New story: Verity (follow-up to Truth & Games)

New story: Verity (follow-up to Truth & Games)

Happy new year!

Hope that all of you enjoyed the holidays. Mine were… busy. 😀

Thanks to all of you for making Truth and Games my best-selling story yet!

I’ve written a (non-erotic) follow-up story that’s my thank-you:


It was infuriating, it truly was. Since Lisa had confirmed that the baby was definitely a girl, the boys had committed the unpardonable sin not once but three times: they’d awoken a last-trimester Felicity with their bickering.

Infuriating was hardly the word for it.

They had been fighting over the name the last time. Strictly speaking, Aaron hadn’t been bickering, he had been sulking. In typical Aaron fashion, he had announced that he thought it would be appropriate that their child be named after his late mother, Eva, and had left it at that — well, that, and broadcasting loud silence whenever another possibility was mentioned. Aaron, the orphan. Their Richie Rich.

It had been Ben who had done most of the bickering, Ben the twin who came from an enormous family. He had insisted that they should name the baby after his mother, who, they were astonished to discover, was actually named Boudicca.

Felicity had been so depressed by the battle that she had been unwilling to enter the fray and suggest her own beloved grandmother’s name: Verity. She had merely told them both that they were being childish, morbid… and obscenely inconsiderate, given how hard it was for her to sleep in her distended state.

They’d all agreed, finally, that the last name should be Harris-Marcovitz — Ben and Aaron’s last names, hyphenated. As Felicity had patiently explained, no one would ever question who the child’s mother was. Given the unconventional domestic arrangement, it seemed sensible to make Ben and Aaron’s joint fatherhood very clear. But they’d never settled on a first name, and Felicity despaired of coming to any kind of consensus.

This evening, awakened for the fourth time, Felicity tried hard to get back to sleep, but it was impossible. Aaron was the one doing the insisting, and his voice had a desperate undertone to it that set Felicity’s teeth on edge, even as it broke her heart. That, and mild contractions where reminding her of pain soon to come.

“Have a heart, Ben. You’re surrounded by people who are yours. You’ve always had a family. The only relatives I’ve ever known were some distant cousins and my mom’s lawyer, who doesn’t exactly count. Can you blame me for hoping she comes out with black hair and brown eyes?”

“Dude,” Ben wheedled, “everything you’ve ever had has been yours. I know it’s hard, but your life is full of one-of-kind this and unique that. I’ve had to share fucking everything — even you with Lici and Lici with you. I just want a child that I know is mine.”

“I’ve always shared you and Felicity,” Aaron sighed.

Ben sighed, an octave lower. “Maybe it’ll be a red-head — that could be either one of us.”

“Nah,” Aaron muttered. “Linked gene — remember what Lici said? If my mum had passed red on to me, I’d have come out auburn or dark brown, not black-haired.”

“Well,” Felicity said, as tartly as she could manage, rolling over and staring down at them, where they were sitting against the bottom posts of the bed, “I’m glad one of you actually listened to something I said, even if it wasn’t the bit about not waking me, or the bit about never calling me that fucking name — ”

They both gaped at her, clearly deeply sorry that they’d disturbed her sleep. Then they both looked at each other and smiled. “But Lici…”

She growled and tried to sit up — not an easy task when you’re carrying an extra forty pounds. “Look, you two, you know I only put up with it from Alexei because he couldn’t handle anything more than two syllables at a time. Now if one of my child’s fathers isn’t able to do better than that — ”

They both laughed, and climbed up the bed to either side of her, kissing her as they came.

“That’s more like it,” she said, trying to sound just as arch, trying not to sound as if she were about to giggle. “In the first place, the two of you know perfectly well we have no way of knowing whose sperm it actually was.” That night was a bit of a blur for all three of them. “In the second place, what difference does it really make? And in the third place, I’m tired, you’ve woken me, and I expect the two of you to make me comfy.”

Hands began to grope.

“No, not that way, you adolescent nitwits.” Felicity did giggle, finally, even as her annoyance blossomed. “Yes, I know, it’s supposed to encourage the softening of the cervix, but I told you, I’m tired, and I have no interest in rewarding the two of you for waking me.”

The hands continued to explore, and lips.

“Oh, fine.” She pushed down on both of them, lifting herself laboriously up and climbing out of the bed. “I’m going to take a bath. I’ve got some nasty psychoactives that I will happily use on whichever reprobate…” An implosion of pain sucked her in. It felt as if every muscle in her lower body was attempting to pull itself loose from her skeleton all at once. “Oh, FUCK!” she howled.

When awareness returned, it brought a sweet smell, the sight of both boys gaping at her in concern, the trickle of some fluid down her legs, and the sound of her own disembodied voice saying, “I think it’s time to call Lisa, don’t you?”


