deleting all instances of their “vile trade” in child pornography, rape smut, and plagiarism (all rightly illegal in the UK, the US, and the rest of the world), several major ebook marketplaces have taken a variety of knee-jerk steps to give at least the appearance of doing something. 

New “Erotic Tales” covers

So after looking at “Bridget” and realizing that a) the current UK obscenity brouhaha had spilled over to these shores, with particular focus on underage porn (which therefore caused Amazon to target any erotica that mentioned the word “virgin” in the title or description — and seems to have  caused a panicked Kobo to flush all titles uploaded by independent authors) and that b) the lovely and tastefully naked ladies on the covers of my Erotic Tales stories were probably going to be an on-going problem, my publisher and I decided to revise the titles and covers for the series. Here’s what we have come up with:

What do you folks think? I’m kind of fond of them together.

Happy to say that Bridget (subtitle no longer included) is back on Amazon — for now. Oddly, though I’m told all of the new art was uploaded, none of it’s shown up yet.

I have also been bouncing some ideas around about ways to get Juliet Takes Off back on the windy side of the law. For any of you who’ve read the story, I’d love to run the idea by you….

SmutTalk: Censorship Follies Play On!


As has been reported elsewhere, Amazon’s ban-hammer has fallen on any erotic stories that mention virginity in any way. How do I know this? My story Bridget: Virgin Knot got booted with the same vague warning as Juliet Takes Off (which is, by the way, now permanently banned — w00t!). “Bridget” features two college students (so adults, of course), one of whom happens to be, see… a virgin.

Serves me right for trying to drop a Shakespeare quote into the title.

Also! Kobo suddenly dropped all of my Juliet titles — no warning, no nothing. My publisher emailed, and is waiting to hear back.

Still. I’m a bit bewildered.

ETA: B&N has also dropped “Bridget” without warning or notice. I’m guessing that some later-day Savonarola (or group thereof) did a trolling expedition through major US-based online stores and flagged anything with the word “Virgin” in the title. Go me. :-p

We’ve revised the cover and cut any reference to “sexual initiation” from the title or description:

Making Lemonade and a Cry for Aid

So my publisher just posted another new cover for Juliet Takes Off:

Juliet Takes Off shirt 1 BANNED!


Made me laugh. Whether it gets anyone to buy it is anyone’s guess! Still, if it worked for Ulysses here’s hoping it work for us!

ALSO: I’ve just finished a draft of the next story in this cycle, and I’d love to have one of you lovely people read it and give me some feedback. Comment or send me an email at and I’ll send you the story, as well as your choice of one of my other ebooks or an Audible coupon code for Juliet Takes Stage!