Sneak peek: Close shave (The Visitor Comes for the Holidays)

Sneak peek: Close shave (The Visitor Comes for the Holidays)

Happy day-before-Valentine’s Day!

The Visitor Comes for the HolidaysThanks so much for your help in choosing to write the full scene of Lea getting Gina nice and clean for her night with Sean, Andy, and Prior! I had a blast writing the scene, so I thought I’d share it with you here in its totality — I’d love to know what you think!

The Visitor Comes for the Holidays is now available on Stillpoint/Eros and on Amazon/KindleUnlimited! Check it out — and please, do let me know what you think.

Close Shave: The Visitor Comes for the Holidays Preview

As she was being dragged toward the stairs, Andy called, his eyes aflame, “See you soon, Gina.” The other two men joined him, grinning up at her.

When Gina stumbled on the staircase, Kirsten looked back and chuckled. “Yeah. My baby’s papa does the whole smoldering look thing pretty well, don’t he?”


It hadn’t occurred to Gina that this might actually happen. Well, she’d asked them, and they’d all said yes. And she’d gone up into her room and lay on her bed, playing with her pussy and her tits and even her ass, thinking about them, their mouths, their breasts, their cocks… But the idea that she was about to… With… Gina shivered.

Kirsten pushed open the door to the bedroom she shared with Cherry and Prior and pulled Gina in.

The bedroom was an absolute shambles. Clothes were scattered everywhere. There were handcuffs dangling from all four corners of the huge bed. On the nightstands there were three dildos, each with a set of straps that… Oh. Strap-on. Right. Two cribs were tucked into the closet. A pile of wrapped presents loomed next to the dresser.

Kirsten shot a crooked smirk at Gina. “Sorry. We kinda didn’t clean up from last night.”

“Oh.” Gina’s heart was beating like a hummingbird’s wings. “Was this where all five of…?”

Kirsten smiled a bit more fully and nodded. “Oh, yeah. Epic. But don’t worry — those boys won’t have any trouble getting excited for you. Trust me. They were all salivating this afternoon. Heck. Me too.”

“Um. Yeah.” Gina closed the door, stared at herself in the mirror there, and then turned back to Kirsten. “Kirsten?”

The blonde had wandered over to the dresser and was sorting through presents. “Uh-huh?”

“Does it ever bother you, being the one who isn’t, you know, married to anyone?”

Kirsten straightened and turned, putting three packages on the bed — two flat, one cubic. “Huh.” She looked down for a moment and then back up at Gina. “Sure. Sometimes. But, see, I know who I am to every one of them. With Prior and Cherry, I…” Pale blue eyes flashed up. “I’m their… handmaiden.” Kirsten blushed, but her gaze remained steady. “I’m the mama of Andy’s son, which we’re both ecstatic about. And I’m Lea’s BFF, which no one else is. And of course, I’m Sean’s bratty little sister. But you know what that’s like.” One solemn blue eye winked.

Gina nodded and smiled. “I guess… I wondered if you felt, you know, excluded, or whatever, just now.”

“Naw,” said Kirsten, her face warming. She sat next to the presents and patted the comforter. When Gina sat down on the bed, she cocked her head. “Now, you don’t think they’re having some romantic conversation down there or anything, do you?”

Gina shrugged.

“Heh. No. I’d be willing to bet that what Lea and Cherry wanted to talk to the boys about was treating you right. Following your lead. I didn’t need to hear that. Besides!” She plopped the first wide package on Gina’s lap. “I get to be here when you open this!”

Fingers fluttering, Gina pick up the package, which was wrapped beautifully in lavender paper. A card read, May you wear them well! Love, Cherry and Kirsten Unsure what kind of clothes the women could possibly have bought her, Gina was nonetheless touched. Mario had learned not to try to buy her clothes early on, so there was barely a stitch Gina owned that she hadn’t bought herself. She leaned over and kissed Kirsten on the cheek. “Thank you so much.”

Blushing again, Kirsten patted the present. “Well, don’t thank me yet! I want to see what you think.”

Curious, terrified, Gina carefully removed the paper, as Kirsten twitched with anticipation.

