Sneak peek: The Visitor Goes to Work!

The Visitor Goes to WorkHere’s a peek at The Visitor Goes to Work, the next installment in my stories about Lea and her two Southern firemen, Sean and Andy!

Is it possible to have too much of a good thing?

Lea’s always taken pride in a job well done. Sean and Andy take pride in Lea doing well, and pleasure in doing Lea well.

As she begins her life in Atlanta in earnest, Lea asks herself if her arrangement with Sean and Andy might not be too much of a good thing. And when they ask for more, are they crossing the line from a friendly threesome… to a friendly ménage?

Never one to take things lying down, Lea gets down to business.

The fourth installment in the Visitor series:

  1. The Visitor
  2. The Visitor Comes Home
  3. The Visitor Comes Again
  4. The Visitor Goes to Work
  5. The Visitor Entertains
  6. The Visitor Takes a Trip
  7. The Visitor Has Company

(M/M/F, some male bisexuality. Explicit language and scenes of sex between consenting adults. Adult readers only.) Continue reading

Four Weddings – No Funerals!

Hey! Mary Cyn and I have a new anthology of our wedding-themed saucy stories, Wedding Belles: Steamy Wedding Stories! My stories in the collection are “Folding Herself In” and “Fantasy Is More than Black & White.” Ms. Mary contributed “Wedded Bliss” and “Plus One.”

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Sneak Peek: Meredith (Love Letters – Erotic Tales)

So when I first showed up here… Wow. It’s been a year.

In any case, when I first started blogging here, I had just published the first four stories in what I called Love Letters and what my publisher chose to call Four Erotic Tales: Letters to Allison. I knew that I had another two or possibly three stories in that series that were going to be Ken’s series of stories for his young lover Allison.

Funny thing. I’ve been working very hard on Allison’s side of the story (the Juliet stories), and then I started writing threesome stuff and… Well, that kind of blew up. In a good way.

So I haven’t had a chance to get back to finishing Ken’s story.

But I haven’t forgotten! Here’s the first half of his next-to-last love letter (more romance than erotic) about how he met his late wife. It’s very much a work in progress, and so I’d really love feedback:


The Mansion of a Love

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