Sneak peek: Over the Top

Sneak peek: Over the Top

Here’s another bit that I’ve been working on that I thought I’d share with you. It’s from another story about a group of friends growing more than friendly, though I think the dynamic here’s a bit different from Truth and Games. This bit has an implied threesome (MFM). The rest is going to have more of the above, and less implicitly, as well as some action between a young man and woman. 

Obviously, not safe for work. 😉

Again, I’d love to know what you think!


Over the Top

A Friendly Ménage Tale Tale (MFM, MF)

The scratching sound from the ceiling begins again, and Danny groans. Within a minute, a soft, rhythmic thumping joins in time with the scraping, and he curls in upon himself, trying to bury his head under the pillow.

He could have chosen the cabin’s upstairs bedroom—the one that is usually Danny’s mom and dad’s—but he thought it was polite to let Luz and Jamie have it. It is bigger, after all.

A soft sigh from above penetrates his pillow, and he finds himself answering it with a whimper.

They’ve been planning on coming up here after graduation, just the four of them, for a year. It’s been a kind of schoolboy fantasy of being grownups, running off to the woods for a couple of weeks, away from the world, away from parents…. No one to watch who slept in which bedroom.

Finally. Fucking. Finally, finally fucking. Fantasy, sure, but unspoken promise as well. Sex in the cabin. Sex by the lake. Two couples, each doing what couples do.

Only that was before Suzie and Danny decided to be mature and break it off, since they were going to different colleges and long-distance relationships never work. Danny was the idiot to start that conversation. So: one couple. And Danny. No more schoolboy fantasy. Not for him, anyway.

Besides, even an idiot like Danny can see that Luz clearly isn’t a schoolboy. Strictly speaking, neither are Jamie and Danny any more. And Jamie and Luz have been acting very much their age.

A giggle upstairs breaks the steady rhythm of scrape-sigh-thud, scrape-sigh-thud.

Blessedly, Danny has only actually walked in on them once, the second day after they came up to the woods. Danny was just coming back from a run around the lake, and his friends had apparently surprised themselves by succumbing to their own desires in the living room. The image of Luz’s breasts gamboling against the cushion of the old couch that Jamie was leaning her over took an immediate and indelible place in Danny’s imagination.

For two days after that, the three of them went about their business in utter silence. Cooking. Reading. Danny went fishing a lot. Not a word. Ms. Prince, the school librarian, would have been proud.

He’s been very careful to let them know that he’s going out for a walk every evening at sundown. That he won’t be back for an hour or two. So they don’t worry.

And so since that one day, they’ve mostly restricted their more amorous activities to when he’s out of the cabin. It hasn’t stopped them from kissing and touching and sighing and making Danny want to hit them both.

And of course, every night, after they think he’s asleep, Jamie and Luz engage in a particularly energetic, particularly bed-moving, particularly wall-banging fuck. Or two. Ten feet over his head.

In his mind’s eye, Danny sees her now, ten feet above his head, on her hands and knees. Her bathrobe—was he too stupid to see her nipples through the fabric before, or is he just imagining them when he sees her now?—is piled up over her ass: round,and magnificent, jiggling with Jamie’s thrusts, jiggling in time with her swaying breasts.

Jamie groans.

Maybe she is on her back, her thighs flushing dark on the insides where Jamie’s hips slap against them, Jamie, his mouth open and eyes shut, Luz, her head thrown back…

Suzie, the soft, pale flesh of her belly beneath his lips, scent of flowers, a hungry whimper as he presses himself between her legs…

For the third time that day, Danny feels himself stiffening, his cock swelling within the hand that has unconsciously looped itself around the one piece of his flesh that no one else has ever poked at—flesh private to himself.

And, on thirteen miraculous occasions over the past year, Suzie. Her clever fingers slipping past the waistband of his jeans and evoking sensations that Danny would never have believed possible. All that sniggering aboutwhacking off from the other guys, Jamie’s sighing Luz’s name in the bathroom, and Danny never knew. Never understood how flesh on flesh can perform such magic, can coax you out of yourself.

