Question from a Reader: How Many Visitor Stories?

Over on Goodreads, reader AntoriaR asked this question:

I’m really loving your Visitor stories! How many stories are there going to be in the series?

Here’s my answer:

The magic number: seven!

There are five stories out now — the fifth, The Visitor Entertains: A Friendly MMF Ménage Tale, came out in November. There will be two more (at least, that’s the plan — you never know where the characters are going to take you!). The next, The Visitor Takes a Trip, involves a wedding (!) and a peek into Andy’s past, and we plan on releasing it in time for Valentine’s day. The conclusion of the series, The Visitor Has Company is going to add some new twists, solve some questions, evoke a few gasps, and bring the whole series to what I hope will be a steamy, satisfying conclusion. It should be available in spring, 2015.

It’s going to be fun ride! 🙂

By the way, not only is The Visitor Entertains out, but Stillpoint/Eros has released a new collection of the first five Visitor stories: The Visitor Comes to Stay: A Quintet of Friendly Ménage Tales (Visitor #1–#5). It weighs in at just under 50,000 words, it’s out as an ebook (ePub and mobi), and will be out soon in print and audiobook formats. Check it out!

The Visitor Comes to Stay (cover)The Visitor Comes to Stay: A Quintet of Friendly Ménage Tales (Visitor #1–#5)
It’s the the world’s oldest story: A girl, her fireman, and her other fireman.

When Lea heads off to Atlanta for a job interview, all she’s thinking about is the work. Well, and Sean, her best friend’s brother. Sean, the tall, muscular firefighter. With the gentle Southern drawl and the wicked smile. Whose couch she’s going to be sleeping on.

Well, actually, whose couch she hopes very much she won’t be sleeping on. But it turns out that Andy, Sean’s roommate, is another, equally hot Southern firefighter, and so when a visitor — or perhaps two — joins Lea on that couch, it sparks a series of events that none of them could possibly have foreseen. But that none of them regrets. Not even a little bit.

In five tales of adult MF and MMF threesome erotic romance that watch their relationship explode from a friendly threesome to a true ménage à trois, this trio are truly burning down the house!

(MF, MMF ménage à trois. Bisexuality. Explicit language and scenes of sexuality between consenting adults. Adult readers only)

This collection contains the first five installments in The Visitor Saga:

  1. The Visitor*†
  2. The Visitor Comes Home*†
  3. The Visitor Comes Again*†
  4. The Visitor Goes to Work*†
  5. The Visitor Entertains
  6. The Visitor Takes a Trip (coming soon!)
  7. The Visitor Has Company (coming soon!)

* Appears in the collections The Visitor Arrives and The Visitor & Other Threesomes
† Appears in the collection The Visitor Comes to Stay

The Visitor Comes to Stay is currently available at Stillpoint/Eros, Smashwords, ScribD, Barnes & Noble’s Nook Store, Apple’s iBooks Store, Kobo, and Selena Kitt‘s brand-new eXcitica store.


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