Sneak peek: By the Numbers prologue (paranormal/fantasy)

So I started adapting something I wrote a while back; it’s kinda-paranormal, kinda urban fantasy erotic romance. It’s about 40,000 words long, and it’s a story about loss and coming back to life. And sex. Lots of sex.

The prologue doesn’t contain much sex at all, but I’ve been hammering at it for a while, and I’d really love your input. I’d love to know if you enjoy this bit, if it pulls you in at all, or if you have any questions about anything. So this bit’s just 3200 words or so. Let me know what you think!

By the Numbers

Prologue: Null Set

Jen had thought that the long drive up to the Hallorans’ would take away some of the ache, would leave her feeling less alone.

It hadn’t.

The wonderfully peculiar house, which usually made Jen smile with its turrets and circular windows, showed scars from the past week’s fighting. At least it was standing, unlike her own home. But neither Artemis nor her father was there. Mrs. Halloran, of course, had been gone for a while, and the quiet up here on the hilltop, which Jen usually found so peaceful and reassuring, felt merely empty.

Somehow, the emptiness here felt almost worse than the devastation down in the valley. From this point, Jen could see the black smudge at the top of the valley that marked where the Mountain was still burning after almost a week.

Where they had won. Where she had killed a man. Where two of her brothers had died. But where they had won. The townsfolk. If it could be called winning. Continue reading

Sneak Peek: The Taming of Kate

Sneak Peek: The Taming of Kate

So I was talking with the multi-talented Mary Cyn about a story that she’s publishing through Stillpoint/Eros. Her narrator’s name is Kat, short for Katherine. As in The Taming of the Shrew. That got me thinking about Kate and Petruchio. And (for reasons that are too boring to go into) 50 Shades of Grey. 

And I had what was, for me, at least, a very peculiar brainstorm. Shakespeare’s comedy is most often framed these days as a misogynistic story of spousal abuse, which I think kind of misses the point of the play. (I wrote a paper in  a graduate seminar about the ways in which Shrew has been a barometer for the sexual mores and gender politics of succeeding centuries.)

But… What if it’s not that Petruchio bullies Kate into subservience, but that they both discover that in addition to being a strong (if inflexible) woman, she is a heavy-duty submissive — someone who gets a sexual charge out of being dominated. She doesn’t know this about herself. She doesn’t even like this about herself. But it is so.

Miss Mary said that she thought that was a really interesting idea.

And since I can’t direct kids in that production, I decided to write it. Here’s the opening — I’d love to know what you think! Continue reading

Grumblegrumble: And a Happy Valentine’s Day to You!

Grumblegrumble: And a Happy Valentine’s Day to You!

I hope that your VD is wonderful and — for those of of a certain age, for whom that acronym has a whole other meaning — that VD and STDs ne’er shall meet.

So do you want to know how I’m celebrating St. Valentine’s?

Sending out DMCA notices.

Yup! I have my first pirate!

Arr, matey! Prepare to be boarded!

Over a freaking $0.99 story. Really? You couldn’t spare a buck, but you could spare the time to convert the file, upload it to two different archives, and post about on at least one more? Clearly your time isn’t worth much, if stealing $0.35 out of my pocket is such a worthwhile investment.


Ah, well. As my grandmother was wont to say, “If you’re going to get screwed, you may as well lay back and enjoy it.”

Stunned Author Is Stunned

So I’ve mentioned this on FB and Twitter — sorry if I’m spamming but I’m all a-flutter. Truth & Games, my winsome little threesome tale, is currently sitting at #38 on Amazon’s best-seller list for contemporary short stories.

Now, that is very cool, but that’s not what’s got me verklempt. 

At #38, I’m sitting just below Alexander McCall Smith (of #1 Ladies Detective Agency fame) and just above Alice Munro.




New: Juliet Takes First!

New: Juliet Takes First!

Hey! Stillpoint/Eros has issued the first collection of my Juliet stories!

Juliet Takes First includes the first four stories in the series (Juliet Takes Stage, Juliet Takes Off, Juliet Takes Her Leave, and Juliet Takes a Chance) as well as an extended peek at the next story, Juliet Takes the Floor. Check it out!

(And yes: the cover model is once more the ever-lovely Miss Mary Cyn — who also voices the audiobooks!)

Juliet-Takes-FirstJuliet Takes First, the first collection of K.D. West’s tales of the sexual education of a young Juliet (Allison) at the hands of her teacher Ken, her more experienced best friend Jordan, and her own considerable imagination, is now available!

Sexy, surprising, and moving, this collection includes: Continue reading