Read the second book in The Visitor series

Read the second book in The Visitor series by @KDWestWrites!


A sizzling tale of desire, video sex, bisexuality, coming, and coming home
from the author of Truth & Games and Over the Top!

In this steamy follow-up to K.D. West’s The Visitor: A Friendly MMF Ménage TaleLea’s flown home to San Francisco to pack up, separating her temporarily from Sean and Andy, her two gorgeous firemen; she’ll have to do without them for weeks… Or will she?

And just what has Kirsten — Lea’s roommate and Sean’s sister — been up to while Lea’s been gone?

Find out in The Visitor Comes Home!

(MMF ménage à trois, implied FF. Explicit language and scenes of sexuality between consenting adults)


Lea was back in a bathroom airplane; her legs were down this time, and her panties were up; she was done using the facilities, and masturbation was the last thing on her mind — and the last thing that her body could handle.

Sean and Andy had made very sure that she’d had all that she could handle over the last three days. And nights.

Well, more than she could handle, which she wouldn’t have thought possible. She wouldn’t be walking straight for days. Probably wouldn’t be able to touch herself for weeks. Well. Till the next day, anyway.

Not that she would be complaining any time soon.

But what she wasn’t sure how to handle was how to explain any or all of this to her best friend and roommate, Kirsten — Sean’s sister. Lea couldn’t think of a good way to approach the fact that not only had Lea finally, finally bedded Kirsten’s older brother, whom Lea’d crushed on and lusted after since the two women were still in college, but that they’d frolicked with Sean’s roommate. Who, like Sean, was a tall, broad-shouldered, Southern firefighter. A wet dream on legs.

And that was quite outside the difficulty of letting Lea’s best friend know that she would be leaving San Francisco at the end of the month, leaving Kirsten without a roommate.

It was overwhelming to feel so excited and satisfied at the same time as Lea felt nervous and sore.

The bell rang and the captain’s voice rang out. “We’ve got some turbulence ahead. Please take your seats and buckle your seat belts. We’ll try to keep this as smooth and as entertaining as possible.”

Thanks, thought Lea. Will you come home with me?

When Lea texted Landed! from the airport and didn’t get a text back, she figured that Kirsten was at work; the Union Square store looked askance at pulling out your phone on the sales floor. Still, it would have been nice.

So Lea sent the same text to Sean and Andy and was gratified to receive great miss u from Andy and WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK???? from Sean. She was grinning from her head to her aching hamstrings as she boarded the BART train and texted back Can’t wait to come back there and burn down the REST of Dixie!

Her two Georgia boys informed her that would never happen, not even if she brought Sherman and his whole army.

She informed them — as her bus approached her stop — that the only army she planned on encountering when she came back to Atlanta was the two of them, and she had every hope that the South would rise again. And again.

Which they solemnly promised her it would.

Backpack on her back, Lea was giggling — giggling! — as she made her way up to her floor, fished out her keys, and threw open the door to the crowded one-bedroom that she shared with Kirsten.

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