Preview #2 & Poll: Priestess — The Hotel (MFM, voyeurism)

Preview #2 & Poll: Priestess — The Hotel (MFM, voyeurism)
Priestess: The Visitor's Wedding cover

Priestess: The VIsitor’s Wedding

Here’s another sneak peek at Priestess, the conclusion of The Visitor’s Wedding!

The opening section is here.

This bit takes place after the wedding, during which, at her husband’s urging, Danielle told Tony the Trooper, “My husband’s fantasy is to watch me make love to another man. It’s not a fantasy we’ve ever been able to live out, but we’d both like that man to be you.” So here they’re on the way to make Robby’s (and Danielle’s) fantasy a reality.

And I need your help finishing the story — so there’s a poll at the very end. Please let me know what direction you think I should take with this threesome.

Adult readers only!

The Priestess, Pt. II: The Hotel

As they walked the two blocks to the hotel, Robby lent Danielle his jacket. Peering at Tony, he said, “Your car okay?”

“Sure,” Tony said with a smile. “It’s locked up back where the wedding was. Who’d steal a cop car parked in front of a firehouse?”

“Good point.”

Danielle held out her elbows and the two men slipped their arms through.

“How you feeling, baby?” Robby asked.

“Scared shitless.”

Robby gave a huff. “Me too.”

“That makes three of us,” Tony added after a moment.

Danielle thought about what Lea had said — about trust. And about what you want. She stopped walking. “So do you want to know what I’m scared of?”

They both nodded, their eyes on her.

“I’m scared that this will blow up. I’m scared that tomorrow, one or both of y’all is going to feel angry or hurt or both, and then all the fun won’t be worth it. I’m scared that this will take our family, Robby, and mess it up. I’m scared I’m going to drop my dress, Tony, and you’re gonna run screaming out of the room.” She glanced to either side. Both men were staring at her, mouths set. “I’m scared, Robby, honey, that watching me with Tony won’t be as fun for you as the fantasy.”

“Yeah,” Robby grunted. “All of that. But I can see in our friend Tony’s eyes, Dany-baby, that he ain’t gonna be running out of the room.”

Tony, face pale, shook his head. “Fuck no. Danielle. Ma’am.”

Robby gave a staccato laugh. “Anyways, Dany, whatever happens, I won’t let it get in the way of you and me and Robby, Junior. Okay?”

She nodded and gave him the best smile she could manage, then turned to Tony. “So, officer, what are you scared of?”

“You have a kid?”

The breeze kicked up, getting under Robby’s jacket and the hem of her dress. “Uh-huh.”

“I’ve always… Um… I don’t want to cause…” He looked away. “I’m just… scared.”

“You have a thing for older women when you were a boy?” Robby asked, which wasn’t something that had occurred to Danielle.

Tony nodded. Looking miserable.

Danielle took a deep breath. “Well, gentlemen, if being married to a vet has taught me anything, it’s that courage ain’t about not being scared, it’s about what you do with it.”

Robby nodded grimly; Tony joined him.

“So, Tony,” said Danielle, feeling her throat fill with something thick and cool, “I’d like to kiss you. Right now. And then maybe we can see how we all feel about where we want to go from there.”

Robby gave a quick gasp, then nodded once, sharply.

Okay,” mouthed Tony, turning fully to her.

She slid her arms around him, and after a moment’s hesitation, felt him pull her to him. Leaning in, she pressed her lips to his.

It had been over a decade since she had last kissed anyone but Robby — Byron, who, while he was magical with his hands, had been sort of lazy when it came to using his mouth.

Robby was a fabulous kisser — teeth, lips, and tongue all teasing her into a state of full excitement. Breathing love into her and sucking it out.

At first, Tony just let his full lips rest against hers. But then they softened and opened, and his tongue… His tongue slid along her lips, which parted to let him in.

There had been a experiment their science teacher had shown them junior year, just after she and Robby started going out, where there were two tanks of colored water side by side, one side yellow and the other side blue, with some kind of gate between the two. And when the teacher slowly opened the gate, they watched as the yellow swirled into the blue and the blue swirled into the yellow, until the whole tank turned green.

Danielle couldn’t remember what the point of the experiment was supposed to be, though it was truly pretty, but even at the time, she’d thought, Wow. That’s just like kissing. There’s these two liquid creatures and when you take the wall away between them, they suddenly mix.

She’d discover just a few months later that sex is even more like that.

Where she had felt cold just moments before, now Danielle was exploding with heat. Heat that spilled into Tony and back out of him in to her.

There was a groan from behind her, and for a moment Danielle couldn’t think what it might be, and whether she should care. Then she remembered Robby and broke the kiss.

