Poll: What should I write next?

Poll: What should I write next?

I’ve got a bunch of stories in my hopper, and I need some help deciding which one to focus on next. Here are the ones I’m looking at, in no particular order:

  • Under the Covers – a new story following Danny and Suzie from Over the Top trying to find a way to get together while they’re going to school on opposite sides of the country. (M/F)
  • The Wilding of the Shrew — Shakespeare’s Kate as an unsuspected submissive — she has no idea until Petruchio comes along. (M/F. I posted the start here a while back.)
  • The Visitor Entertains — Lea brings Sean and Andy to the theater, and makes sure it’s a very entertaining experience. (F/M/M. Part of the Visitor series, obviously.)
  • Juliet Takes Charge — Allison gets Ken and Jordan to give her the birthday present she really, really wants. (F/F/M. The next story in the Juliet series.)
  • Meredith — First times can be sweet, but sometimes so can last times — even if you don’t know that’s what they are. (M/F. The next story in the Love Letters series. I posted the first half a little while back.)
  • Open the Door — A couple who have just emptied their nest welcome in a neighbor in need. (M/F/F. A Friendly Ménage tale.)

Whew. I’ve got some others, but these are the ones that I actually think I’m ready to work on. So tell me: which one should I write next???

Thanks! If you have any suggestions or questions, let me know.


2 thoughts on “Poll: What should I write next?

  1. this is mostly hi because i’ve been rudely quiet for way too long, especially after you were on the picturey place again talking… so, um, hi!

    and also, this is a really good idea! the what-to-write-poll thingy… very clever 🙂

    um, that’s all, so bye again…


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