Sneak peek #2 — Handmaiden: The Visitor’s Wedding

Sneak peek #2 — Handmaiden: The Visitor’s Wedding

Handmaiden coverSo I’m done with Handmaiden: The Visitor’s Weddingthe next Visitor story! I shared the opening bit — a sexy morsel of interracial FFF.

Here’s the next section, which features Kirsten discovering just what it’s like to serve a mistress — and a master. (FFM interracial menage — for adult readers only.)

Do let me know what you think!

Handmaiden: The Visitor’s Wedding, pt. II

Kirsten and Cherry walked toward the house hand-in-hand. As they reached the front door, it swung open. Out stepped two very large, very pale, very naked men. Andy and—

“Hey, Sis.”

“Jesus, Sean!” Kirsten covered her eyes.

Andy snickered, the son of a bitch.

“Well, gentlemen,” Cherry said, her mistress-of-the-house voice firmly in place, “we have got your bride good and ready for you. Y’all better give her the fucking she deserves.”

And then, before either boy could respond, she pulled Kirsten through the door and closed it. “I’m gonna make you scream, I promise,” Cherry panted, leaning against the entryway table, “but first…” She lifted the front of her black dress revealing a bright red triangle of lace that barely covered her mocha latte pubic mound.

Feeling a tremble of something shoot from her crotch up into her gut, Kirsten smiled and knelt again. She had a feeling she’d be spending a lot of time tonight on her knees, and that would be just fine with her. “Would my lady like me to pleasure her—” Kirsten ran her hands up Cherry’s thighs and hooked her thumbs beneath the straps of her panties. “—with my mouth?” With their gazes still locked, Kirsten placed a kiss on the scrap of scarlet fabric.

“Sweet Jesus,” Cherry said, her eyes fluttering closed. “Please.”

“As my lady wishes.” Kirsten pulled down the panties.

Kirsten enjoyed cocks. She liked the way they felt inside of her. She liked the feeling of them swelling in her hand or in her mouth. Pussies though — Kirsten loved the way they looked. No two alike. Compact, prim, meaty, frilly—every one she’d ever had the chance to explore had been a thing of beauty.

Cherry’s pussy peeked out from beneath dense bush. The dark lips were delicate and smooth, split by a long, stiff clit that rose between them like a cresting dolphin. The scent of Cherry’s excitement was intoxicating, and the glimpse of the bright red flesh between the lips left Kirsten with no choice but to give that long clit a lick.

“Ooo.” Cherry moaned and lifted one leg over Kirsten’s shoulder, pulling her closer.

Kirsten had always thought of herself as the wild one in the family — compared to her straight-laced mother and her all-American-boy brother, for sure, not to mention her by-the-book best friend and roomie. Now Sean and Lea were in a real honest-to-God ménage à trois, Mama was off doing something Kirsten didn’t want to think about with Lea’s lady boss… And here Kirsten was: Lea’s ass still warm on her cheeks and now tongue-deep into Cherry. Clearly, it was all Lea’s fault. The girl was a bad influence.

Not that Kirsten was going to complain.

Lapping at Cherry, she reached up and pulled down the top of the other woman’s strapless dress. The breasts that had been winking at Kirsten ever since the cart ride over tumbled free…

They were nice and big and — naturally — brown, all of which made Kirsten very happy. But what made her salivate even more than the cherry-tart taste of Cherry were the fabulous palm-sized areolas they sported. Milk-chocolate colored with two stiff nipples smack in the center. Kirsten cupped one in the hand that was already there, and then reached her left hand up past Cherry’s quivering hip and caressed the other breast.

Soft and hard. Smooth and rough. Spectacular.

“Oh, damn,” moaned Cherry, eyes closed, arching her tits into Kirsten’s searching hands. “Oh, sweet… God… damn!”

Grinning into a delicious cunt, hands wrapped around two spectacular tits, Kirsten hummed happily and sucked that long, trembling clit into her mouth.

“OH! Jesus, damn!” moaned Cherry, her fingers clenching spasmodically at Kirsten’s hair. “Jeeze..! Oh! JESSIE!”

Kirsten froze there with a mouth full of clit and two hands full of tit.

But Cherry didn’t seem to notice. She bucked against Kirsten’s mouth and let out a throaty howl.

One of Kirsten’s favorite thing about eating pussy was the feeling of the other woman’s cunt throbbing against her tongue, her lips as the woman came. But she also loved watching a woman — especially a strong woman like Cherry or Lea — give herself over so completely to pleasure. Pleasure that Kirsten had given.

Even if Cherry’d called her by Andy’s sister’s name.

A long whistle from the doorway announced that Prior had returned. “Damn, Cherry-baby. Sexiest damn thing I ever seen.”

Panting, Cherry lowered her leg. “That so?” she asked, clearly shooting for a tone of command, but the effect was spoiled by her voice’s trembling breathiness.

Licking her lips, Kirsten grinned and panted, “Yes, my lady.”

Cherry closed her eyes; a tremor passed through her. “Prior-honey?”

“Yeah, baby?”

