Get Truth & Games FREE — for an honest review!

Get Truth & Games FREE — for an honest review!

I did this with Juliet Takes Off and it seemed to be a good idea (and fun), so I’m doing it with Truth & Games. Over on Goodreads, I announced that I’d give a free copy of the story to anyone willing to give it an honest review — on GR, obviously, and/or wherever else they post reviews. But I don’t want to leave you folks, out!

So please let me know if you’re in. Here’s what I said over at Goodreads:


Hi! I was fortunate enough when I first joined this group to get a copy of Yank by Selena Kitt in exchange for “an honest review.” I thought I should pay the favor forward and offer up one of my own most popular pieces, Truth and Games: A Friendly MMF Ménage Tale

Just post your email below (or PM me) and I’ll be happy to send you a .mobi/Kindle, ePub, or PDF file. 

(Readers eighteen and older only, please! This story contains explicit descriptions of sex among and between three consenting adults.)


Felicity, Ben, and Aaron have been friends for years. During a rainy-day get-together over margaritas, Felicity challenges her men to a game that will bring things to a whole new level.

A tale of friendship, romance, and thinking outside the lines. (MMF ménage à trois)

Here’s a worksafe(-ish) extract:

“Let’s play a game,” Felicity said, as Aaron mixed their third round of margaritas on her kitchen counter. Though it was late spring, it looked like anything but. The rain was coming down in sheets outside. Sheets.

Ben snorted. “What kind of game? Poker? You hate it. Go Fish?”

Felicity pulled one of her curls out so that she could see it, searching for the grey that would appear one of these years. “I had something different in mind,” she said.

“What?” Aaron said wryly as he splashed tequila liberally into the pitcher,“Spin the Bottle? Truth or Dare?”

“Something a little more like that, I suppose,” said Felicity as demurely as she could manage, reaching down and pulling a tiny clear vial from her purse, which was resting on the floor beneath the table.

“What the hell’s that, Lici?” Ben asked. Aaron placed the lime-green pitcher in the center of table and peered at the little bottle, clearly intrigued.

“Truth serum,” said Felicity and held up the label. “Amobarbital.”
They stared at her. “Felicity,” Aaron said, “Isn’t that stuff supposed to be strictly controlled…?”

“I do have prescription privileges, you know. Besides, one of the perks of working in a research hospital,” said Felicity. “I get to… circumvent some of the control laws from time to time.”

“Fuck,” Ben muttered. “I always said we were a bad influence on this girl.”

She gave them what she hoped was a suitably evil smile.

“So,” Aaron said, pouring the drinks out even as his eyes remained fixed on the bottle in Felicity’s fingers, “what sort of game was it that you had in mind?”

“Well, first we drink up,” Felicity said, carefully titrating three drops into each of the three glasses. Aaron was chewing his lip. Ben looked white as a sheet. “Don’t you trust me?” she asked, and downed half of her sour-sweet tumbler.

“Course we do…” Ben muttered and looked to Aaron, who merely shrugged. “Fuck. Cheers.”

“Cheers,” Aaron said, and they drank, deeply.

I look forward to your feedback! 


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