Now he knows. Now he can’t stop. How can he have waited so long? And why can’t he help himself now? What the hell is wrong with him?

The first time that Suzie rubbed him to explosion, after they’d been going out most of junior year, he cried after he came and she cradled him, kissing his forehead. And then he slipped his fingers beneath her skirt, past the elastic of her panties’ leg to the moist, warm flesh beneath, and, trembling in the back seat of her parents’ car, she showed him how to return the favor.

And he always stopped them from from going too quickly. From going too far.


That is where he longs to be now. Going too far. Cuddled against her secret flesh, his own cock pressing into her…

Luz screams Jamie’s name, and the bed above slams against the wall one last time and skids to a stop.

Danny’s fingers are stroking, grasping tightly at his cock—the head is dark red and the flesh stings with use and need. He looks down and growls in disgust at himself. I have to take a shower, he thinks, and with great, unwilling determination detaches hand from rod. A girl’s high voice sighs Oh, oh, oh, and he can’t tell if he’s hearing Luz from the room above or Suzie in his own mind, and he knows that if he doesn’t do something right now he will go crazy. Crazier. Over the top. And that whacking off isn’t doing something. Not any more.

He stumbles into the bathroom and sheds his glasses and pyjamas, jumping beneath the shower before he has time to think about the fact that it’s going to be frigid; it’s been a chilly summer up here in the mountains. The cold water sears his flesh and deflates his erection, and the pain of its shrinking is almost a relief.

Danny’s parents talk about love way too much. Their doormat read All You Need Is LoveLove is happiness. Love is the greatest power in the universe. Blah, blah, blah. Love. Danny had spent so much of school alone. Had embraced the fact that no one gave a shit about him except to make fun of the nerd in the Harry Potter glasses. Love wasn’t something he wanted to think about. But now… Now he can feel love—his love for Suzie, even though he broke it off with her. Hell, his love for Jamie and Luz—he can feel all of that love twisting him, warping him like the wet clay that Mr. Benson showed them how to shape on a wheel.

Clay: the cool, smooth feel of the wet earth beneath his fingers felt good, and shapes formed—magically formed—as the clay spun between his hands: a lovely flower-blossom cup.

That blew up in the kiln. But Danny didn’t care. Much. He made something. And the feel of it, alive and slippery…

Suzie’s slit, slick and soft and warm beneath his fingers. Her fingers, slim and strong around his shaft…

Luz’s breasts, shock waves rippling through them as Jamie thrusts into her, their love and lust animal and terrible, their faces twisted…

FUCK!” With a frustrated scream, Danny turns off the water and collapses in the fiberglass tub with a bang. His cock is as erect and demanding now as it ever was, and Danny knows it won’t go away, but knows too that if he tries to take care of it now while it is wet or uses soap it will only shred his overused skin until he bleeds and that still won’t satisfy its hunger. His hunger. His desire. He kicks the wall of the bath, and then kicks it again. And again. “SHIT!

The door bursts open and a wide-eyed, wild-haired Luz flies in, Jamie just behind her. Her gown is at best haphazardly closed and even as Danny scrambles to hide himself to cover his adamant shame, he cannot help but notice a berry-colored blur of a nipple bouncing near the hem.

“Danny!” Luz gasps.

“You… You okay, bro?” asks Jamie, and the only mercy is that there isn’t even the hint of a smirk in his friend’s voice. “Sounded like you fell!”

“I’m f-f-fine,” Danny manages to splutter, but he knows he isn’t fooling them, lying there with tears flowing down his wet cheeks and his hands cupped over his engorged penis.

“Oh, Danny,” Luz sighs, and her compassion only makes Danny feel worse—or perhaps she is merely giving him permission—and the floodgates open and Danny begins to weep in earnest.