She found herself blinking into Tony’s dark, burning eyes. She’d wrapped her arms around his neck and her right leg was looped around his ass, pulling him close to her. He’d slid one hand under the jacket and over her left breast, while his other hand was tangled in her hair.

They blinked at each other, and then turned to Robby.

He had his dark sex frown on, the one that told Danielle she was about to get fucked cross-eyed. His hand was in his pocket, and he was clearly playing with himself.

“Well, Robby?” she asked.

“I think, if Tony agrees, that we should take this somewhere more private, before we all get arrested.” He shook himself and smiled, removing his hand from his pocket. “What you think, Tony?”

“Fuck yes.” Tony gave a fluttery laugh. “I think that not breaking decency laws is an excellent idea.”

Unwrapping herself from her new friend, Danielle said, “I think that sounds lovely. Truly lovely. Will you escort me, gentlemen?” Then she linked her arms with theirs again, and they all walked, a bit unsteadily, the last half-block to the hotel.

Robby had already checked them in, fortunately, so they didn’t have to go up to the front desk. Even so, Danielle had to fight down the feeling that the half-dozen or so people in the lobby were staring at the three of them as they walked together over to the elevator. That everyone knew just what perverted, scandalous, raunchy woman she was, and what deviant, sinful, unspeakable things they were all about to do.

Part of her was appalled at the thought that it was obvious to anyone who saw them that Danielle was about to fuck a man she’d just met while her husband watched.

Part of her wanted to go down on her knees right there in front of the elevator bank, unzip their pants, and suck them both into her mouth at the same time, there for everyone to see.

She was giggling when a bell finally announced their elevator’s arrival. She pulled both men in with her and, as soon as the door closed, pulled her husband to her and shared a kiss with him that was every bit as fiery as the one with Tony outside had been. When they broke, Robby just panted, “Push twelve,” and shoved Danielle up against the mirrored back wall.

“Yessir,” chuckled Tony, and they began to rise.

When the bell rang again, Tony had to pull the couple out of the elevator before they would break apart.

“Sorry,” said Robby. He was looking at Danielle, but she was pretty sure he was talking to Tony.

“No problem,” Tony said. “But yeah, I think taking this somewhere private was a great idea.”

Robby gave her another quick kiss, nibbling on her lower lip, and then led the way down the hall, pulling the key card out.

Danielle followed him, aware of Tony trailing behind her. Blood still roaring, she slowly lifted the hem of her dress until she could just feel the canned hotel air on the bottoms of her butt cheeks. She shot a look over her shoulder and was pleased to see Tony very much engrossed in the display.

“Come on, you two,” Robby said, holding the door to their room. “The show’s in here.”

Danielle gave Tony a wink, and then scampered through the door, letting her dress fall again.

The room was big, and bright, and modern-looking. The curtains were open, revealing the bright Atlanta skyline. The bed was enormous, with white on white linens that Danielle felt a guilty pleasure knowing they were about to make a mess of. There was a reading chair next to it, and on the nightstand a bottle of bourbon and some glasses — along with a box of condoms and some lube. And on the bed….

On the bed, Robby had scattered rose petals.

Danielle wrapped her arms — still clad in Robby’s suit jacket — around her husband. “Thank you, baby,” she whispered into his lips.

“Thank you,” he whispered back, grinding his cock against her belly.

The door closed with a clunk.

Reluctantly, Danielle stepped back from her husband, who was grinning like… Well, like a man who was living a fantasy. She turned toward the door.

Tony was standing uncertainly next to the door, hands on his utility belt.

Smiling at him, her eyes now locked on his, Danielle shucked Robby’s jacket, and felt him take it from her.

Tony’s tongue ran over his lips, and Danielle couldn’t help but shiver, knowing that what he wanted to taste… was her.

Her eyes still on Tony, she whispered over her shoulder. “Undo me, baby.”

Robby unzipped the dress.

Danielle shrugged out of the shoulders, and felt the sheer fabric slide down her body and pool at her feet. She stepped out of it, and there she was: naked except for the blue heels that lifted her butt and her tits. (Thank you, Jessie. Thank you, Kirsten.)

Tony lifted shaking hands to his tie.

“Let Dany undress you,” murmured Robby.

Tony dropped his hands — still shaking — to his belt.

Danielle stepped out of the dress and stalked toward him: not Sex on Legs. Now she felt just like SEX. Her nipples were reaching proudly before her. Her pussy lips were opening between her thighs as she stood in front of Tony. She raised her her hands to the lapels of his jacket. “Can I?”

“Please,” he breathed.

