Cold Feet Now Available!

Check out my friend/cover model/narrator/etc. Mary Cyn’s newest story!


The final installment of the Kat McKinney, Wedding Slut series is now on sale. Looking for something to spend your Amazon gift card on? Look no further. Don’t have an Amazon gift card? Get it super cheap today at the Stillpoint Digital’s website.

Cold Feet Cover final draft 2

Kat is once more a bridesmaid. For her cousin. In Brazil. What more could a self-proclaimed wedding slut want, right? Except that the groom-to-be is Dan. The one who got away. The one man Kat can actually imagine standing in front of an altar with wearing… Well, maybe not white. But a wedding dress. Or part of a wedding dress. Kat finds that sometimes it’s difficult to choose between what’s right and what you really, really want.

This will be the last in the series….at least for now. I like writing Kat and have some other story ideas so if she proves popular, I may bring her back…

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