Sneak peek: The Visitor Takes a Trip

Sneak peek: The Visitor Takes a Trip

The visitor takes a trip coverHere’s the first couple of sections of The Visitor Takes a Trip (NOW AVAILABLE!), my next story about Lea and her firemen, Sean and Andy! It continues to travel, um, uncharted territory for me — I’d love any feedback you lovely folks might have.

This is the beginning of the sixth title in The Visitor Saga:

  1. The Visitor*
  2. The Visitor Comes Home*
  3. The Visitor Comes Again*
  4. The Visitor Goes to Work*
  5. The Visitor Entertains(Available now!)
    1. The Visitor Takes a Trip (Available now!)
  6. The Visitor Has Company (coming soon!)

The Visitor Takes a Trip

A Friendly Ménage Tale

“Mmm,” purred Lea, lowering herself onto Sean’s straining erection, feeling the flare of the head spreading her open. “Feel good, Sean?”

“Damn, Lea-honey,” Sean growled into her breast, “you know it does.” His big hands pressed gently but insistently down on her hips, pushing her further onto him, straddling him on one of the kitchen chairs. His cock pressed past where the membrane between her pussy and her ass was pushed tight by the butt plug that was planted deep inside of her, and now it was Lea’s turn to growl.

Then she gasped as his teeth clamped onto her nipple. Her whole body tingled, and she slid the rest of the way onto him — the rest of the way home.

Gazing up into her eyes, , Sean sighed, “Love you. Love you so fucking much.”

Suddenly the pressure of imminent tears narrowed Lea’s vision. “Love you too, Sean.”

Behind her came a deep, muffled moan.

Sean’s eyes flashed over Lea’s shoulder, but she rocked her hips, giving him (and herself) a taste of the delicious fuck that was yet to come.

“Ignore him, Sean.”

Blue eyes, lust heavy, floated back up to hers, and Lea smiled. She didn’t need to turn around to see Andy, their lover, gagged and handcuffed to another chair, just close enough to hear and smell everything. Lea kissed Sean. “Andy’s got no one to blame but himself. Isn’t that right, Andy?”

Another moan came from behind, but beneath Lea, Sean smiled ferally. “Uh-huh.” Sean’s cock was pulsing inside of Lea, his fingers twitching where they dug into her hips.

Her lips still against Sean’s, Lea murmured — just loudly enough to be sure that Andy could hear — “Fuck me, baby. Show me you love me. Fuck me hard.

It really was Andy’s fault. Really.

In the weeks after Andy had finally admitted what had been obvious to Lea for a while — that he was as in love with Sean as he was with Lea — Andy had grown more and more withdrawn.

It wasn’t that he didn’t seem to love fucking Lea and Sean any less, or that he didn’t love having each of them fuck him. It wasn’t that they hadn’t tried and enjoyed every sexual permutation that they could think of combining all of their various body parts since that first mindblowing threeway fuck in the stage manager’s booth at the theater where Lea worked.

It wasn’t that he didn’t seem to love them any less.

It was more that Andy seemed less and less able to talk to them about anything.


He became monosyllabic. Sullen. And then his schedule and Sean’s at the fire house, which they’d kept in sync since before Lea had even met Andy, mysteriously changed. Instead of being on duty the same two days a week and off the other five, Andy and Sean had only one day a week at work together.

In some ways, Lea was delighted. It was a treat after all these months to be able to spend some time alone with each of her boys. But while her nights with just Sean were wonderful — a fulfillment of the daydreams (and the more nocturnal ones) that she’d had about being with him since she was in college — Andy seemed closed off to her. Except of course when they were fucking.

And so, one steamy, early summer evening, Lea pressed the issue while Andy’s calves were over her shoulders, she more literally pressed her strap-on cock deep into his ass. Leaning into him, Lea squeezed his weeping erection, making him gasp. “So. Andy. What’s gotten into you?”

For once his answer had two syllables: “Wedding. . .

“WHAT?” For a moment Lea thought he might be trying to propose, which she thought would be sweet, but kind of weird timing.

Well, the two times she’d been proposed to before had been even weirder — but only because she’d been trying to break up with the men at the time, not because she was fucking them with a bright purple silicone phallus. “You want to marry…?”

He shook his head and whimpered, “Naw, naw… But… Don’t stop, please, I’ll… Promise. I’ll… Just… don’t stop, please, fuck, Lea, fuck me, baby, FUCK!”

Lea began long, hard thrusts with her hips, driving her dildo into his ass and driving his cock through her fingers in a way that she knew drove Andy wild.

Fine. He’d promised. He’d keep his promises. He was a Boy Scout, even if he was a mute Boy Scout.

She fucked him hard, both of them screaming, sweating, until her muscles were begining to burn (How the hell do they keep going…?) before Andy closed his eyes and arched, his butt clamping around the dildo, and a pearlescent geyser streaming onto his belly and chest.