Some fifteen hours later, Felicity was in bed again — a different bed — a baby happily attempting to nurse, Lisa gingerly attempting to heal some of the damage occasioned by the baby’s arrival, and a feeling of exhausted fulfillment suffusing her weary, untethered body.

Their faces glowing with awe and a kind of fear she had never seen in them, not even during the years when they were risking their lives on a regular basis, the boys were whispering again, at the foot of the hospital bed. This time the conversation involved a lot of mutual nodding, and so she happily left them to it.

“How you doing?” asked Lisa as she gently cleaned Felicity off.

“Wonderful,” sighed Felicity. “Hurts, but it feels wonderful.”

Lisa smiled. “Sort of like losing your virginity, only a thousand times more so.”

“Hmmm. That’s just about right…. I do feel a kind of like a sail someone’s forgotten to pull in….”

Laughing, Lisa finished her exam. “Yeah, that’ll get better. I’d better move up there,” the doctor said, looking around at her twin brother and Aaron, who were still deep in conversation. “If I keep playing around between your legs, Ben’s going to start turning green soon.”

“Keep playing around between my legs, and you’re going to make Aaron very happy,” Felicity joked, surprised she had it in her.

“Well,” Lisa said with a smirk, “we can’t have that. Especially as poor Connor would be broken-hearted to have missed it.”

“Hmmm.” Felicity was focused down at the baby. Wheat hair, cornflower eyes. “Connor?”

Lisa prodded at Felicity’s exposed breast. “Oh, good, you’re expressing collostrum… My lovely husband and our lovely sons are out in the waiting room with the rest of the horde. Mmm. You should be letting down properly in the next few days…”

“Horde?” Felicity asked, fatigue pulling at her.

Lisa’s face twisted into a bemused smile as she backed up and removed her no-longer white robes. “These two were taking turns helping you and making calls.” She turned to Aaron and Ben. “I can probably hold them off for another twenty minutes. You might want to get to know your new daughter.”

The boys looked up at Lisa and — without even getting up — pulled her into a stifling hug.

“Thanks, sis,” Ben said.

Lisa turned a deep red, muttered, “You’re welcome,” and tried to extricate herself.

Once her friend had fought free, Felicity looked down to where her child’s fathers were sitting, looks of unaccustomed solemnity on their faces. “Calls?” she asked.

The serious expressions melted to sheepishiness — one Felicity was much more familiar with. Ben murmured, “Well, I contacted my family…”

“And I called your folks. And. One or two others. Friends and such,” Aaron said.

Lisa laughed. “Both sets of grandparents have been out there for hours. They’re positively vibrating. Seamus and Scott are there — watch the stuffed animals, you wouldn’t believe what they put in some of the ones they gave Billy. A couple of your lab friends, whose names I can never remember. Uncle Harry’s passing around a flask of bourbon. Oh, and just about everyone wanted to know if you needed help with a name.”

Ben moaned. Aaron said, “No, we don’t need help.”

Lisa laughed again, and so did Felicity, shaking the nipple out of the baby’s mouth, which set her thinly wailing. “Well,” Lisa said, once Felicity had settled her back on the breast, “I’d better go try and keep the natives from becoming too restless. See you lot in a bit,” Lisa said as she left the room.

Ben and Aaron seemed to have rematerialized on either side of the bed, looking at the baby so adoringly that what was left of Felicity’s middle started to melt.

“She’s….” Aaron looked for the word and failed.

“Beautiful,” Ben supplied, and it was a judgment they both seemed content with.

Felicity found tears dripping down from her nose onto the fine fair hair. “I was blonde till I was three or so,” she said, looking up at them, “and Caucasian babies often start with blue eyes….”

“Doesn’t matter,” Ben sighed.

“Not at all,” Aaron agreed.

Felicity cried some more.

“And about the name,” Aaron said. “We were thinking, maybe…”

The two of them looked to each other, then to her. Together they said, “Lici?”

When Felicity’s jaw dropped, they both laughed. “Sorry,” Aaron said. “Just kidding.”

Ron ran his fingers through the baby’s hair. “Actually, we wanted to ask you something.” He looked up to Aaron.

“We were actually thinking,” Aaron said, resting a finger on the infant’s cheek, still stained by birth, “of asking you what you might think….” He looked into her eyes, then up at Ben.

“Given how this all started with a game of Truth and Dare…. We wondered if you’d thought of naming her after your grandmother.”

Felicity looked down at the miniscule miracle that was snoring at her incredibly sore breast. “Verity,” she said, tears flowing again.


Hope you enjoyed this!

I have a question I’d love to ask you — do you think I should add this bit to the end of “Truth & Games” or should I leave them as separate stories?


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