Two sets of hands pull him up, lead him out of the tub, wrap him in a towel and dry him off. Two sets of arms pull him into a warm, trembling hug.


Through the towel, Danny’s cock strains against Luz’s round, wide belly.

“Danny,” Jamie says, and Danny can hear the hesitancy in his friend’s voice. “Danny, how can we…?”

“We’re so sorry, Danny. We didn’t think of… Of how loud we were being. Right above you. That really wasn’t fair of us.”

“No, no, no, it’s not you,” Danny hisses. “It’s me. I’m just… twisted. I’m sick. I…”

“You miss her, don’t you, Danny,” says Jamie, and Danny feels what little blood isn’t pooled in his pelvis rushing to his face.

They know. They know how he’s aching for Suzie. How he’s regretting…

Rubbing himself bloody thinking about…

“Danny, we understand.” It is Luz’s voice this time and new shame floods Danny, knowing that Luz knows. That Luz, who thinks of him as a friend, as a good guy, knowing that she knows that he dreams of girls’ pussies and asses and breasts. Of her pussy, even when he dreams of Suzie. “We’re sorry, Danny.”

“Maybe…” Jamie mutters. “Maybe we can help you out a bit. Maybe Luz…”

“Jamie?” snaps Luz, and Danny feels his innards tear.

I know what it’s like,” Jamie snaps back with deadly urgency. “Being around you for months. Wanting to touch you, to… to fuck you and not being able to and feeling like I was going to bloody explode. Like if someone didn’t touch me, I was going to fucking die. For real, die.”

Danny moans, and he feels Luz shift against him and hates himself for noticing that her cotton-covered nipples are stiffening against his chest and shoulder. Hates himself for noticing that the two of them reek of sex.

“Jamie, are you suggesting…?” Luz begins, but a wet sound closes her mouth; Jamie has kissed his talk-first girlfriend into silence. The nipples press harder against Danny’s flesh, and it is only because he is terrified and because the two of them are already holding him that he restrains his hands from grasping those breasts, from carressing those nipples, from pulling her… “Danny,” Luz says quite breathily. “Danny, I… I could… um, help you. If you wanted. If that didn’t seem too disgusting.”

“Disgusting?” Danny finally manages to say, an angry laugh. “Why the fucking hell would the idea of you touching me be disgusting?”

“Well,” Luz murmurs, “I know I’m not exactly as pretty as Suzie…”

Jamie begins to grumble but Danny once again beats him to it. “Hell of a fucking lot you know. You’re fucking gorgeous, Luz. Jamie’s the luckiest fucking bastard in the world, and he knows it.” Danny can feel her shiver against him, and it doesn’t help matters. “But… You two love each other. And I… I love Suzie, and I fucking sent her away like a fucking idiot and I fucking miss her so fucking much and I’m so fucking horny I can’t take it, and you two, I don’t want you not to enjoy… But the sound or even the thought of the sound fills my fucking head and my fucking body and it makes me so bloody hard, and I… FUCK!” Danny collapses in frustration against his friends’ embrace, furious with his body that it doesn’t seem to care that Luz is Jamie’s girlfriend, not his, that Suzie is the one he wants. Furious with his body that what it really wants to do just now is push his friend up against the counter and shove itself into whatever hole is available.

“Danny,” Luz says, and it is the rational, logical Luz voice, the AP Calc voice, and Danny thanks whatever stars are watching over him, because that voice returns him to something like himself. “I’d be happy to help you—but only if you think that it would help. That it wouldn’t just make you feel worse.”

Too desperate to be shocked, Danny moans, “Please.”

Jamie grunts and Luz gives a quick gasp. “Really?”





What do you think? Fun? Keep going? I’d love to know what you think!

Oh, and in case you’re worried, I do have another Juliet story almost done and a couple of Ken stories on the way as well. But I am having fun with these stories. 🙂

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