She pushed the uniform jacket off his shoulders and let it slide to the floor, then undid his tie and let that join the jacket behind Tony’s feet. Peering into his eyes, she undid the button at his throat; she could feel his pulse racing against her knuckles. “You can touch me too, if you’d like.”

His acknowledgement puffed soundlessly against her lips, but his hands circled her waist, still trembling. His shiver passed through her, leaving a wave of goose pimples in its wake.

Continuing to unbutton his shirt, Danielle leaned in and kissed him again.

Just like on the street, heat seemed to flow between them, and Tony’s shivers melted away. She yanked the tails of the shirt out of his pants just as his hands slid up and cupped her breasts.

“Wow,” they sighed together, and then they both laughed.

“Can I taste?” he asked, and when she nodded, he lowered his mouth and kissed first her left breast and then her right.

Glorying in the feeling of his warm lips against her nipples, Danielle threw a glance over her shoulder.

Robby had moved over and sat in the chair beside the bed. In one hand he had a tumbler full of whisky. In his other, he held his dark-red cock, which he was stroking slowly.

She winked.

He raised his glass. And stroked.

Tony’s teeth closed around her right nipple, sending flame shooting from her chest to her pussy and down to her toes. Moaning, she stepped back, pulling her tit from Tony’s mouth.

He whimpered, reaching for her.

She backed up two steps until her calves hit the edge of the bed and she sat. As he stepped close she raised her hands to the buckle of his utility belt and grinned up at him. “‘Less you want to keep it on?”

“I’m off duty. Please. Take it off.”

“Yes, sir, officer.” She undid the buckle and pulled the heavy belt around her neck. Her fingers tapped the gleaming handcuffs stowed there. “Want to keep these?”

Tony chuckled and shook his head. “No thanks. I think both of us — all three of us — are going to want you to be able to use your hands.”

She smiled and began to undo his pants.

Fingers combed through her hair. “You know the first thing I saw when I walked up to the car?”

“My tits?” She smiled up at him, pressing them between her biceps as she fiddled with his fly.

“When I reached the car, abso-fucking-lutely. But as I was walking up, it was your hair. So beautiful.” He pulled a strand out and let it fall through his fingers.

Robby rumbled, “Damn right.” There was the clink of ice in his glass. “She’ll try to say she don’t, that it’s too straight, that Jessie or Kirsten’s is prettier. But she knows better.”

“And she blushes all over.” She could hear the smile in Tony’s voice. “Damn.” He let his fingertips flow down the tops of her tits, which she knew were glowing pink. And not just from  pleasure st the dual compliment.

She let Tony’s pants fall to his ankles.

“Yeah,” sighed Robby. She knew he was thinking about how her thighs and butt blazed when they fucked. When she was being fucked.

She was about to be fucked. Tony was about to fuck her.

Now it was her fingers that were jittery as she slid them into the band of Tony’s boxers, which were covered in pictures of slices of… “Bacon?”

He laughed unsteadily. “Yeah. Christmas present from… Yeah.”

She peered up into his eyes and saw there… A shadow. A shadow of a shadow. Smiling up at him, she pulled down the boxers. “Well, I’d like to give you a present. A late Valentine’s present.” His cock spring out towards her, red and insistent. She grasped the base and kissed the tip, which was already dribbling pre-cum. It was circumcised. She’d never seen a circumcised cock before. She kissed it again.

Tony’s fists twitched in her hair. “Um. I’m probably not gonna last long this time.”

She smiled up at him. “‘S all right. We got all night. You gonna be able to go again, right?”


“Yay.” With a grin, she gave his cock a light squeeze and he gasped. “Where you want to come this time: here?” She touched her lips. “Or here?” She ran a finger between her tits. “Or here?” She touched her wet, open pussy.

“Oh, fuck,” Tony moaned, closing his eyes. “Boobs? Please?”

She spread her knees to give him room and urged his cock against her chest, then lifted a tit in each hand and pressed them together around him.

He began to thrust, and soon the insides of her breasts were glowing pink, and slick with his pre-cum.

Danielle’s relationship with her tits was a complicated one. Her mother, who while eight inches shorter was equally well-endowed (Danielle hated that phrase), had told Danielle when her tits started to sprout that they were there as a reminder to boys that you were a girl — a kind of advertisement. Woohoo! Boys! Lookee here! But, Ma had said, that didn’t mean the ad needed to be on display. Through middle school she had worn baggy jeans and loose flannel shirts though she wasn’t a grunge rocker by any means — mostly she wanted her already ample bosom to be less noticeable. That hadn’t stopped some of the boys — and even a few of the girls — from being mesmerized by Danielle’s chest bits. Poking at them, pinching them, snapping her bra. It hurt, inside and out. It wasn’t a good time to be her.