By that point Lea herself was so excited, the blood pooling around her clit, her nipples buzzing, that she knew she was close. Deciding the answer to her question could wait just a little longer, thanks, she shifted to the smaller, rolling thrusts that pressed the strap-on’s nub against her own, and rocked the other, bulbous end of the dildo against her g-spot, bringing her quickly to a small but very satisfying and very well-earned orgasm.

They lay, panting and sweating on Andy’s much-neglected bed. “Damn,” Andy grunted.

“Uh-huh.” agreed Lea. Honestly, that was all she could manage in that moment.

When Andy began to lap at her breast as he unbuckled the strap-on, however, she found the energy to stop him by gently grabbing his ears. Slack-faced, he looked up at her, his brown eyes managing convey both satisfaction and hunger.


“Huh?” He blinked at her before shaking his head — not telling her no, just trying to remember what they’d been talking about. “Oh. Yeah.” He began to look down again, either to kiss her boob or maybe to talk to it, but Lea had gotten tired of him not talking. She held onto his ears until his eyes met hers again. “Right,” he sighed. “Wedding.”

Lea ran a finger down the length of his nose. Really, what she wanted was to be on her belly, him plowing her into the matress. But he needed to finish this. She needed him to.

“So.” He was frowning down at her boobs. A part of her wanted to cover them, to close them away, but she couldn’t afford to distract him. He repeated, “So. Wedding. See… My best friend. Prior.”

“That’s his name? Prior?” Lea just managed to hold back asking if his parents were big Tony Kushner fans.

Andy nodded, brown eyes focussed far away. “Did just about everything together growning up.”

This time Lea couldn’t hold back the tease: “Everything?”

As she’d known he would, Andy blushed and scowled at her. “Football. Baseball. Fishing. Getting drunk. Getting high and looking for Indian arrowheads in the woods. Everything. Damn, woman. I wasn’t always a cocksucker.”


His scowl twisted, so that Lea wasn’t sure if he were fighting off laughter or tears. “Don’t give me no uh-huh.” Then he shook his head. “See. We always promised each other… We’d be each other’s best man. You know? I mean, I just had Jessie and Danielle — ” His older sisters. ” — and Prior, he had nothing but brothers.”


“So.” He leaned down and kissed her breast. “Wedding. He’s getting married. To Cherry.” He kissed the other breast. “My old girlfriend. First girl I ever did any of — ” He sucked the nipple into his mouth as his fingers traced the spreading lips of her pussy. ” — this with.”

“Uh. Sounds complicated.”

“Yup.” That was all that Lea got out of him for the next forty-five minutes. Well. That’s all that she got out of him about the wedding. She got lots from his hands, and his lips, and she definitely got a goodly amount of his thick, hard cock pounding her into the mattress. On her belly.

It’s difficult to complain while you’re being fucked magnificently. So she didn’t.

Instead, she waited until they’d both stopped gasping for air — he was still blanketing her, his cock slowly weeping its way out of her — before asking once more, “Wedding?”

“Huh,” he sighed. “Yeah.”

“Best friend marrying old flame?”


“And you’re supposed to be the best man?”


“So, when are we going?”

A huff of wet breath against her neck. “Two weeks.”

“Fine. Settled.”


Ah, Lea thought, here it is. “But?” She squeezed her butt for emphasis.

He groaned, and then whimpered as his cock finally slid out of Lea. “But, um… See, my ma and pa and all want to meet you. And Prior’nd Cherry do too. See…”

When he didn’t finish, she turned beneath him. “What, Andy?”

“See… See, when Prior texted me, he kind was giving me shit, saying Jessie — ” The younger of his sisters. ” — could be my date, since he knew no woman would ever want to grace my sorry ass with her presence.”

“Uh-huh.” Jesus, Lea sighed to herself. Men. Constantly playing Whose Pecker’s Longest.

“So, I told him about you, and see…” He ducked his head against her neck, and for a moment Lea thought Andy was going to say that he’d told his friend about Sean. But no. “I kinda told him… we were engaged.”

You WHAT?”

“I… See, I kinda said, you know, Ha-ha, very funny, it’s good you texted, ’cause I was going to ask you to be my best man, and so then he asked all about you, and I told him — I mean, not about the whole threesome thing or anything, ’cause fuck! But yeah — and he told Cherry, and she told Jessie, and she told my folks, and…”

Lea grabbed him by the ears and pulled his face up so that she could see it. She wanted to yell at him — what the fuck had he been thinking? — but she was so stunned and he looked so miserable that all that she managed to say was, “Jesus, Andy.”

“I know, right?” His brow worked for a moment before he said about the only thing that he could. “I’m so sorry, Lea.”