Cherry fixed Kirsten with a smoldering gaze. “I promised our handmaiden here that I would make her scream.” She ran a fingertip over Kirsten’s still-parted lips. “What you say we take her up to our bed and keep that promise?”

Prior helped Kirsten up from behind and unzipped Kirsten’s dress. Cherry tugged it from Kirsten’s shoulders and together they let it fall to the ground, leaving Kirsten standing between them in just the orchid-colored Bordelle bodice bra and panty set that Lea had insisted Kirsten buy for herself with most of her next to last paycheck.

Yup. Clearly it was all Lea’s fault.

They led Kirsten up the rickety stairs. To the left was a guest room that had been lavishly appointed as the bridal suite—not that Kirsten’s brother, his bride, or his husband were likely to be visiting it for at least a little while.

Opposite, across the landing that served as a sitting room, was clearly the Lawrences’ bedroom. No ribbons, no flowers, but a blessedly large bed and…

And, on the nightstand, a cherry-red strap-on that Kirsten had helped Lea order for Cherry and Prior as a wedding present.

Back when Cherry and Prior had been just names and a wild story for Kirsten.

“Stand here,” Cherry murmured to Kirsten, placing her at the foot of the bed. Cherry sat, and Prior sat beside her, both gazing hungrily at Kirsten. They both began to run their fingers over her skin. Barely touching. Belly. Breasts.

When four hands began exploring her nipples through the sheer lace, Kirsten gasped and closed her eyes.

One enormous, calloused hand slid across her collarbone. “So… pale.”

Cherry chuckled. “Got a thing for white girls, baby? Jo Morris was awful pale as I remember.”

Prior’s hand float down across the top of one breast, then the other. “There’s pale, and then there’s white. I mean, never seen skin that actually looked white. Not pink.”

“Al-a-bas-ter.” Cherry’s hands, which had been palming Kirsten’s breasts, floated down across Kirsten’s belly. “Bet we can get her good and pink. What you say, husband?”

“I’d like that. My lady,” he added with a laugh.

Kirsten bit her lip, focussing mostly on staying still. Staying upright.

“I bet you would,” Cherry sighed, her hands floating around Kirsten’s back and pulling the bra straps down over Kirsten’s shoulders. Four sets of fingers peeled the lace down, revealing Kirsten’s breasts. “Huh.” Fine fingers gave Kirsten’s right nipple a tweak.

In spite of herself, Kirsten gasped.

“What you say, Prior-honey,” purred Cherry. “Wanna suck on that?”

Prior’s response was to do exactly as Cherry had suggested, and a groan forced its way up Kirsten’s throat.

“Mmm,” sighed Cherry. “Looks so good. Think I’ll join you.”

And another pair of warm lips latched onto Kirsten’s remaining nipple, effectively short-circuiting her brain and her resolve. She found her body melting into their kisses, found her legs giving way, found sounds issuing from her throat.

A part of Kirsten gloried in the feeling of two mouths suckling at her sensitive nipples — even as another part of her cursed her best friend for getting to experience this on a regular basis.

Still, it was hard to hate anybody when such a feeling was flooding through her. And she could never hate Lea anyway. Her ass was too cute.

The laughter that that thought spark mixed with a flutter of something dangerously close to orgasm, and Kirsten was gasping again. Could you come just from having your titties sucked? Maybe.

Kirsten looked down. Somewhere along the way she’d ended up on her back. On the bed. Prior was still completely focussed on his task, eyes closed, tongue and lips and teeth working at Kirsten’s right boob. Cherry looked up at Kirsten with an absolutely devilish grin, her teeth pulling at Kirsten’s nipple, which had gone past brownish-pink and was looking positively maroon.

Opening her teeth, Cherry released Kirsten’s nipple and that did it — a wave of pleasure washed through Kirsten, and she came with a howl of laughter.

Apparently, yes, you could come from just having your titties sucked.

Prior sat back on his haunches, looking very pleased with himself.

Kirsten started to reach for Cherry, but Cherry playfully slapped Kirsten’s hands away. “Said I was gonna make you scream, not giggle.” Her smile still purely evil, Cherry kept her eyes on Kirsten’s and began to kiss her way down Kirsten’s belly, pulling down the pale purple panties.

I’d love to know what you think!

Oh — and if you’re interested in finding out the rest of what Kirsten, Cherry, Prior get up to, check out Handmaiden: The Visitor’s Wedding #2!

Handmaiden cover


To serve is to love

But can Kirsten serve a master and a mistress?

Kirsten loved her best friend Lea’s wedding to Kirsten’s brother Sean — and their lover Andy. But she is discovering that her lingering love for Lea may have been stronger than she realized.

Kirsten loves men. Kirsten loves women. But Kirsten is very much without either at the moment.

When the best man, Prior, and his beautiful bride Cherry invite Kirsten to help send Sean, Andy, and Lea off on their honeymoon celebration, Kirsten agrees happily.

And when the gorgeous black couple ask if Kirsten wants to spend the night as their handmaiden…

Well, how is Kirsten going to say no to that?

The second in a series of sequels to The Visitor Has Company, this short story can be read on its own or as part of The Visitor Saga.

(FFM bisexual interracial ménage. FFF and implied MMM. Adult readers only.)

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