Sneak peek: Handmaiden (interracial FFF)

Sneak peek: Handmaiden (interracial FFF)

visitor-wedding-kirsten-coverSo earlier this summer, Stillpoint/Eros sent out a poll asking which of several story ideas I should work on. And the results were a tie between two: A M/F/M triangle/ménage among a group of old friends and another Visitor’s Wedding story — the tale of what Kirsten, Cherry, and Prior got up to while Lea, Sean, and Andy consummated their threeway marriage.

I’ve been working away at Open Door, the triangle/ménage piece — it’s looking to be at least novella length, if not a full-length novel. It’s a lot longer on sexual tension than most of my previous stories — I think it’s going to be hot as hell!

In the mean time, I’m almost done with Handmaiden, the next Visitor story, so I thought I’d share the opening bit — some of which will be somewhat familiar from The Visitor Has Company. Though the complete story features an interracial FFM threesome, this bit is mostly focussed on Kirsten and Cherry preparing bride Lea for her husbands. Do let me know what you think!

Handmaiden: The Visitor’s Wedding, pt. I

Kirsten shivered, gazing at the gorgeous couple who were standing inches from her.

Cherry pressed up against Prior, pulling off her husband’s jacket and letting it drop to the ground. “You gonna let those bridegrooms come in your mouth so they can make their bride scream all night, Prior-honey?”

He popped the studs on the front of his tux shirt. “Uh-huh. You gonna make the bride cream all over your tongue so she’s nice and wet for them, Cherry-baby?”

Cherry purred, tearing off his shirt and letting it drop on top of the jacket. “You gonna stop me?”

“Fuck no,” he growled.

Then they both turned to Kirsten, their dark eyes piercing her. Cherry reached out a mocha hand and took Kirsten’s sweaty, pale one. “You gonna let us fuck you till you scream, Kirsten, baby?”

Fighting down a giggle, Kirsten gave a quick curtsy and gasped, “As it pleases my lady.”

Cherry’s cheeks darkened, washing out her freckles. “Damn. A handmaiden. I like the sound of that.”

Prior hugged his wife from behind, pushing up Cherry’s breasts so that the wide, dark areolas peeked above her black dress’s plunging neckline. “I think both of y’all are gonna need to play handmaids for Miss Lea.” He slipped his fingers into the dress and tweaked one nipple, so that both of them pushed like pinkies through the silk and Cherry hissed. “If y’all are really gonna get her good and wet.

Cherry gasped, and then growled, “So long as you remember who’s the mistress here.”

Prior bit his wife’s ear. “Yes, my lady.” He winked at Kirsten and then bowed out of their way.

Cherry laughed, and Kirsten found herself giggling along.

As they stepped through the door, Kirsten saw her brother and Andy striding toward the house, each looking flushed.

“Have fun with my husband, boys,” Cherry purred, and both men’s eyes grew wide. “We’re gonna get y’alls wife all wet and ready.”

Kirsten found herself looking anywhere but toward her brother; she stared past him toward…

Holy fuck.

Lea was handcuffed spread-eagle to the glider, the white silk blindfold and her white strapless dress seeming to glow in the October night. Her breasts — each a perfect hand- and mouthful, as Kirsten had finally been able to come to know first-hand — seemed desperate to free themselves from the top of the dress.

Kirsten had been in love with her best friend for a long, long time. But she had lusted after Lea for even longer than that. The vision before her was close enough to many of the fantasies she’d jilled off to over the years to take Kirsten’s breath away. “Damn.

“Uh-huh,” murmured Cherry, and took Kirsten’s hand; one of their palms was sweaty. Perhaps both. “Kirsten?”

“Huh?” She couldn’t take her eyes off of Lea, who seemed to be straining to find them. Or more likely her husbands.

“Do you…? You like, you know, girls, right?”

Kirsten’s eyes broke from Lea to Cherry. Her face was darker, but those fabulous nipples were just as hard. Kirsten nodded. “Yeah. A lot of my sweeties have been other women. But believe me, I like guys too. I’m bi.”

“Oh.” It was hard to tell whether that announcement was a relief to Cherry or not. “Um. So…” She took a deep breath, and Kirsten had to force herself to look into the woman’s eyes, and not at the tits Kirsten was really looking forward to playing with. “So, you’ve eaten pussy?” Where Cherry had managed to look commanding just moments earlier, now she looked anything but certain.

Kirsten nodded and smiled. “Yeah. You don’t have to if —”

“I want to,” Cherry whispered, and then pushed up and kissed Kirsten.

Kirsten hadn’t been sure on the cart ride over whether Cherry had been making out with Kirsten for her own benefit, or because she had just been trying to get Prior worked up. More than one girl had left Kirsten hanging at a party over the years, waltzing off with some Neanderthal guy after a game of let’s-pretend-we’re-lesbos got the boy creaming his jeans. Kirsten would have been fine if her night with the Lawrences had ended up as a harem, since Prior seemed to have plenty to go around

The feeling of Cherry’s lush lips against her own, though — it promised Kirsten something much, much more interesting.

