SmutTalk: Censored! (Epilogue)

Guess what! Juliet Takes Off is back on Amazon. Because we edited a sentence in the description that mentioned Allison wanting Ken to “make her a woman” — which always sounded ridiculously Harlequin Romance to me anyway. So gone is the reference to :gasp: virginity, and back the story goes onto the world’s biggest slushpile/marketplace. Sheesh.

In any case, the story has NEVER gone out of circulation on the publisher’s site, so I wanted to give them this plug… And what do you think? Should we keep the “BANNED ON AMAZON!” banner on the cover?

Kobo still hasn’t reposted most of my publisher’s stories but has assured us that they’re “reviewing all titles to make sure that they adhere to [their] content guidelines…. Due to the number of titles that are under review, it may take a week or two before we can restore all of the books. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.” Very nice. A week and a half too late. But still.

And “Bridget” is still off-line on B&N even though we’ve removed the offending word — “Virgin” — from the subtitle.

So. :twiddles thumbs:


2 thoughts on “SmutTalk: Censored! (Epilogue)

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