Gina didn’t recognize the store box. “NaughtyNice?”

“Hmm.” Kirsten was fairly bouncing on the bed, which, given Kirsten’s generous figure, meant that there was a lot of bouncing going on. “Open it!”

Sure now she wasn’t going to be opening a work skirt or a scarf, Gina took a breath and lifted the top of the box. Beneath a layer of lavender tissue lay four scraps of lace and silk, all in a gorgeous, subtle shade of ice blue. Gina gasped.

“Do you like it?” When Gina gawped at Kirsten, Kirsten spluttered, “See, people always want to put black women in black, or white, or, you know, like Cherry, bright red, she always… Anyway, I thought, your skin is such a beautiful… It’s just a shade warmer than Cherry’s and I thought this blue’d bring out the cinnamon in your —”

Gina didn’t intend to kiss Kirsten on the lips, but found that in fact she had done so. “Thank you. It’s beautiful.” She lifted up the largest piece — a lace cami with a set of straps that dangled from the bottom. “A… A garter belt?” Gina had never, ever owned anything so decadent. So naughtynice.

Kirsten nodded and lifted the two rolled lengths of sheer silk in the same barely-blue — stockings. “Um. Sort of. That. Too. But the straps…” She lifted the final piece of lace out of the box: a pair of panties.

These too were gorgeous — but they didn’t look like any panties Gina had ever seen: low-cut in the back, and with a set of flaps in the front that reminded her vaguely of the tighty-whities she’d stolen from Johnny for when she had her period. She wiggled a finger through the flap and shot an inquisitive look at Kirsten.

“Heh.” Kirsten thrummed the square package with her fingers. “That’s… about what’s in the present from Sean and Prior and Andy. I’ll show you —”

“Let her open the one from me first,” called Lea from the door. “Before you terrify the poor girl.”

Cherry strode over, sitting beside Kirsten and giving her a smooch. Then she turned to Gina. “You like Kirsten’s handiwork?”

Gina blinked. “Kristen’s…?”

For the first time since Gina had met Kirsten O’Connell, the blonde seemed shy. She fiddled with the filmy blue undies in Gina’s fingers. “I made them.”

“You…?” Gina stared down at the beautifully detailed, delicate lingerie. There were no tags. “Wow! They’re… amazing! You made these?”

Kirsten smiled and nodded. “Last year and a half, I’ve been trying to create a line of really… specialized lingerie. NaughtyNice. That’s me. And you’re my first… um… customer.”

“Oh. Wow.” She looked from Kirsten to Cherry to Lea, then back to Kirsten, whose face and arms were glowing pink. “Should I… try these on?”

Kirsten started bouncing on the bed in earnest. Cherry laughed, and Lea snorted, then said, “I think that was a yes. You can change in here if you’d like, or in the bathroom.”

“Um, in the bathroom, if you don’t mind.” Gina tried not to notice Kirsten’s disappointed pout as she drifted toward the bathroom door. She looked down at the wisps of fabric in her fingers. “Um. Lea? Would you…? I think I could use some help.”

Lea nodded.

“Oh, fine,” grumbled Kirsten. “Straight girl gets all the fun.”

“Hush, Kirsten,” Cherry ordered. “If she wasn’t straight, Gina there wouldn’t have asked her.” Cherry took a pale earlobe in her fingers and squeezed. “Now be good, and you know you’ll be rewarded later.”

Eyes closed, Kirsten moaned, “Yes, my lady.”

“Come on,” Lea chuckled, “before they start getting kinky.”

In the bathroom, Lea closed the door and began to turn away as Gina laid the lingerie on the countertop with shaking fingers and kicked off her shoes, then began to pull off her sweater. “You don’t need to turn away unless you want to. I just… It didn’t seem fair getting naked in front of Kirsten.”

“Okay.” Lea took the sweater from Gina and folded it, laying it on the closed toilet lid. “And thanks. I know K doesn’t seem like she’s got a whole lot of self control, but she really is trying.”

Unbuttoning her jeans, Gina shrugged. “I know. I mean, she was fine when we were alone.” She wiggled her way out of her pants.

