Cover Reveal: New art for Over the Top!

Cover Reveal: New art for Over the Top!

Stillpoint/Eros decided to replace the original cover of my story Over the Top to match the rest of the new series (Under the Covers and Out of the Bag).

Can’t say that I’m sorry, since I kinda hated the old cover, which one author described to me as looking like “a couple of people sitting and looking at a cactus”:
Over the TopHeh. 🙂

In any case, they came up with some possible alternative designs, which we narrowed down to two, and then we invited folks to give feedback on a poll over on their site.

And the results are in!

Here’s the clear favorite:


I’m much happier with this one!

What do you think? I feel like it captures the mood of the opening scene perfectly. (You can read the sneak peek here to see what I mean.)

Out of the Bag now on the shelves!

Out  of the Bag now on the shelves!

Stillpoint/Eros has released my latest bit of New Adult kink, Out of the Bag!

It’s available on their site or on your local Amazon! Go check it out, and let me know what you think.

Out-of-the-Bag-cover-photo-800If you’re going to go into closed bags, be ready to face whatever comes out….

Amazing. After years of being together but being apart, Suzie is moving in with Danny. He’s helping her move out of her apartment, and when they’re done, he’s going to ask her to marry him.

If Danny was being honest, it’s terrifying, but he knows that they both want this, he knows she’ll say yes, and so he knows he’ll get over it.


But as he’s packing up the last of her belongings, he discovers something. Something… unexpected. He’s shocked by what he finds; she’s angry that he’s pried. What will he be willing to do to make things better? What will she ask before she can trust him again?

This is the third story in the Over the Top series.

(New adult MF erotic romance. Anal sex, pegging, bondage. Adult readers only.)

Check out the sneak preview here!

Sneak Peek: Out of the Bag (Over the Top #3 — M/F, pegging)

Sneak Peek: Out of the Bag (Over the Top #3 — M/F, pegging)

Guess what! Here’s a preview of the next story in my Over the Top series, following Danny and Suzie’s explorations of their sexuality in all its varied, kinky splendor. Let me know what you think!

Out of the Bag

An Erotic New Adult Romance

Out-of-the-Bag-cover-photo-800It’s just the two of them. Though everyone said that they’d try to help with the move, Suzie’s parents are on a college tour with her sister Liz, Alice, Suzie’s roommate and BFF, went off in search of enlightenment at a week-long retreat at a Zen monastery, Jamie and Luz are on their fucking honeymoon…. Danny and Suzie could have asked some of their other friends — former schoolmates, the folks each of them worked with — but. . .

Just the two of them. Finally.

Danny helped pack up Suzie’s clothes as well as her share of the kitchen stuff — Alice’s things are pretty easy to identify, decorated as they are with animals ranging from mythological to bizarre — and they’re finishing up in Suzie’s bedroom when she sneaks up next to him, nibbles on his ear, and whispers, “Got to go to the girls’. Can you keep going?”

Danny shivers and nods.

“Good boy,” says Suzie with a hint of a giggle. She gives his ear a wet lick, her bra-free breasts bouncing against his arm, and departs with a laugh.

Fucking amazing! After two years of on-again-off-again dating since college, they’re moving in together. Tonight, once they’ve gotten her stuff over to the apartment they’ve rented together, they’ll have a late supper. He is going to serve her the fabulous meal he prepared with all of her favorite dishes, roses and candles on the table, and then he is going to get down on one knee and give her the diamond ring he’s been carrying in his pocket all day. Then they’ll probably fuck through the rest of the night — no work tomorrow for either of them, no parents or siblings to hear, no roommates to walk in.

If Danny was being honest, it’s terrifying, but he knows that they both want this, he knows she’ll say yes, and so he knows he’d get over it.

Fucking amazing.

After packing the last of Suzie’s books, he sits on the floor and takes stock. The old armchair is already in the rented van — the armchair they’ve taken turns licking each other silly in, the one she straddled him on just last night. The shelves are built in. The nightstand is Alice’s, with painted dragons, so that’s staying. No need to take the bed!

What else needs to come in this room?

He slides down on his belly to look beneath the nondescript single bed they’ve shared so often — though never often enough, and always desperately trying not to make too much noise. Peering, he spots a pair of running shoes — she’ll want those — and a softball bat — God knew why she has that. Once those are stowed, he takes one last peek, not thinking to see anything else. . . .

There’s a dark shape barely visible back toward the wall. Reaching out, he touches a rough, soft lump, grabs it, and pulls it out.

It is a sack of black leather the size of a small book bag, tied at the top with a red leather cord and bulging with odd shapes that looked nothing like books. He’s going to put it on top of the rest of her stuff in the crate, when curiosity gets the better of him.

Feeling the thrill of doing something he knows he really shouldn’t, he fumbles with the cord and opens the bag. Continue reading

Cover reveal: New cover art for the Visitor series!

Cover reveal: New cover art for the Visitor series!

Stillpoint/Eros just updated the art on the Visitor books! Here are the five titles so far (the most recent one hasn’t been changed much, I think):

Visitor-1-cover-white-kaleigh-200  Visitor-2-cover-v2-kaleigh-200  Visitor-3-cover-v2-kaleigh-200  Visitor-4-cover-v2-kaleigh-200  Visitor-5-cover-200

And even more exciting, here are the covers for the last two stories in the series:

Visitor-6-cover-kaleigh-200  Visitor-7-cover-kaleigh-200

I’d love any feedback you might have!