Sneak peek #2: The Visitor Takes a Trip — In the Pines

Sneak peek #2: The Visitor Takes a Trip — In the Pines

Here’s another fun bit from The Visitor Takes a Trip (NOW AVAILABLE!), my next story about Lea and her firemen, Sean and Andy! (The previous preview is here.) The trio are visiting Andy’s home in the mountains of northern Georgia, and having to maintain the story that Lea is engaged to Andy. Sean and Lea agreed to go along with the charade, but it’s awfully hard not quite telling Andy’s family the truth.

In this section, the three, along with Andy’s sister Jessie, who seems smitten with Sean, go to visit Andy’s best friend Prior and ex-girlfriend Cherry, and fun stuff ensues.

As always, I’d love any feedback you lovely folks might have on this.

This piece comes from the sixth title in The Visitor Saga:

  1. The Visitor*
  2. The Visitor Comes Home*
  3. The Visitor Comes Again*
  4. The Visitor Goes to Work*
  5. The Visitor Entertains(Available now!)
  6. The Visitor Takes a Trip (Available now!)
  7. The Visitor Has Company (coming soon!)

The Visitor Takes a Trip Sneak Peek #2: In the Pines

A Friendly Ménage Tale

Prior and Cherry’s house sat in its own little valley — hollow — and looked as if it were half-way between being rebuilt and falling down out of exhaustion.

“He works in construction. So it’s kinda like the shoemaker’s kids not having shoes,” Jessie said when she saw Lea’s expression. “Bought it couple of years back as a fixer-upper, ain’t quite fixed it up. But it won’t fall down. At least, probably not. Not tonight, anyways.”

When they approached the house, the couple were sitting in a glider in the front yard, and something about their body language told Lea that they’d just finished fucking — or were just getting ready to.

Well. Maybe that was just in Lea’s own perverted brain.

In any case, when Jessie opened the gate, the woman who must have been Cherry jumped up to greet her and them, while her fiancé stood slowly, rearranging himself before sauntering over. So it probably wasn’t just Lea’s brain.

“So nice to meet you,” said Cherry, whose skin was indeed a few shades less pale than Lea’s own — a shade somewhere between café au lait and mahogany, if the moonlight could be trusted. She shook Sean’s hand and gave Lea a surprisingly warm hug. “I always wondered what kind of woman would finally snag Andy. I should have known.”

Lea was about to ask what it was that Cherry thought she should have known when Prior stepped up. “You must be Lea,” he said in a surprisingly high, smooth voice. “Pleasure to meet you.” If Cherry’s skin was café au lait there was no other word for Prior’s skin tone but black.Lea had seen folks so dark their skin almost shown, but not many born in the US.

Prior turned to Sean and shook his hand, greeted Jessie warmly, and then turned to Andy. “So, you pasty-ass pansy. What makes you think you’re good enough for a real woman like this?“ He pointed a thumb at Lea.

Andy narrowed his eyes at Prior. “Good enough? I know I’m good enough ‘cause she chose me — I didn’t have to chase her all over the county for two years like your sorry excuse for an ass did, pining after this fine example of womanhood.” Andy gestured at Cherry.

“Sorry excuse —!” Prior gave a scowl of what Lea assumed was mock indignation. “This sorry excuse for an ass can still beat yours into the ground any day of the week, and twice on Sunday, you —!”

But Lea never found out what Andy was, because Andy decided to jump on top of his best friend, knocking him to the ground, where they wailed on each other. It couldn’t really be called anything so civilized as wrestling; it looked more like they were trying to rip each other’s limbs off.

It was… surprisingly sexy. Lea couldn’t for the life of her figure out why that might be. “They do this often?” she asked Cherry and Jessie.

“Every time they see each other,” Cherry said, and Jessie added, “No idea why.”

All three women turned to Sean who held up his hands. “Hey! Don’t look at me! I have no idea what this kinda bullshit is about!”

Suddenly Andy and Prior were laughing, still tangled on the ground. “Pasty ass?“ Andy snorted. “Twice on Sunday?”

“Hey!” Prior chortled. “Pining after this fine example of womanhood?” He gave Andy’s shoulder a wallop just for good measure, and then pulled his friend back up to standing.

“What are you two, ten?” Cherry asked.

“Naw,” sighed Jessie, “if they was ten, they’d be more mature about it. Y’all are useless, you know that?”

“Aw, Jessie,” said Prior, “you know you love us just the way we are!”

“Him I have to love, ‘cause he’s kin.” She pointed at her brother. “You, Prior, I only tolerate ‘cause you’re his friend and ‘cause I’m getting to wear a fucking bridesmaid’s dress at your wedding on Saturday. So don’t push it. I can find another excuse to wear that dress. Hey, Sean, you getting married any time soon?”

Sean’s brow twisted, seeing the trap, but not knowing how to get out of it. “Uh… Not that I’m aware of.”