Kirsten pulled Cherry to her and reveled in the pure, unadulterated womanliness of the body she was embracing. Kirsten usually loved small women. Like Gianna. Like Lea. But this… This was definitely going to be very interesting. “You know how you like Prior to do it to you, right?” she whispered into Cherry’s lips.

Cherry nodded, and let her tongue run tentatively over Kirsten’s.

They both shuddered.

“Then, if you want to eat her…  just start with what you like.” Kirsten squeezed Cherry. “And Lea… She likes it all.”

“Sounds like you know from experience.”

“Lucky bitch that I am.”

“Hmm.” Cherry’s lips bowed into a smile against Kirsten’s. Her hands floated down to Kirsten’s ass and squeezed. “Sounds like I’m gonna be a lucky bitch.”

“Yes, my lady,” gasped Kirsten, and they both laughed again.

Holding hands they strode toward the glider.

Lea twisted in her bonds, and Kirsten knew she’d be fantasizing about this for years.

Cherry called out, “We will rejoice in you and be glad.” It was a line from the Song of Songs that Lea’s mama had read that afternoon — one of the few bits Mrs. Krakowicz had read that didn’t have most of the guests fanning themselves.

Kirsten joined her and they spoke the next lines together: “We will extol your love more than wine. Rightly do they love you.”

Lea turned toward their voices. “Cherry? Kirsten?” As Kirsten and Cherry stepped up onto the glider, Lea gasped, and one bronze breast finally won its fight for freedom from the dress.

Before Kirsten could give into temptation and kiss the small, light brown nipple bouncing stiffly over the top of the dress, Cherry stepped behind Lea. “We’re your handmaidens.”

Holding in giggles again, Kirsten tried to match Cherry’s serious tone. “We’re getting you ready for your men.” Kirsten’s hands rose and caressed her BFFs ribs, bringing another gasp and — yes! — another liberated nipple.

A zip and Cherry let the whole Marilyn Monroe dress slide to the metal floor, revealing the body that Kirsten had had to exercise all of the discipline no one thought she had to help Lea cover up that morning.

“No bra?” asked Cherry.

“Nope.” Kirsten’s eyes, however, were not on her best friend’s delicious tits. They were on the tiny scrap of lace that had been Kirsten’s last employee discount at Virginia’s Bounty — a scrap that had still cost most of Kirsten’s last paycheck, but that showed off Lea’s delicious pupik to perfection. She knelt to examine them. “But don’t you love the undies?”

“Sure do.”

“I helped her pick them out.” Kirsten wished she could see the view from the other side.

Cherry too knelt. “Nice.” She reached and took Kirsten’s hands in her own shaking ones. “Why don’t we take ‘em off?”

Kirsten squeezed Cherry’s fingers, and together they pulled the thong down.

Lea gasped again, twisting so that now Kirsten got her wish: a full view of Lea’s fabulous ass. Which was covered in goose pimples.

“Mmm,” said Cherry, echoing Kirsten’s thoughts exactly. “Waxed and everything. What a sweet little cookie you got.”

And then Lea gasped as Cherry showed that she truly was a natural, grasping Lea’s hips and diving right on in to eating her first pussy.

Lea arched so that her butt was just inches from Kirsten’s face.

The waxing had been a severe test of Kirsten’s discipline as well. “I helped with that too, lucky girl that I am.” Now she felt as she had earned her reward. “But I got to say, I’m happy to get another chance to taste this amazing backside.” She took Lea’s round cheeks, urged them apart, and ran her tongue up the length of her new sister-in-law’s ass crack.

Kirsten had been introduced to the joys of analingus by Ramon, one of her longer-standing guy lovers. The first time he’d done that to her was after a long, slow round of oral sex that had almost made Kirsten appreciate the edging that Lea talked about doing with her fuckwad boyfriend John. He’d teased her mercilessly, licking her pussy just to where it was going to make Kirsten scream, and then he’d moved on to another part of her body. Her tits, sure, but also her knees, her toes, her ears. Finally, when she was on the edge of tears, he’d asked her to pull her knees to her chest, and she’d complied, hoping that either he’d finish eating her out, or else he’d fuck her to orgasm.

Instead he’d kissed her asshole, and the shock of the pleasure had set Kirsten off like a Fourth of July rocket.

As Kirsten circled Lea’s hole with her tongue, she wondered what it felt like to have both sides licked at once.

Based on the shout Lea let loose, it felt pretty dang good. Lea lifted her legs around Cherry’s neck, giving Kirsten even easier access.

Smiling, Kirsten gave herself over to pleasuring Lea as best she could. Prior had told them they had to make Lea wet, and by God, Kirsten was going to make sure Lea was as wet as she possibly could be.