By the end of high school, the boys had finally started to grow (even if few of them would ever equal her height), so her tits were no longer at eye level. And when Robby started wooing her, he never treated her like a pair of breasts with legs, which was kind of a welcome change. And so, for the first time, Danielle had felt good about the fact that she had a body that was outsized in every dimension. She’d started wearing dresses and tight shirts, never too revealing, but she’d found that she enjoyed the fact that conversation would sometimes stop as she walked by — that boys (and yeah, some girls like Andy’s girlfriend Cherry) and grown men would stand, mouths open. Because of her.

And Robby had loved her tits. He’d loved all of her, but they’d both learned that she loved to have her nipples sucked and licked and nibbled on, and so one of the first things they’d done in the back of the old Olds was for her to lift her shirt and drop her bra and he’d lavish attention on them, all while fingering her to the first orgasms of her life. And then he’d sit astride her chest and fuck her tits while she pressed them together.

Just like she was doing now. With Tony.

She looked over her shoulder to where Robby was sitting, still sipping on the whisky, still stroking his cock methodically. “You might have a better view if you sit over here, baby.”

He glowered at her, but it was the sex scowl still, and so he slid from the chair to the side of the bed, his eyes focussed on the spectacle of Tony’s cock plunging up between her tits — her breasts, her boobs, her heaving bosoms, the romance books would have said.

She bowed her head and gave the tip of Tony’s cock a lick, and he groaned in a manner that made the air flow over the spreading lips of her pussy. And so, of course, she licked him again. And again.

She could feel him speeding up, could hear his breath growing ragged. She looked up, and he was staring down at her with half-lidded eyes, his jaw tight.

“You gonna come for me, baby?” she sighed. “You gonna come all over my tits and my neck and my —?”

That was it: he came, thrusting hard, and the hot jism sprayed not just onto her neck and chest, but across her her chin, her nose — some of it even reached her forehead. He howled.

Laughing, feeling a kind of power that a decade of marriage and a year and a half of motherhood had dulled. Sex. She was sex. She loved sex. She grasped his twitching cock from between her tits and sucked it into her mouth, triggering another round of howling and several more spurts of splooge — down her throat this time.

Tony collapsed to his knees, pulling his dick from her mouth, spraying cum all down the front of her. His face was dark, wide with astonishment.

Still laughing, she rolled onto her knees and took her husband’s cock into her cum-slick mouth, devouring it. Robby was always so self-controlled, so within himself — it turned Danielle on so fucking hard. But it also turned her own to make him lose it. And so as his fist closed on her hair and he began to fuck her face, swearing in a manner that she hadn’t heard in years, she reached between his legs, grabbing his tight balls and giving them a squeeze.

He froze mid-thrust, giving her time to pull off slightly — and then he came, screaming her name as he deposited a flood of sperm right where Tony had just done. Only where Tony’s load had sprayed all the way from chest to her eyebrow, her husband’s washed right over her whole face. “Holy fuck!” he groaned.

Giving his cock head a tender kiss — making him twitch and splash another dollop onto her chin — she made her way up to the pillows at the head of the bed. Cum was dripping from her cheeks, her chin, her tits. “Well, boys. Who’s going to clean me up?”

Whew! What do you think? I’m really excited about how The Visitor’s Wedding is winding up. I’d love your feedback — but I’d specifically love to know how you think these three should move forward. I mean, there Danielle is, all covered in come and raring to go… So how about the two guys? How should they interact with each other?


It’s always the quiet ones

Danielle and Robby’s love-life is anything but conventional — and they’re looking for someone to join them

Priestess: The Visitor's Wedding cover

Priestess: The VIsitor’s Wedding

Danielle may not be in a threeway marriage like her brother Andy or their sister Jessie.

But Danielle and her husband Robby’s marriage has never been as conventional as it may have looked.

And now, on the night of Jessie’s wedding, Danielle and Robby have a chance to live out their oldest fantasy. For as long as they’ve been together, Robby has wanted to watch his wife with another man. And she has longed to give him that.

The wild conclusion to The Visitor’s Wedding, a series of sequels to The Visitor Has Company, this short story can be read on its own or as part of The Visitor Saga.

(MFM ménage. polyamory, voyeurism, hotwife. Adult readers only.)

The Visitor’s Wedding:

  1. Goddess (MFM interracial ménage)
  2. Handmaiden (FFM, FFF interracial bisexual ménage)
  3. Priestess (MFM ménage, voyeurism, polyamory, hotwife)

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