“I figured,” said Lea. “Still, I’m glad.” As Gina pulled off her socks, Lea added, “Cute undies.”

“Thanks,” Gina mumbled. They were black, with a picture of R2D2 on the butt. They’d been one of Johnny’s few gifts, and were the only ones she’d kept, because she loved them more than she was annoyed at him. “They were all I had that wasn’t boring, white school-girl undies, you know? I didn’t expect no one to see my panties this vacation.”

“Sure.” Lea smirked, folding the jeans and placing them and the socks on top of the sweater. “So. Luke, Han, or Lando?”

Gina was about to answer that that was a stupid question — Han, of course — but then she spotted the glint in Lea’s eye. Ah-hah. Gina lifted her chin as she pulled her sports bra over her head. “All three?”

Lea laughed. “Oh, good answer!” The bra joined the other clothes on the toilet lid.

“Actually,” Gina admitted, steeling herself before stripping of the last of her clothes, “Finn is kind of my guy.”

“Not Kylo?” When Gina stuck her tongue out, Lea laughed. “I’m with you. How about Finn, Po, and, I don’t know —”

“Rey.” The idea had never been one she’d fantasized about, but… Gina shivered and dropped her panties, handing them to Lea, who smiled.

Gina looked down at her own body, which looked scrawny and hairy. She ran her fingers through her over-grown bush. “Wish I’d have waxed or something.”

“You want me to shave you?” Lea raised an eyebrow.

“Oh.” Gina had to stop herself from covering her privates. Which was silly. She trusted Lea more than the ladies at the salon near campus she usually went to. She pulled her hands behind her back. “Do you mind?”

“Mind?” Lea smiled and squeezed Gina’s bare shoulder gently. “Of course not. I’ll let the girls know we’re going to be a bit longer.” She turned and opened the door; a squeak came from the other room. “Sorry. Just wanted to tell you we’re going to be a few minutes. Just, um, keep going.” She pulled the door closed again and snorted.


Lea’s face twisted between amusement and embarrassment. “Kirsten was getting her… reward.”

“Oh.” Suddenly Gina felt even more naked than she had the moment before. She clasped her hands behind her back.

“Well!” Lea said briskly. “Let’s get get you cleaned up!” She began straightening up the counter — putting a diaper bag on the floor, sorting the three toiletry bags to one side, lining up Gina’s undies.

Gina tilted her head and stared at the usually level-headed woman. “What in the Lord’s name are they up to?”

“Well,” Lea sighed, her hands finally stopping their fidgeting, “let’s just say that there are some positions you don’t need to see your best friend in.”


“Even if you’ve fooled around.” A weak smile fluttered across Lea’s lips. “I won’t ever worry about her hamstring flexibility, though.”

“O… kay.”

“So. Well.” Lea reached into one of the bags on the counter and pulled out shaving supplies: a razor, blades, a couple of tubes of lotion, a jar of something, and a pair of shears. She shook her head. “Sorry. You ready?”

Nodding, Gina looked around. “Um. Where…?”

Lea patted on the countertop, apparently having regained her equilibrium. “Sit up here.” When Gina did, Lea smiled. “Legs wide. I need to get in there.”

“Oh. Right.” Wishing her body didn’t seem to be resisting every step of this process, Gina spread her thighs. Unsure where to focus, she settled on Lea’s t-shirt, which had a picture of the front of an old trolley on it with a sign that read Desire.

When Lea put a hand on Gina’s hip, however, she couldn’t help but let her eyes flash up to Lea’s deep brown ones. Again, Lea smiled. “Don’t worry. I’ve done this before, for K and Cherry.”

Gina nodded, though that hadn’t been why panic had surged through her body. Gina reckoned that Lea probably knew that.

“So, you lucky girl, you. Do you want me just to clean you up, or give you a landing strip?”

“Do…?” Gina’s voice sounded far away to her ears. Now she was staring at Lea’s jeans, wondering how she kept her bush. “What do the guys like?”

