NEW Release/Sneak Peek: The Visitor Has Company

NEW Release/Sneak Peek: The Visitor Has Company

Hey! So it took a while, but I finally managed to rewrite everything that I lost — plus over five thousand words. Losing that section made me rethink some of what I’d written, expand a bit….

And it’s READY! The Visitor Has Company has now been released!!!

It follows the story of what happens when Lea, her fireman fiancé Sean, and their fireman fiancé Andy are settling in for a nice, quiet evening: a little lube, some handcuffs…

When the doorbell rings.

It’s Kirsten — Sean’s sister and Lea’s best friend. She’s crying…

And things get really crazy from there. 🙂

By way of thanks to you all, here’s a sneak peek at one of the scenes from the 23,000 novella. It’s a FFM threesome scene featuring Lea, Andy, and their lover’s sister — with Sean’s implicit approval. If you’d like some background on what’s happened to bring them here, click here to see the spoilers.

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Update: The Visitor Has Company, A Tragedy

Update: The Visitor Has Company, A Tragedy

Whelp, today was going to be the day. I was going to finish The Visitor Has Company, the last (for now) of my ménage stories following Lea, her fireman Sean, and her other fireman Andy (and their friends and family and…).

I had just a few scenes to write: a wedding, a party… some sex.

I wrote about four thousand words today, finishing those last couple of scenes and rewriting most of the rest — total about 18,000 words.

I felt really happy with the work. The sex was sexy, the fun was funny, the attempts at nice prose weren’t too bad. I think.

I was just about to type The End, just for the pleasure of it (this is the last of seven novellas, so the whole thing has been a wonderful slog) when my computer crashed.

I usually write in Word, where I’ve turned on autosave, but for whatever reason today was working in OpenOffice. Where I haven’t.

All of today’s work: gone.


Headdesk of the United States


Well, there’s only one answer: wine. Lots and lots of wine.

And back into the fray tomorrow.


PS If you’re one of the wonderful folks who wanted to beta the story, I’ll have it done tomorrow, come hell or high water. I have the first two-thirds clean and ready to go — if you want I can send you that, or you can wait for the finished draft. Thanks! (And if you didn’t see my earlier request, I’m still looking for betas!)

Poll: Should my next story be MMF or FFM?

Poll: Should my next story be MMF or FFM?

I’m wrapping up the writing on The Visitor Has Company, the last tale of Lea, Sean, and Andy’s adventures — for now at least. (Contact me if you’d like to get an early beta copy.)

I’ve got a number of irons in the fire, writing-wise (including a novel that’s metastasized — it’s either a three-novel series or a smaller three-part series and a stand-alone. Over 220,000 words. Eesh!). In any case there are a couple of menage stories I’ve had sitting on my hard drive waiting to be finished — one’s a MMF story (two men and a woman) and one’s an FFM story (two women and a man).

So I thought I’d ask your help:

Help me, folks! You’re my only hope. 😉