“Uh-huh.” Sure. Of course he was sorry. But still… It wasn’t as if she had told her family the truth about what she, Andy, and Sean were doing. The only person who knew aboutthat was Kirsten, who’d figured out almost immediately what was going on between her best friend, her brother, and her brother’s roommate. Well. And Gus, from the theater. Who’d listened to the three of them fucking up in the booth. “Andy. I’m angry with you. I mean, you’ve set it up so we have to lie to your family the first time I meet them.”

“I know. I’m sorry.” He looked up at her with the whole puppy-dog eyes routine — it didn’t seem to be at all put on, but the sincerity just made Lea want to giggle, which really wasn’t what she wanted to do right then.

“Yeah. Fine,” she huffed, trying to keep a straight face. Not able to manage, she snorted and flopped back onto her belly and lifted her pelvis. “So, Andy, you’re going to have to show me just how sorry you are.”

Like the good boy he was, he dove right in, tongue first. He’d eaten her this way the very first night they’d made love — when Lea hadn’t even been sure who the visitor to her pull-out bed was — and it had been the most mind-blowing sexual experience she’d ever had. Until Sean woke her from the ecstatic haze in which Andy had left her and lifted her to another plane entirely.

Lying there once more, ass in the air, face in the pillow, Andy igniting in Lea pleasure that truly made everything else seem unimportant, Lea released thoughts of the wedding for later and focused purely on enjoying the neverending, evanescent moment.

It wasn’t, then, until much later — after Andy had licked her to one screaming orgasm and fucked her yet again to some number more — when Lea’s mind cleared enough for the one truly awful thought to come clear: “Oh. Fuck. What’s Sean going to think about this!”

When Sean arrived back at the apartment the next evening, his reaction was absolutely not what Lea (or Andy) had expected. He threw his head back and howled with laughter.

As he stared down at the two of them and wiped tears from his eyes, Lea silently questioned the wisdom of choosing to live with not just one man, but two.

They were both impossible.

When at last Sean had stopped snorting and giggling, Lea asked, as calmly as she could, “So, Sean. What are your thoughts on this mess?”

He tittered, then pulled a semblance of a serious face, and said, “Guess I’m wondering, do I get to be the best man, or the bridesmaid?”

Lea gaped up at him, but Andy joined in the sniggering. “Damn, boy. You’d look cute as fuck in a lavender dress.”

Which inspired Lea to grab the Braves cap from Sean’s head and smack them each with it.

Sean was much more somber, however, when he appeared on the sidewalk as Lea left the theater at the end of the next day.

Part of his sobriety probably had to do with the presence of his mother, who somehow could manage to make just about anyone feel like one of her five-year-old students.

“Hi, Violet,” said Lea as she kissed Sean’s mom on the cheek. “What a pleasant surprise.”

“Oh, honey, I was surprised too, when this boy of mine showed up at as my little geniuses were trouping off this afternoon.”

“Hey, Lea-honey,” murmured Sean as he leaned in to give Lea a kiss — on the lips.

“So how did I happen to be honored with the presence of not one but two O’Connells?” Lea took Sean’s hand.

“Well,” Violet laughed, “I gather that my son has another surprise in store for you. I, however, took advantage  of the opportunity to come and say hello to Gus.”

“Oh!” Lea glanced up at Sean’s face, which remained stony. “Well, would you like us to walk you back to the shop?”

Violet squeezed Lea’s free hand. “Oh, no, honey, he said he’d meet — oh, there he is.”

Gus bounced out of the same non-descript side door through which Lea had just exited the bluff-colored concrete-and-glass theater building. “Hello, Violet! Lovely to see you out of uniform, Sean.”

At first Lea panicked, thinking that Gus was refering to Sean’s naked tryst with her and Andy — but no, she hadn’t told the boys that Gus had overheard everything. That he’d apologized and told her that he too had been part of a ménage à trois for many years. Which was something she still hadn’t quite reconciled her mind to.

“Yeah, nice to be here off-duty.” Sean took Gus’s tiny hand in his enormous paw and shook it. Whatever the excitable old man had meant, Sean had understood him to mean nothing but the fire marshal inspections that he and Andy had done over the past few months.

“Well, Violet,” Gus turned to Sean’s mom, bouncing on his toes, “I was so excited when you called. I’d love to show you the new painting — it’s almost finished, as much as any painting is ever finished. But I thought perhaps you might join me for dinner?”

When Violet hooked her arm through Gus’s elbow, Sean cleared his throat. “Now, Gus, don’t you keep this young lady out too late, you hear?”

Violet shot her son a scandalized glare, but Gus laughed. “I promise I’ll have her home before curfew, Mr. O’Connell.”

“Hmm. She’s got school tomorrow, you know. Bye, Mama. Bye, Gus.” As the older couple walked off, waving, Sean’s smile disappated.

