FYI: Here’s What Pegging Is And How To Try It

FYI: Here’s What Pegging Is And How To Try It

So since a few of my recent books (and some that are in the works) feature that sex act known as pegging, I’ve been doing research. Ah, the joys of being a smutsmith! 😀

In any case, I happened to come across this less-click-baity-y-than-usual Buzzfeed article that I thought you might find of interest:

Here’s What Pegging Is And How To Try It

You may have noticed that the sex showing up in mainstream pop culture lately has been getting a little more…interesting.

Anal's on the table

In the past year alone, kink hit it big with Fifty Shades of Grey, Mindy & Danny navigated the complications of anal sex…
…and in their most recent season, the women of Broad City brought pegging into the discussion.

Which might raise some questions. For instance, what exactly is pegging? And what should you know if you’re interested in trying it?
So glad you asked!
Pegging has a very specific definition: a woman anally penetrating a man while wearing a strap-on dildo.

And although people may well have been doing this since ancient man first put a finger in his own butt, the term has only been around since Dan Savage held a contest in 2001 to come up with a word for that particular act.

While “punting” and “bobbing” were also in the running, “pegging” was the clear winner with 43% of the vote!


The contest thing was new to me! i didn’t realize the term was that recent!

In any case, I found the rest of the article to be fun, even-handed, and informative:

Read the rest at Here’s What Pegging Is And How To Try It.

Sneak Peek: Out of the Closet (from Wilder West)

Sneak Peek: Out of the Closet (from Wilder West)

Wilder WestHey! My second omnibus collection, Wilder West, is coming out on Friday!

(You can get order it now, however, on  Stillpoint/Eros and Amazon.)

To celebrate, here’s a sneak peek; this one’s from one of my Juliet stories, Juliet Takes the Floor. It features poor Allison missing her first lover, her former teacher Ken, and her new lover, her BFF Jordan.

It’s around 2000 words, featuring a text conversation between Ken and Allison as well as phone sex between the two young women (they’re both bi, but still — girl-girl):


Ken: Allison?

Ken: Allison?

Allison: Hi

Ken: Sorry I couldn’t get back to you last night. I was in rehearsal.

Allison: Figured

Ken: You okay?

Allison: Yeah. Think I figured some stuff out.

Ken: Yes?

Allison: Yeah. 🙂

Allison: Ken?

Ken: Yes?

Allison: Do you know what my psych project is?

Ken: Nope

Allison: Threesome fantasies

Allison: You ever fantasize about a threesome, Ken?

Ken: Research?

Allison: Absolutely. 😀

Ken: Ah. So. Yes.

Allison: I see. And do you fantasize about being with a man and a woman or two men

Ken: No

Allison: I see. So you think about being with two women at once

Ken: Yes

Allison: Interesting. 🙂

Allison: Ken? Are you hard?

Ken: And humiliated. Thank you

Allison: You’re welcome, Ken. It’s an extremely common fantasy, you know. There’s no need to be embarrassed, young man.

Ken: I know.

Ken: I’ve been having threesome fantasies since before you were born, young lady.

Allison: Oh.

Allison: Had any recently? (she asked, strictly as a matter of research)

Ken: Good night, love of my life.

Allison: Good night, Ken. Oh. By the way, Jordan had this very funny idea involving her, you, me, and a bunch of whipped cream.

Ken: Good night. Fire of my loins.

Allison: Good night, Ken. 🙂

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Giveaway: Three for Three

Giveaway: Three for Three

Hey! I’ve been crazy busy — end of the school year and all — but I have a couple of exciting things to share.

First of all, we’re having a giveaway of my bestselling ménage collection, Three for Three over at Goodreads:

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Three for Three by K.D. West

Three for Three

by K.D. West

Giveaway ends June 12, 2015.

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Check it out! Enter early and often! 😀

Also, Stillpoint/Eros is releasing the second collection of my stories, Wilder West, next Friday! This book gathers together a lot of my favorite stories from the past year, including a number that have never been collected before.

Wilder West is available for pre-order at Stillpoint/Eros and Amazon.

Here’s more info about the book, which will be available next week as an ebook and paperback (and soon an audiobook, hopefully!): Continue reading