Lea gave Gina’s hip a gentle pat. “Gina. I need you to trust me. The guys like you. I think you could walk in there dressed up as a Wookie and they’d be excited to see you.”

Gina took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “All of it. Shave all of it.” She’d always wanted to try that; had always chickened out. What the hell. In for a dime…

“Yes, ma’am.” Lea picked up the shears. “Now, I need to trim you first. Okay? Pull up on your belly.”

Nodding, Gina exhaled. This bit she’d done before. You needed to get the pubes as short as possible before you took them off. She pulled up on the skin below her belly button.

With the shears, Lea began to trim the hair short.

“‘Least if I was dressed up as a Wookie they wouldn’t see all that I don’t got.”

Lea stopped mid-snip and stared up at Gina with an eyebrow raised. “Gina. Stop. You’re beautiful. You have a beautiful body. Don’t do that to yourself.”

“Yeah, right,” huffed Gina and lifted her hands to the barely visible boobs she’d been waiting to grow in since she was ten. “Ms. 34A here.”

“Hey, I’m a 34B, it’s not like I’m Danielle or Jessie. And Sean and Andy don’t seem to mind at all.” Lea chuckled. “Hell, they’re as attracted to each other as they are to me, and I doubt either of them even qualifies for a A cup.”

Gina snorted and lowered her hands back to her belly. “Yeah. I guess that’s right. Though I don’t have a dick either.”

Trimming away, Lea shot Gina an evil grin. “Well, the boys’ present can help with that.”

“Oh!” Gina gasped. “Is it one of them strap-on things?”

Lea nodded. “Oh, yes. And some other stuff, I think.”

“Do… Do they really like it when you use it?”

Now Lea’s smile shot somewhere past evil. “Yeah. They really do.” She winked. “I do to. It’s… Well, the ones Kirsten favors, they make both of you feel fabulous.”

“Oh.” Gina tried to imagine that and failed.

“Spread a bit more,” Lea said. “I’m going to need to touch you a bit. Is that okay?”

“Um. Sure.”

Lea pressed her thumb gently against the inside of Gina’s thigh and trimmed the hairs that lined the outside of Gina’s pussy. “So, did Johnny ever make you come just by fucking you — or any of the others?”

Gina just shook her head. To be honest, she’d mostly been the one getting herself off. Having them fuck her felt good — really good — but…

“Hmm.” Lea switched hands, and suddenly her thumb was pressing on Gina’s pussy lips, which felt… Gina wasn’t sure how it felt. “Well, do you know what the G-spot is?”

“Yes.” Gina was afraid to move.

“Okay. Great. So the dildo the boys are giving you, it has two ends. One goes inside of you, and it presses —” Lea moved to the other side of Gina’s crotch. “— up against your G-spot. Then there’s a bigger part that sticks out of you and into him. Or her. And then there’s a little nub right at the spot where the two come together.” She put down her shears. “While you’re fucking, it rubs up against your clit.” And Lea took the pad of her thumb and pressed it up against Gina’s clit.

“OH!” Now Gina knew how she felt: shocked, but good. Just like Lea had said.

Lea lifted her thumb away. “Okay?”

“Oh, fuck yes.” It came out louder than Gina intended, but just as loud as it felt.

Smiling, Lea winked and reached over to the sink and turned on the hot tap, which almost immediately began to steam the little bathroom. She dropped a facecloth into the water.

Gina found her fingers flowing over the short-shorn fuzz that now covered her pubic area.

“Ever gone bald?”

Gina shook her head. “Does it… feel different?”

Lea considered the question, plucking the steaming cloth out of the water and partially wringing it out. “Hold this against your pussy.” When Gina complied she said, “I like the way sex feels right after — oral sex especially. Oh. And also… Do you know what tribbing is?”


With a smile only a bit less evil, Lea held her hands up, lacing the fingers together so that they looked like two pairs of shears going at each other. “It’s when two women rub their pussies together.”

“Oh.” Lord. “Does that, um, feel good?”

Lea’s smile broadened. “Definitely. If you want to try, I highly recommend Kirsten. She’s amazing at it.”