It didn’t hurt that Lea’s backside was truly the most spectacular asset on a phenomenal body. Kissing it, licking it, squeezing it, Kirsten felt herself grow even wetter.

Determined to keep her focus on Lea, on Lea’s enjoyment, Kirsten let her hands float away from that magnificent butt. She took Cherry’s fingers in her own and led them up to Lea’s small, upturned breasts. Together, they traced Lea’s nipples and began to work together, teasing them, to Lea’s evident delight.

It was amazing to be so immersed in another person, a person Kirsten loved dearly—to be so focussed on giving Lea pleasure—and yet to be aware of yet another woman’s heavy breasts swaying against her own. To be very aware of the dance their fingers engaged in with Lea’s lengthening nipples.

This whole threesome thing definitely had some things going for it.

Lea bucked and moaned, and the sound of Cherry humming into Lea’s pussy made Kirsten very, very wet. The woman was clearly a natural.

Just at the point where Kirsten was considering ripping off Cherry’s dress and seeing if maybe they could get each other off while they continued to whip the lovely Lea into a frenzy, the sound of feet on the gravel made Lea tense.

“Y’all got her nice and ready?” called Prior, and Kirsten could hear both the laughter and the lust in his voice. “Sure looks like it.”

Before Kirsten could disengage herself from Lea’s ass or Cherry could break the leg-lock Lea had on her, Lea herself answered in a string of guttural consonants.

Cherry managed to free herself enough to say, “You want to check our work?”

“Don’t mind if I do,” said Prior, and Kirsten could hardly blame him. The swing rocked as he stepped aboard. “You mind, Lea, ma’am, if I check how well they done?”

Again, Lea’s response was incomprehensible.

Chuckling, Prior slid his big, calloused hands onto the small of Lea’s back and her belly. When Kirsten and Cherry gave him room, he slid each hand into a moist slit, front and back.

Lea convulsed and screamed, and an army of goose pimples spread beneath Kirsten’s wrists and palms, making it feel as if her whole body were one big areola.

Well, foursomes might be fun too.

Prior seemed to be purring like a cement mixer. “You know, Miss Lea, if it’s okay with my wife and your husbands, I’d sure like to see if I can get you to make that sound a hell of a lot more.”

“I… say… fuck yes!” howled Lea.

Kirsten began to back away to give him room, and his wife did the same. “So, Prior, you get the grooms all ready, or are they gonna pop like corks at the sight of this sexy lady.”

Still kneeling, Kirsten had a close view when Cherry reached out and grabbed the sizable, straining lump in the front of Prior’s trousers.

His hands may have been deeply embroiled in Lea, but his eyes were on his wife and her glistening face. “Oh, I made sure they’re ready to give Lea here all she needs. Why don’t y’all go in and send them out here, and I’ll keep Lea here company.”

The two handmaidens stood, and the whole swing rocked. Cherry winked at Kirsten and gave her husband another squeeze. As they stepped off, Cherry took Kirsten’s hand and called over her shoulder, “No dippin’ your wick, Prior Lawrence. Lea there belongs to Sean and Andy. And you belong to me.” She squeezed Kirsten’s hand. “And to Miss Kirsten here.”

Holy fuck. Kirsten couldn’t help but laugh like the oversexed maniac she was.

“Yes, dear,” Prior called back, and Cherry’s laugh joined in.

Kirsten peered at her new… friend. Lover-to-be. Lady. Cherry’s dark skin glowed in the moonlight, and a wide nipple had peeked completely over the top of her dress. Kirsten reached over and gave it a gentle squeeze. “So what you think of your first taste of—?”

Cherry’s mouth closed on Kirsten’s and her fingers returned Kirsten’s favor with interest, pinching Kirsten’s nipples through her dress. “I think I am so gonna make you scream, girl.”

Breathless, Kirsten whispered into Cherry’s mouth, “Yes. Please. My lady.”

So? What do you think? Are you excited for more? I’d love to know!



Oh — and if you’re interested in finding out the rest of what Kirsten, Cherry, Prior get up to, check out Handmaiden: The Visitor’s Wedding #2!

Handmaiden cover


To serve is to love

But can Kirsten serve a master and a mistress?

Kirsten loved her best friend Lea’s wedding to Kirsten’s brother Sean — and their lover Andy. But she is discovering that her lingering love for Lea may have been stronger than she realized.

Kirsten loves men. Kirsten loves women. But Kirsten is very much without either at the moment.

When the best man, Prior, and his beautiful bride Cherry invite Kirsten to help send Sean, Andy, and Lea off on their honeymoon celebration, Kirsten agrees happily.

And when the gorgeous black couple ask if Kirsten wants to spend the night as their handmaiden…

Well, how is Kirsten going to say no to that?

The second in a series of sequels to The Visitor Has Company, this short story can be read on its own or as part of The Visitor Saga.

(FFM bisexual interracial ménage. FFF and implied MMM. Adult readers only.)

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