“Good.” Jessie grinned at him, then turn to Prior. “Anyway, the point is, you’re not worth the dress. So act like a grown man, already.”

“Oh,” Cherry said, “my baby may be an idiot, but he’s definitely a grown man. Ain’t that right, baby?” She twined her arms around him.

“Damn straight,” he said, and kissed her.

“There,” said Jessie, “that’s how a grown man is supposed to act.”

“That so, sis?” asked Andy, and pulled Lea to him and kissed her more soundly than he had ever done in front of anyone else but Sean.

When they broke apart again, Lea was breathless, her crotch was singing, and she was very glad that it was dark.

“You have to watch that all of the time?” Jessie asked Sean, her arm through his again.

Sean’s expression was uncharacteristically blank as he answered, “It has its charms.”

Andy chuckled. “Thought that was how a grown man was supposed to act, Jess.”

They went inside to the upstairs sitting room and drank until all of them were beginning to get whoozy. Cherry turned to Lea at one point and whispered, “I think our men like each other more than they like us.”

Lea looked at Prior and Andy, who were laughing, their arms up on the back of the couch over each other’s shoulders. Sean was leaning in toward them, smiling, but it didn’t reach his eyes — though that might have been because Jessie was draped over his back. “You know,” Lea mused, “maybe they should marry each other rather than us.” When Cherry started, Lea asked, “What?”

“Um. I’ll have to know you a hell of a lot better or get a whole lot drunker before I tell you what I was just thinking. But yeah. I’ve always felt like a third wheel with these two, even if I’m the one they both slept with.”

“Lucky you,” Lea said, admiring both — all three — of the men. “They don’t exactly build them small down here, do they?”

“Well,” laughed Cherry, “we have our scrawny boys too, but no, this set is quite the bonus-size package, ain’t they?”

“Definitely,” Lea agreed, and the two women laughed until they started crying, which made the men — and Jessie — stare at them. “Sorry,” Lea snorted, “we were just talking about how Georgia boys don’t seem to come in the single-serving size.”

“Are you saying we need to lose weight, Miss Lea?” said Sean with a smirk, and it was only then that Lea caught the double meaning in her own words.

“Uh.” Fuckity-fuck-fuck. The men, Cherry, and Jessie all laughed at Lea’s embarrassment, but she let them laugh, happy that they couldn’t see what her perverted, perverted, sick mind had served up to her: a vision of herself with Sean and Andy sandwiched around her, making love as they had come to do so well together, with Prior fitting himself in… wherever. And hell, Cherry watching. Why not? “Uh. Lose weight? No.”

“Never,” snorted Cherry, “We love y’all just the way y’all are!”

And the way her skin darkened made Lea wonder just what image the bride-to-be’s mind had served up to her.

Eventually, the visitors stumbled off with promises to continue the conversation at the bachelor and bachelorette parties the next night. As they stumbled their way out of the ramshackle house — which had indeed managed not to fall — Andy said, “Hey, guys, you think you can find your way back to the house? Sis and I got some catching up to do.”

Lea was about to say that, no, she had no idea where they were or how to get back to the Harrises’ house, but Sean said, “Sure thing, Andy-boy. Cherokee Ridge Road, yeah?”

Andy nodded and led his bemused sister off in the opposite direction.

Lea watched them go and turned to Sean. “What was that about?” she whispered.

“I’m hoping he’s trying to warn her to back off of me a bit.”

Lea grinned up at Sean. “Aw, poor boy.”

“Hey,” he muttered, “she’s scary.” Sean led her uphill at slow pace, and Lea could feel the heat pouring out of her into the warm, sticky Georgia night. Moths and lightning bugs played a game of shadow-and-light tag. “Also,” he said when they’d gotten a couple of minutes up the road to a place where the winding road passed through a dark copse of pine trees, “I’d like to think that he’s trying to make it up to us for all of the entertainment we’ve provided his family by givin’ us a bit of alone time.” And before Lea could say a word, he lifted her up onto the split-rail fence, stepped between her surprise-widened legs, and kissed her in that whole-body, nothing-else-in-the-universe way that Sean could kiss.

Within seconds, Lea’s libido, which was already at a simmer, went to a full boil. “Oh. God. Sean. Want you. Want you so much….”

“Then by god, honey, you’re gonna have me,” Sean murmured as he slid his cock out of his jeans and, tugging her panties to one side, slid all of the way home in a single, smooth, pussy-filling, satisfying stroke.

Lea screamed, but it was into Sean’s huge palm, which lightly covered her mouth, and her whole body reacted, both to the feeling of him fucking her, and to the realization that they were fucking on the side of a public road. That added a touch of panic to the wild gumbo of sensations and feelings that were chasing around inside of her, but… No one was likely to come along. And even if they did, in that moment Lea couldn’t have cared less.

And now the heat was flowing into Lea — warm as she already was, the heat of Sean’s fabulous cock and of the night were sending her past the boiling point. She felt as if she were turning to steam — to flame — and only the very, very solid point of contact between her body and Sean’s kept her rooted in the world.