“Um. Not tonight. Thanks.” Gina tried to imagine what that would look like — feel like — and the result was that now the blood seemed to be trying to to go everywhere. Her pussy seemed to be trying to scorch the warm compress she was holding against it. Her cheeks caught flame. Her hands and feet tingled and her nipples throbbed — not a word she’d ever have applied to her own body, but definitely appropriate now.

Lea laughed and circled Gina’s left areola lightly with a fingertip. “These tell me you think that’s something you might like to try.”

A sound erupted from Gina’s gut she was pretty sure her mother wouldn’t have approved of.

“Sorry,” said Lea, though she didn’t look it. She picked up a tube. “Well. Do you want me to lather you up, or would you rather do it yourself?”

Gina plucked the tube of shaving cream from Lea’s fingers. She wasn’t sure she didn’t need another minute before the older woman touched her down there again. She took the damp cloth away from her crotch and dropped it back into the steamy sink. The shaving cream smelled of lime as Gina spread it.

Smile undiminished, Lea put a fresh blade in the razor and warmed it in the water.

“So,” Gina said as she slathered the white foam across her bristly pubes, “you guys do this all the time?”

Lea shook her head. “Special occasions. The first evening we were all up here, we made kind of a girl’s party of it before we all went off to our separate boys.” As Gina lathered up her crotch, Lea beamed and let one hand rest on Gina’s knee. “You can join us next time!”

“Uh. Thanks.” Actually, that sounded like fun. Too much, maybe. But fun. Maybe. Gina rinsed her hands in the sink.

“Spread again,” Lea said, patting the inside of Gina’s thigh. When Gina did, Lea knelt once more between Gina’s legs and took the razor out of the hot water. “Hold your belly again. I’m going to start at the top and work my way down, okay?”

Gina nodded and complied, breathing in the citrus scent.

Lea started to carve away the hair from Gina’s pubic mound. “Most of the time, we just go natural. The boys too.”

“The guys shave their pubes?”

“Sometimes. As much for each other as for us, to be honest.” She cleaned the razor in the sink. “They went all out that first night here. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were doing the same right now.”

“Oh.” Oh, Lord. Lord. Lord.

“Wider.” Lea had removed most of the visible hair and was starting to work on the area where Gina’s pussy lips split.

She clenched her teeth, trying not to shiver with the sharp blade so close to her most delicate flesh. She hadn’t seen this part of her body like this in a decade. As Lea worked around Gina’s labia, gently shaving in the creases and crevices, Gina found that she was fascinated. Her pussy was smaller than she usually thought of it, and darker than the flesh around it — what she’d always thought was the hair color was actually partially the skin.

And between, a small bump, lighter brown.

It looked…

“Your pussy,” Lea began and then looked up as she once again cleaned off the razor. “This is going to sound like the least straight-girl thing you’ve ever heard, but you have a really cute cunt.”

“Uh. Thank you?”

“You’re welcome.” Lea winked. “Well… That was probably not the thing I should have said, because what I need you to do right now is hop off, turn around, and bend over.”

Gina found herself giggling. “Yes, my lady.” This part she’d done before too.

Lea laughed. “Oh, god, please, no.” She knelt down behind Gina, pulling one of Gina’s butt cheeks out of the way, then the other, shaving the last bit of hair from Gina’s bottom. “One mistress-servant game in the house is enough, don’t you think?”

“Oh, absolutely!” Gina laughed. Though what she was thinking was what it would feel like if Lea were to lean forward and—

“Done.” Lea stood and gave Gina’s butt a quick pat. She plucked the facecloth back out of the water. “Clean yourself off.”

Gina stood and looked at herself in the mirror as she rinsed off her pussy. Her bare, naked, smooth pussy, the split lips only just revealing the bump of her clit. “Wow.”

“Told you it was cute.” Lea picked up the small jar, which had a green picture of a bikini bottom on it. “So. Exfoliant, to keep you from getting ingrown hairs. No fun, down there.” She opened the jar and held it out. “Now, do you want to, or do you want—?”

“You do it. Please.”

“Okay.” Dipping into the jar, Lea tilted her head and smiled at Gina in the mirror, as if she knew exactly what Gina was thinking.

