Review: The Bridesmaid Always Comes Twice

Review: The Bridesmaid Always Comes Twice

Haven’t posted a review for a while, which is rude of me! Just finished reading through this collection by my friend Mary Cyn, so I thought I’d change that:

The Bridesmaid Always Comes Twice

The Bridesmaid Always Comes Twice coverI read each of these stories as they came out and loved them —Mary Cyn has a wonderful ability to vary from wild comedy to wild emotion, all while keeping things very, very sexy.

There are all sorts of scenes here: an epic fantasy orgy, a happenstance post-wedding threesome that feels like much more, a bunch of brushes with almost-infidelity (and more group sex), and an amazing finale that is satisfying on every level. And tying them all together is the narrator, Kat McKinney, with her tart, touching observations about sex, about love, and about the search for The Guy, with her conversations with her barfly father confessor (where is Nick when you need him?), and with lots of weddings. Even when you want to scream at her for falling into yet another phenomenally stupid situation, you want to hug her and laugh with her. It all feels amazingly real. Kat seems like the kind of girlfriend who you love just to meet over drinks because she makes you laugh (except when she makes you want to cry).

When this collection came out, I read the whole series over and was pleased to find that, in fact, not only did the story arc hold together beautifully (there’s an added prologue and epilogue to tie things together nicely) but in fact reading them together added to the experience. Nice job!


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