SALE: Three for Three (+ AuthorCentral Amusements)

SALE: Three for Three (+ AuthorCentral Amusements)

Hope everyone’s summer is wonderful! (Well, and for those of you south of the equator, hope your winter’s lovely. And for my Brazilian friends? Um. I’m so sorry.)

HEY! NEWS! This week Three for Three: Friendly MMF Ménage Tales, one of my best-selling collections, is on sale at Amazon!

It’s $0.99 through tomorrow, and then $1.99 through the weekend. Check it out!

Here’s the blurb:

Cover image copyright ©2012 Jenn LeBlanc; used with permission

Three for Three by K.D. West
On Sale Now!

It’s nice that it’s erotica, but even nicer when the person behind the word processor really knows how to create believable characters and situations, and then gets them off—explosively. — K.C. Cave

When do friendship, sex, and love intersect? 

Three of K.D. West’s steamiest, most popular tales, collected for the first time:

  • Truth & Games: Felicity, Ben, and Aaron have been friends for years. During a rainy-day get-together over margaritas, Felicity challenges her men to a game that will bring things to a whole new level. A tale of friendship, romance, and thinking outside the lines.
  • The Visitor: Lea’s got a four-alarm fire burning and she knows just who she wants to put it out. Or does she? Lea is in Atlanta for a job interview, and her best friend’s brother, Sean the firefighter, is happy to give her a place to sleep. But his is the bed she’d rather sleep in. Or perhaps it’s his roommate Andy’s? And when a visitor comes to her that night… Well, who is she to be picky if it’s one, the other, or…? A tale of sexy firefighters, a mystery lover, and embracing the unknown — literally!
  • Over the Top: Danny and Suzie, Luz and Jamie – the four had been planning for over a year on heading up after graduation to the cabin by the lake. Two couples, doing what couples do. But that was before Danny and Suzie decided to be “mature” and break it off. And so now it’s one couple. And Danny. And Danny’s getting frustrated. A tale of desire, frustration, and a friendly, helping… mouth.
  • Bonus! The Trouble with Triplets, Pt. I: Allison has been teasing her lover and former teacher Ken with the idea of a threesome. Ken has another lesson he’d like to impart. (A preview of a story from the Erotic Tales: Letters to Allison series

(MMF ménage à trois three-way sexuality; includes some male bisexuality. For adult readers only)

Have I mentioned its also available in paperback? Also as an audiobook, narrated by the ever-wonderful Milo Churchcutt? Get ’em while they’re hot!


In other news, poking around Amazon’s AuthorCentral can be edifying. Some things I’ve learned:

  • One of the places where my books sell best? Salt Lake City. Didn’t see that coming!
  • I am currently the #537th best selling author of contemporary fiction on the Kindle Store. That’s nice but… doesn’t seem right. (FYI — Amazon’s rankings are all about number of units sold, not revenue, so purveyors of $0.99 short stories will tend to have a bit of an edge of commercial publisher of full-length books priced $9.99 and up, which is how my story Truth & Games ended up beating out Alice Munro’s collection Dear Life a while back, when the story first hit the best-seller lists.)
  • #473 in Erotica, which is also nice, and feels a bit less weird.
  • #2034 in Contemporary Romance and — this one was a shock — #2572 in Fantasy. I had no idea how that happened until I remembered Two Candles and Rose & Lily, my sapphic fairytales. Which Amazon in its infinite wisdom has categorized as SFF. Go figure.
  • Stupid people are stupid. When a series of stories are all subtitled “MMF Ménage” and warn for bisexuality, it’s not terribly sharp to be shocked — SHOCKED! — that there might be, you know, sexual contact between the two guys involved. It’s really not nice to blame your idiocy on the author. It’s downright mean to blame it on the author twice. Though I at least appreciate that she bought all four stories in the series. 😉

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