Which Gina didn’t know herself.

Exfoliating scrub. Nothing sexy or sensual about exfoliating scrub.

Though Gina couldn’t take her eyes off the sight of Lea’s tan hand rubbing the stuff over her brown flesh. Her chocolate-brown, cute pussy.

Finished, Lea closed the jar and washed her hands. “Rinse again.”

Gina did, running the damp cloth and her hands over the smooth expanse below her navel long after all traces of the scrub were gone.

“I told you it’d feel nice.” Lea chuckled, then held up one last tube, this one blue. “This gel has actually got some anti-inflammatory stuff in it to keep you from getting a rash. Joanie from the firehouse told me about this.” She waggled her eyebrows. “Want me to do you?”

“Huh. Yeah. Please.” Gina was listening, but mostly she was looking at her body — thinking that, with her naked pussy, her skinny body, her flat chest, she felt like a little girl. Would three grown men want anything to do with a body like this?

As if reading Gina’s mind, Lea murmured, “The boys are going to eat you alive.”

“You really think so?”

“I know so.” With a wink, Lea squeezed a dollop of bluish goop into her hand and began to smooth it into the plane where Gina’s bush had been.

“Lea? What…” The gel was cool and pleasant. Gina had already whined about her insecurities. Fine. She’d just have to trust that Lea knew what her husbands liked. And try not to collapse into a gibbering mass. “What are they like? I mean, as, you know…?”

“As lovers?” When Gina nodded, Lea gave a purr. “Wonderful. Different. But all wonderful. And wonderful together, too.”


Lea began working the gel between Gina’s legs. “Andy’s really… impetuous. Passionate. Sean’s more laid back. You saw what he was like when you kissed him this morning?”

Again, Gina nodded. She sure had.

“Well, he takes his time, but he’s totally focussed. It’s wild.”

“Hmm.” Gina could definitely imagine that.

Lea’s fingers working at Gina’s folds didn’t help. “Prior — he’s just… fun. Playful. Thoughtful too — all of them are — but man, that cock of his…”

Gina’s breath caught. Lea’s fingers had definitely smoothed all of the gel into the shaved bits around Gina’s pussy, but they were lingering. “They’re all… kinda big. Ain’t they?”

“Oh, yes,” said Lea, purring again. “All of them.” She slipped two fingers between Gina’s spreading lips and let them trail up on either side of her stiffening clit.


“Want me to stop?” When Gina shook her head, Lea began a sort of walking motion with her fingers, stroking first one of them up the length of Gina’s lips, and then the other, giving the clit a gentle flick at the top of each stroke.

“Ooooo…” Gina’s eyes closed. “What… what you doing?”

“Well,” Lea sighed into Gina’s ear, “I’m playing with my friend Gina’s sweet, slick, cute little pussy. I’m getting it nice and wet and ready for my two enormous husbands and their gigantic boyfriend to slide their big, long, thick, stiff dicks in there and fuck her like she’s never been fucked.”

Gina arched, imagining those cocks filling her…

“Is it working?”

“Fuck, yes.”

“Good.” Lea gave Gina’s blooming pussy a light squeeze and kissed Gina’s ear. “Time to put on the sexy silkies.”


With a smack on Gina’s butt, Lea disengaged, turned, and picked up the blue lingerie. “Remember these?”

In fact, Gina had quite forgotten anything but the heat radiating from her bare crotch. “Oh. Yeah.” She took the lace top from Lea’s glistening fingers and pulled it over her spinning head. She pulled it down over her body — it fit… Well, it fit as if it had been made for her. Once it was smoothed down over her body, the neckline scooped down, barely covering Gina’s nipples, and the bottom hem curved up around her belly button, leaving her pussy fully on display. Gina played with the straps that dangled down, poking her fingers through the reinforced loops halfway down. “What’re these?”

Lea shot an annoyingly knowing look at Gina. “I’ll show you in a minute. Here.” She handed one of the stockings to Gina, who pulled it on. It felt… It felt like mint chip ice cream tasted. There was a strip of lace lining the top that clung to the top of Gina’s thighs and a seam that ran down the back.

