Poll: Should my next story be MMF or FFM?

Poll: Should my next story be MMF or FFM?

I’m wrapping up the writing on The Visitor Has Company, the last tale of Lea, Sean, and Andy’s adventures — for now at least. (Contact me if you’d like to get an early beta copy.)

I’ve got a number of irons in the fire, writing-wise (including a novel that’s metastasized — it’s either a three-novel series or a smaller three-part series and a stand-alone. Over 220,000 words. Eesh!). In any case there are a couple of menage stories I’ve had sitting on my hard drive waiting to be finished — one’s a MMF story (two men and a woman) and one’s an FFM story (two women and a man).

So I thought I’d ask your help:

Help me, folks! You’re my only hope. 😉


4 thoughts on “Poll: Should my next story be MMF or FFM?

  1. I love how there is ZERO interest in an MF scene LMFAO (love the comment about the supreme court though). There’s also zero interest in “other”, which makes me wonder if people have no imagination at all? I very nearly made an “other” suggestion of MMMMM (what can I say? I’m a fangirl) but thought… nah. I’ll keep that as fodder for my own next short story ;P

    (Okay, I was half joking, but now that the seed is planted…)

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    • Heh! I sort of stacked the deck, here — I have a couple of partially written FFM stories and an MMF story that I’ve got outlined (it… kind of jumped off of a scene in The Visitor Has Company). But yeah, I was sort of interested in the fact that no one even suggested anything else!

      And a quintet? Man! (Or Men!) That would take some serious skills — both in the writing and in the logistics. 😀


    • Heh. I like the way you think! 😀

      Right now, I’ve just finished up a novel-length FFM fantasy. I’ve got a few stories in the works… but I can think of at least one that might fill that… um… niche. 😉


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