SmutTalk: Censorship Follies Play On!


As has been reported elsewhere, Amazon’s ban-hammer has fallen on any erotic stories that mention virginity in any way. How do I know this? My story Bridget: Virgin Knot got booted with the same vague warning as Juliet Takes Off (which is, by the way, now permanently banned — w00t!). “Bridget” features two college students (so adults, of course), one of whom happens to be, see… a virgin.

Serves me right for trying to drop a Shakespeare quote into the title.

Also! Kobo suddenly dropped all of my Juliet titles — no warning, no nothing. My publisher emailed, and is waiting to hear back.

Still. I’m a bit bewildered.

ETA: B&N has also dropped “Bridget” without warning or notice. I’m guessing that some later-day Savonarola (or group thereof) did a trolling expedition through major US-based online stores and flagged anything with the word “Virgin” in the title. Go me. :-p

We’ve revised the cover and cut any reference to “sexual initiation” from the title or description:


4 thoughts on “SmutTalk: Censorship Follies Play On!

  1. I’m so sorry. This is awful again, and completely sucks. I hope you figure out a way to deal with it, or manage to appeal or something.

    Sorry, late here, not making sense.

    I just wanted to say, just… sympathy! support!

    I hope it works out somehow.


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