“Mmm.” It felt amazing — but Gina could see that Kirsten had been right about the color: it set off the warm brown of Gina’s skin beautifully.

“Right?” Lea handed over the other stocking. “These are the only thing K didn’t actually make — but when she had me try on a pair, I didn’t want to take them off. Neither did Andy and Sean.” She knelt, fastening the garter straps to the front of the stockings. “Okay, turn around.”

As Lea fastened up the backs, Gina stared at herself in the mirror. “Um. Don’t the panties go on under?”

“Now, see, Kirsten would say that — that it makes the line better.” Lea fussed with the seams at the back. “But as someone who’s enjoyed wearing these through long nights of fun, I can tell you that being able to take the panties off without having to undo everything else — it’s much nicer.”

“I bet.” Gina’s body was now cased in pale blue silk and lace — all except the part they’d just shaved, which looked very ready for action.

Still kneeling at Gina’s feet, Lea held the panties out for Gina to step into, and then pulled them up over the straps. The undies were as sheer and sexy as the rest, but now the loops on the insides of the garter straps lined up with the little flap at the front of the panties.

Gina pushed a finger through the loops and out the hole. “Oh! Are these for the —”

“The strap-on, yeah.” Lea gave Gina’s finger a squeeze as she stood. “They hold everything in place while you’re going at it.”

“Oh. Wow.”

“I’ll say.” Lea turned Gina back toward the mirror. “What do you think?”

Gina looked at herself. Gina, who rarely wore anything that anyone would call sexy. Gina, who had had three guys in her whole life, and two of them had barely counted, they were so whatever about the whole thing. Gina, who’d spent her whole life wishing she looked like someone else — taller, with bigger boobs or blonde hair or darker skin or freckles. Gina. Who had to admit, looking at herself in the mirror: she looked hot.

She ran her hands over the cami, over the panties, feeling the lace against her hairless skin. She tore her eyes away from herself. “You think we’re safe showing Kirsten?”

Lea beamed and took Gina’s hand. “Even if they’re not done, they’ve got to see this.”

Entering the bedroom, Gina found herself hiding behind Lea, peering over the other woman’s shoulder — nervous about what they were walking in on as much as what Cherry and Kirsten would think of how Gina looked in their gift.

The mistress and the handmaid were curled at the head of the bed. Cherry was stroking Kirsten’s hair as the blonde lay with her head in her lady’s lap. Clearly, Kirsten’s reward had been administered and enjoyed.

“Ta-da!” said Lea, stepping to the side and displaying Gina to her girlfriends. The air of relaxation that suffused the two on the bed evaporated as soon as they saw Gina.

“Gawd!” Kirsten bounced up to her knees. “Gina, sweetie, that looks even better on you than I thought it would! Don’t you think, Cherry, sweetie?”

Cherry patted her lover’s cheek. “I think, Kirsten, baby, that you know damned well the answer to that. You look fabulous, Gina.”

Gina shrugged shyly.

Springing from the bed, Kirsten examined every hem and seam of the outrageous outfit. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at the panties. “Did you…? Lee-lee, did you shave this girl? Is that what took y’all so long?”

“Yes, Kirsten. Mind, it didn’t look like you had any cause to complain. Nice janusirṣasana, by the way.” Lea held up her index finger and then doubled it over in a full forward bend.

“Oh.” Kirsten pinkened. “Thanks.”

“Well, Kirsten,” said Cherry, patting the blonde on the shoulder, “you should be pleased. I don’t think anyone with a pulse could look at Miss Gina here and not have their mouth water.”

Back to having her blood run in contrary directions, Gina crossed her arms over the stiff nipples she knew were clearly visible through the blue lace of the top. “Lord. Don’t want no one seeing me like this! Except, you know…”

“Ah!” Lea pushed past the others to the foot of the bed, where the two unopened presents still lay. “Open mine. It will help on the off chance you run into your brother or my mom or someone out in the hall.”

