Out of the Bag now on the shelves!

Out  of the Bag now on the shelves!

Stillpoint/Eros has released my latest bit of New Adult kink, Out of the Bag!

It’s available on their site or on your local Amazon! Go check it out, and let me know what you think.

Out-of-the-Bag-cover-photo-800If you’re going to go into closed bags, be ready to face whatever comes out….

Amazing. After years of being together but being apart, Suzie is moving in with Danny. He’s helping her move out of her apartment, and when they’re done, he’s going to ask her to marry him.

If Danny was being honest, it’s terrifying, but he knows that they both want this, he knows she’ll say yes, and so he knows he’ll get over it.


But as he’s packing up the last of her belongings, he discovers something. Something… unexpected. He’s shocked by what he finds; she’s angry that he’s pried. What will he be willing to do to make things better? What will she ask before she can trust him again?

This is the third story in the Over the Top series.

(New adult MF erotic romance. Anal sex, pegging, bondage. Adult readers only.)

Check out the sneak preview here!


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