Lea squeezed his hand. “So, you’ve got another surprise for me?”

He nodded. “When we get home. Come on. I’m parked just ’round the corner.”

He wouldn’t talk about whatever it was that he’d cooked up all through the ride home, prefering to sit there, uncharacteristically silent, and so, after she’d run out of things to tell him about the theater, which was just ramping up for the new season, she started talking about her feelings about the mess that Andy had landed them all in. “I mean, it’s hard enough to look your mom in the face — but at least she doesn’t think you and I are gettingmarried, for god’s sake!”

“Don’t you want to get married?” His eyes didn’t stray from the road.

“But…” Lea gaped at him. “Sean, how the hell am I supposed to answer that question? What the hell does marriage… And how could I marry either one of you? I mean, hell, you guys could probably marry each other here soon.”

“Then you could wear the lavender dress.”


But that was all that he had to say on the subject for the rest of the ride.

They parked and walked up to their apartment, waving to Lorelle, the downstairs neighbor. (Oh, god, ANOTHER person who knows what the three of us get up to!) They entered their home to the familiar smell of fried chicken cooking and the familiar sight of Andy’s tapered back at the stove. “Hey, Lea. Hey, Sean-boy.”

“Andy,” said Sean, slouching over to the kitchen table and sitting. He began to dig in his pants pocket.

If he’s going to sit there and fucking play with himself…! Lea fought down two days’ worth of frustration and grunted. “Guys, what the hell —?”

Andy, who had turned around with a serious expression on his face held up one hand, begging time. He was staring at Sean, who pulled something from his pocket: a small, lumpy envelope. Sean held it out to Andy, who shook his head.

Sean looked down at the envelope and then up at Lea, who was now not just angry but a bit bewildered — not a good combination. Before she could think of anything to growl at them both, Sean tugged a white gold diamond ring from the envelope, slid down on one knee at her feet, and took her hand. “Will you marry Andy, Lea?”

Lea’s jaw dropped.

“Or marry Sean, baby,” said Andy. He was suddenly standing behind Sean, his hands on their lover’s massive shoulders.

“We don’t much care which,” Sean said, those blue eyes of his absolutely sucking her in. “Because honestly it doesn’t much matter. But will you wear this for… one of us? Or hell, like you said, wear it as a sign of a promise between this country dumb-fuck and me?”

Andy swatted Sean’s head. “See, we know know that right now what we’ve got is how it’s going to work. And we’re both happy with that if you are.”

Annoyance giving way to complete bewilderment, Lea shrugged.

Sean squeezed her hand. “But we also know that none of our families are going to be okay with that. At least for right now. And yeah, I know Kirsten, but come on: Kirsten.

Again, Lea shrugged. His point was well taken.

“So what we’re, um, proposing is that you take this as a sign of a promise that the three of us are making to each other. And you can decide which of us you want actually to go through the whole ceremony with. Or hell, we can fly off to California and get Andy and me hitched. Whatever. But wear it. And it will… calm down everyone’s family a bit.”

Still unable to form words, Lea nodded and held out her hand. Sean slid the ring onto her finger.

They all stared at it for a moment.

“It was my mom’s. It’s been sitting in her jewelry box for as long as I can remember. I didn’t tell her what I meant to do with it, but she was happy to let me have it.”

“Oh,” rasped Lea. “That explains the twinkly look she was giving me. Do you think she’d understand if I were to tell her it was for Andy to give me?”

Sean shrugged. “Dunno. But in any case, the point is, now y’all can head up to Andy’s little backwater of a home and everyone will see this ring, and you won’t be lying.”

Andy grunted and ran his fingers through Sean’s hair. “Won’t be telling the whole truth, neither. But no: we won’t be lying.”

Lea gazed at the sparkles from the diamond. It wasn’t big but it was bright…. “And you aren’t coming with us, Sean?”

He blinked up at her, and then at Andy. “Guess. I mean, would it be okay if I came? Would it even be a good idea?”

She leaned down and kissed him. “Wouldn’t want to go without my fiancé. Would we, my other fiancé?” She looked up and kissed Andy.

“Nope,” said Andy, sounding deeply relieved.

“Good,” Sean said, standing between them. “Now, let’s eat that delicious-smelling chicken, drink some good bourbon, and keep our down-stairs neighbors thoroughly entertained for a few hours, shall we?”

Lea and Andy both concurred that this was an excellent plan.

The Visitor Takes a Trip is now available!

We’re trying to get this out by Valentine’s Day; I’ve been sick with the miserable flu that’s been going around, so it isn’t a sure thing. Wish me luck, and please, send me any thoughts you have about what’s here so far, and where you think it’s headed!

You can read another preview from later in the story here — I’d love to know what you think of that one too!


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