Firefly – On Gender Relations (pt. I)

Firefly - On Gender Relations (pt. I)

The wisdom of Joss Whedon. (Thanks to Tess Mackenzie for reminding me of this.)

Review: Getting into a Girl’s Shorts: Short Sometimes-Erotic Fiction about Women With Women by Tess Mackenzie

Review: Getting into a Girl’s Shorts: Short Sometimes-Erotic Fiction about Women With Women by Tess Mackenzie

girl's shortsThis collection is a perfect example of why I love this writer’s work. The stories here run the gamut in terms of tone from serious to silly with just about everything in between. All of them are sexy, in one way or another; all of them involve a relationship — sexual, romantic, or both — between women. And yet it’s hard to categorize them in any neat way. Lesbian erotica? Well, maybe. Some of them. Some of the women are — at least so far as they know — straight. Some of them are bisexual. Each of them is different, and each of them is challenged by the relationship — sexual, romantic, or both — in different ways, and how each deals with her challenge is really where the stories’ focusses lie. There doesn’t seem to be any of the typical pat erotic and-then-we-had-sex-and-it-was-all-good clichés. There doesn’t seem to be a particular sexual-political bent. Each of the stories centers around the characters, their needs and their problems. Gender and sex are along for the ride.

Oh–but they are sexy. Oh, yes. Definitely. 🙂

Hey! Look what’s been released! :-D Thi

Hey! Look what’s been released! 😀

This is the story I posted the beginning of last week. It’s a real change of pace for me. I’d love to know what you think.


Truth & Games
Truth and Games final

Felicity, Ben, and Aaron have been friends for years. During a rainy-day get-together over margaritas, Felicity challenges her men to a game that will bring things to a whole new level.

A tale of friendship, romance, and thinking outside the lines. (MMF ménage à trois)

>> Available now

Review: A Forbidden Storm by J Larsen

Review: A Forbidden Storm by J Larsen

You know me: I’m always as interested in the people in an erotic story as in the sex. More, maybe. That’s my kink, I guess. A story that I read recently drove that home to me.

A Forbidden Storm by J Larsen tells the story of a newlywed woman, Jessica, who has never felt particularly sexy or attractive. Moving into her new house with her husband, she meets a neighborhood couple, Catherine and Martin, and pretty soon realizes that Martin makes her feel very sexy indeed. She and her new husband go away for a delayed honeymoon to Antigua; imagine her surprise and discomfort when she discovers that Martin is staying at the same resort. Without his wife Catherine.

A  cross between an erotic romance and something darker and more psychological, this story follows its protagonist on a metaphoric and literal journey that’s sexy, but also keeps you wondering as a reader how things are going to turn out. The surprise ending was properly satisfying. Continue reading

Sneak Peek: Truth and Games

Sneak Peek: Truth and Games

Here’s a preview of the first non-Ken/Allison story I’ve worked on in a while. It’s… different. I’d love to know what you think!


“Let’s play a game,” Felicity said, as Aaron mixed their third round of Margaritas on her kitchen counter. Though it was late spring, it looked like anything but. The rain was coming down in sheets outside. Sheets.

Ben snorted. “What kind of game? Poker? You hate it. Go Fish?”

Felicity pulled one of her curls out so that she could see it, searching for the grey that would appear one of these years. “I had something different in mind,” she said.

“What?” Aaron said wryly as he splashed tequila liberally into the pitcher,“Spin the Bottle? Truth or Dare?”

“Something a little more like that, I suppose,” said Felicity as demurely as she could manage, reaching down and pulling a tiny clear vial from her purse, which was resting on the floor beneath the table.

“What the hell’s that, Lici?” Ben asked. Aaron placed the lime-green pitcher in the center of table and peered at the little bottle, clearly intrigued.

“Truth serum,” said Felicity and held up the label. “Amobarbital.” Continue reading

Love Letters – A Collection of Erotic Tales by K.D. West

Love Letters – A Collection of Erotic Tales by K.D. West

Love Letters – A Collection of Erotic Tales by K.D. West

Hey! Something that isn’t about censorship — Stillpoint/Eros is releasing five of my stories as a boxed set!

A real steamy read for those of you who like your sex hot and heavy!” — Mistress Ivey’s Erotic eBook Reviews

As Ken’s young lover Allison is leaving for college, she asks him to write her. But not just to send her letters full of his love and desire; no, Allison wants her more experienced lover to share the stories of his own sexual experiences. “You’ve done so much. I want to know… everything,” she tells him.

How can Ken not comply?

From K. D. West, here are Ken’s love letters to Allison, his Juliet — sensual tales of seduction, desire, serendipity… and pleasure:

  1. Dear Juliet — Ken’s student Allison (whom he calls Juliet) is falling in love with him. That wouldn’t be a problem if he didn’t find himself overwhelmed with feelings for her too.
  2. Dana: Thing of Beauty — A thing of beauty is a joy forever. And a beautiful teacher can be the pleasure of a lifetime. A tale of sexual initiation.
  3. Bridget: Virgin Knot — Ken wants Bridget. Bridget wants Ken. What could go wrong? A tale of desire, confusion, and sexual initiation — though not necessarily in that order.
  4. Rachel: The Big Easy — In a beautiful city, take one part heartsick man, add one part gorgeous young woman and seven parts cayenne-hot sex. Mix together and you’ve got the gumbo that is… The Big Easy. A tale of sexual serendipity.
  5. Veronica: Arise, Fair Sun — A Romeo and his Juliet find that sometimes a nice summer affair is just what the doctor ordered. A tale of sexual tension wonderfully resolved.
  6. Sneak preview: Juliet Takes Stage — A peek at K.D. West’s tale of sexual initiation and sexual healing.

(Portions of this boxed set were released in an Amazon collection, Four Erotic Tales)