“Honey,” panted Sean. “Baby, wanted… wanted to do this to you all through supper, all through sitting there with Jessie treating me like a damned teddy bear… God, watching your nipples go all… when Andy’n’Prior were down wrassling… Turn you on, Lea-honey? You want to watch me’n’Andy all tangled up at your feet?”

“Uh-huh,” she panted, the image now clear in her head — Sean and Andy, sweaty, naked, wrestling, their cocks straining — “Oh, god, god, fuck, yesss!”

Somehow, Lea’s shirt and bra were up over her tits, and Sean’s mouth found one of her nipples and…

Usually, Sean had a devestatingly slow approach to pleasuring Lea — slow, meandering, and insistent, where Andy was usually the more stereotypically passionate of her lovers. But that night Sean’s urgency was intoxicating, and now that both of his hands were digging into the flesh of her ass, pulling her close to him, she had to stifle her scream on her own, and so she shoved a hand into her mouth, howling into her own knuckles as Sean suckled, pounding away, groaning into her breast, “Come, gonna, gonna, aw! —”

And then he thrust into her so hard that she lifted up off of the fence. He arched back and she arched back, and honestly, it would have been so easy for them to fall, but they didn’t — they each released themselves into release in perfect, ecstatic balance.

And then they slowly came down, and uncoupled and rearranged themselves, pulling their clothes back into place and attempting to look like anything but the thoroughly debauched couple that they were. And they stumbled their way back up Cherokee Ridge Road to the Harrises’ house. They walked in to find Jessie and Andy waiting for them. Lea had to work hard to pretend that she couldn’t feel the residual of the fuck dribbling down her thighs. She could only be thankful that Jessie was, if anything, more drunk than Lea was herself and so didn’t seem to notice.

Brother and sister led their guests up to their childhood bedrooms. Andy’s room actually had a bunk bed — with a wrought-iron fireman’s pole down from the upper bunk. Sean and Jessie waited while Andy kissed Lea good night, whispering into her lips, “Hope he fucked you good enough for both of us, sweatheart.”

She nodded, blushing, and then whispered back, “But I bet he’s got enough left for you, Fireman Andy.”

Which made him sputter and blush right back. Sean winked at her and pulled their lover into their bedroom while Jessie led the way quietly back to her room, which was stuffed with a combination of childhood furniture and what were clearly the leftovers from the home she’d created and left — stuffed animals on top of a glass and chrome liquor cabinet, a leather recliner next to a doll house. A trundle bed with both mattresses made up with satin sheets. “You want to sleep on the inside or the outside?” Jessie asked.

“Whichever,” Lea said, “I don’t want to take your bed.”

Jessie shrugged and took the bed that was against the wall. She didn’t bother turning away as she stripped off her skirt, top and underwear, which left Lea to do the same, hoping that the insides of her thighs weren’t glistening to much. Lea grabbed a sleeping shirt and waited while Jessie climbed naked into bed, and then slipped under the covers. “Man,” Lea said, yawning only partially for effect, “I’m dog-tired.”

“Never did understand what that meant,” Jessie sighed. “Hey. Um. Can I ask something?”

Uh-oh, thought Lea. “Of course.”

“See, Andy, he was trying to tell me…” Jessie flicked off the light, and suddenly Lea could make out glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling. “He was saying that Sean’s love life is kinda… complicated. Do you know what he was talking about?”

Shitty-shit-shit. “Uh. Yeah. I do. And yeah, it kinda is.” Lea lay there, staring up at Orion on Jessie’s ceiling. “See, I shouldn’t… I think it’s not my place to talk about it.”

“Yeah. That’s what Andy said.”

“Yeah.” And then Lea had an inspiration. “I don’t think Sean wants to talk about it either to be honest.”

“Oh.” Jessie was quiet long enough that Lea began to fall asleep, but then Jessie sighed. “Yeah. I guess that makes sense, why you’d end up with my twerp of a brother instead of him.

Lea couldn’t help but give a nervous laugh. “Well. Um. I’ve kind of known Sean since I was a kid.” Nineteen. That’s still a kid, right? “His sister’s my best friend. So…” So your brother and I are both in love with him, have been for years, and we all fell into bed together when I moved here, and now we share pleasure in ways that would so not be appropriate for me to tell you. “So. Yeah.”

“Uh-huh.” Jessie sighed again. “‘Night.”

“Good night,” said Lea, and was asleep almost instantly.

The Visitor Takes a Trip is now available!

So, obviously, we didn’t get this out by Valentine’s Day — I’m so sorry! But it will be out soon.

I’m still writing the last section. I’d love a few beta readers. If you’re willing to read the complete ebook and give me notes — both general notes on pacing, character, etc, and specific notes on grammar, spelling, continuity, and such, I’d be happy to send you a download code for a free audiobook from Audible! Just comment here or send me an email to my GMail account at KDWestWrites.


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