Sneak peek! Null (By the Numbers prologue — erotic contemporary fantasy)

Sneak peek! Null (By the Numbers prologue — erotic contemporary fantasy)

By-the-Numbers-cover-white-to-colorHappy holidays!

Wow. I apologize for disappearing this fall — I promise it wasn’t on purpose. I got caught up in a huge writing project that turned out to be two of them — about two-hundred thousand words, of which my Friendly Menage fantasy  By the Numbers was the last chunk.

Turns out that this and the other 150K+ didn’t play together well. I still want to publish that other piece — I haven’t decided whether it’s a YA fantasy adventure/romance or a NA erotic fantasy, and either way it needs MORE written. 

So I decided to release By the Numbers as a stand-alone piece of erotic contemporary fantasy. 

At that point I knew I needed a prologue. I posted one over a year ago… but that piece no longer fit. So I wrote this short intro to the world of By the Numbers.

I’d love to know what you think! I’ll post some more chapters here over the next couple of weeks.

Prologue — Null

Jen almost felt as if she might have to thank her best friend for this. Not that Brigid had done anything other than be born on November first. But…


“I think this is why magic was invented,” sighed Jen, squeezing Jack tight. Leaving him speechless.

They were fifteen feet up in the air — a simple spell to cast, a tough one to keep going through three rounds of fantastic make-up sex, even with her wand gripped tight. But here they were, slowly orbiting the little chandelier in the empty dorm’s lounge. The first two fucks had been properly acrobatic, but this time they were just floating, drifting. Jack was planted deep inside of her, happily letting her do all of the work for once. And all of the work she felt up to was contracting her pussy around that wonderful, familiar cock. One pulse at a time.

Jack didn’t seem to mind. Eyes closed. Mouth open. No. He didn’t mind.

How many times had they done this? Well, not this, because a flying fuck wasn’t supposed to be an actual thing. Except, obviously, magic. But they’d fucked dozens, hundreds of times over the past year and a half since…


(Flame and shadows. Smoke and sulphur.)

And yet every time felt like a first time.

She hoped it would always be that way.

Actually, she didn’t hope. She just felt. No future. No past. Just now.

“Hey, Phalen,” she purred, contracting around Jack, “you going to come inside of me?“

He groaned and tried to thrust, but of course that just pushed her away — flying fuck. He whimpered and reached out to pull her to him, but Jen giggled and pulled his hands away from her ass. “No, baby. Let me.” She looped her calves behind his ass, pulling him back deep into her, and now she answered his groan.

They were late for Brigid’s party now for sure — Jen would feel awful later, probably… maybe. Would have to apologize to Bri — and to Tony, which was always kind of weird. Weird that her first boyfriend, who’d been such a hurry to become her first lover, was now her best friend’s boyfriend, but so determined to take things slow….

(Brigid’s present… have to thank her…)

But now? Now she didn’t give a flying fuck. “So,” Jen moaned into Jeff’s ear as her pussy squeezed, “no more sparklies for other girls after this, yes?”

He pulled his face from where it was lodged against her neck. His eyes, so dark that they looked all black, devoured her. “No sparklies. No girls. Only you, Jen Kamiyama. Forever.”

Oh, God…. She pulled him deep into her with her legs, and he began to thrust again.

And they tumbled through the air and into each other and into the future.

When they stepped from Outside into the entryway of the Wyvern, Jen and Jack were assaulted by a flood of Metallica music and already-drunk partiers.

“JacknJen!” shouted Rhea Levy, lifting a pitcher of beer that sloshed over her sister Maya’s head.

“Dep’ty Jack the Spire-killer!” shouted someone else, and Jen could feel her boyfriend tense up.

She squeezed his hand and stepped in front of him.

Annie Paris and Gabe Sundown — two friends Jen hadn’t ever seen quite so plastered — pressed up. Annie yelled in Jen’s ear, “So’s the birthday girl with y’all?”

Jen blinked at her.

Gabe, usually one of their quietest classmates, bellowed, “Brigid coming?”

Jack’s hands closed around Jen’s shoulders. “Brigid’s not here?”

“She didn’t come with Tony?” Jen searched for and found her ex-boyfriend, who was standing over by the bar with his usual partner in crime, Esau Whitworth.

“Tony,” Jack barked in that way of his that managed to silence the whole crowd — even with “Enter Sandman” howling over the enchanted speakers — “have you called Bri’s house?”

Tony nodded his head. “Didn’t answer. Thought she must be with you guys.“ His coffee-dark skin looked pale — for him, at least. He was hugging a wrapped present — the painting of the four of them that was his present for Brigid. “Worried.”

Esau clapped a hand on his friend’s shoulder and laughed, “Let’s all go see what’s taking the guest of honor so fucking long, shall we?”

As if a balloon had broken, the hollering started back up, and everone flooded out the Wyvern’s front door.

“To the O’Danan’s house!” called Jack, and even drunk, the whole crowd followed his orders, stepping Outside toward Bri’s.

# #

I hope you’re intrigued! A little sex, a mystery, some magic… Who could ask for more? 😉

Let me know what you thought — and what you think’s going to happen next! Anything confusing? I’d love to know that too.

The next preview, Chapter 1 — Imaginary, is now up!

And By the Numbers is available to pre-order at a special discount price at Stillpoint/Eros, as well as at many ebook outlets. It will be released on January 16 — I can’t wait!

love-in-a-box-cover-300.jpgPS Stillpoint/Eros has also released an ombnibus anthology of the stories by me and by the wonderful Mary Cyn called Love in a Box!

Thirty-five tales of love, hotness, and thinking outside the box — including the complete Visitor Saga, collected together for the first time. Check it out — it will keep you warm through the long winter nights, I promise. 🙂


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