New “Erotic Tales” covers

So after looking at “Bridget” and realizing that a) the current UK obscenity brouhaha had spilled over to these shores, with particular focus on underage porn (which therefore caused Amazon to target any erotica that mentioned the word “virgin” in the title or description — and seems to have  caused a panicked Kobo to flush all titles uploaded by independent authors) and that b) the lovely and tastefully naked ladies on the covers of my Erotic Tales stories were probably going to be an on-going problem, my publisher and I decided to revise the titles and covers for the series. Here’s what we have come up with:

What do you folks think? I’m kind of fond of them together.

Happy to say that Bridget (subtitle no longer included) is back on Amazon — for now. Oddly, though I’m told all of the new art was uploaded, none of it’s shown up yet.

I have also been bouncing some ideas around about ways to get Juliet Takes Off back on the windy side of the law. For any of you who’ve read the story, I’d love to run the idea by you….


One thought on “New “Erotic Tales” covers

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