Cherry and Kirsten both began urging Gina to open it; she unwrapped the remaining flat package to find a box from Virginia’s Bounty. And inside, a short silk kimono beautifully decorated with irises. It barely hid anything, but as she pulled it on, Gina at least felt less as if she were advertising her wares. Such as they were.

“What’s your shoe size?” Lea asked, holding up a pair of blue pumps. “I grabbed them from my room because I thought they might look good with this outfit.”

“Six,” said Gina, stunned by the gifts that were coming her way. And that would be coming later. She slipped the shoes on; they fit perfectly. Of course. This was her night to be the princess.

Gina hadn’t worn heels since senior prom.

Prom. Gina raised her hand to the wild fleece atop her head. She wished —

“Two shakes, little sister,” said Cherry, sounding pleased to be able to get into the act. She retrieved some gel, a rattail comb, a brush, and a long hair tie from the bathroom and set to work on Gina’s mop.

Gina stood, stunned, trying hard not to think of her mother’s fingers moving through her hair. Sex, she thought. I’m going to have sex. SO much sex.

With sure, quick fingers, Cherry smoothed back Gina’s hair, parted it, and pulled it back out of the way.

When she was done, Cherry shot a look at Lea, who looked impressed. Primping and re-draping the sheer fabric of the robe and of the garments beneath, Kirsten maneuvered Gina over to a full-length mirror on the back of the bedroom door. “Look.”

The hair was gorgeous, an elegant low puff straight out of a fashion mag. The clothes…

The effect of the whole outfit was definitely more modest than when Gina had been staring at her barely clothed body in the bathroom, and yet the addition of the robe somehow made it sexier, as if by obscuring Gina’s figure even the tiniest bit more, it drew more attention to her. And Gina was shocked to find that she actually felt as if she deserved the attention.

A knock shattered Gina’s self-assured dreamscape. She clutched the robe to her as Lea answered the door.

Pat stuck his head in, grinning; when his eyes found Gina, however, his jaw dropped. “Whoah.”

The older women all laughed.

“That all you got to say, Pat?” asked Gina tartly.

He shook his head is if to wake himself. “All I have to say that is in any way appropriate to a woman half my age. Yes. Aside from the fact that you look gorgeous, and your, uh, admirers are all waiting for you up in your room, whenever you’re ready.”

“What do you think, Pat,” said Cherry, smirking, “is she ready?”

“I… think that that is for Gina to say.” His eyes locked on hers, and for the first time, Gina felt that he was looking at her as a woman, and not as Mario’s little sister.

Lea ran a hand down Gina’s silk-clad arm. “And what does Gina have to say? Believe me, they’ll wait as long as you —”

“No.” Gina stood tall, her arms dropping to her sides. “No, I’m ready.” More than ready.

“Well, then, princess,” said Kirsten, “your chamber awaits. Let us attend you thither.”

“Thither?” Gina fought down a laugh. If she started, she didn’t think she’d be able to stop.

“Kirsten likes her storybooks,” Cherry said, and it looked as if she too were swallowing a laugh.

“As my ladies say,” cooed Kirsten, giving Cherry and Gina — Gina! — a low curtsy.

“Then come on,” said Gina, shoulders back. “Attend me thither.”

Well, what do you think? I’m really happy with how that turned out — and with how lucky Gina’s night turned out all the way through. I’d love to hear what you think. 🙂

You can read Gina’s whole first adventure in reverse-harem polyamory in The Visitor Comes for the Holidays, available now at Stillpoint/Eros and on Amazon/KindleUnlimited! Check it out:

Be careful what you wish for

And ready when it comes!

The Visitor Comes for the HolidaysGina's happy to be joining her brother's new extended family for the holidays. There's snow, and laughter, and even a bunch of sweet kids that the older folks pay Gina to mind a couple of hours a day. A college girl can use every dime she can get her hands on!

The problem is what the others are doing while she's babysitting.

Because the family Gina's brother Mario married into — it's the wildly polyamorous clan from The Visitor Saga! It's no fun being the only person in a huge vacation house spending her nights not just alone, but with fewer than three people in her bed.

Of course, Lea, Sean, Andy and the rest don't want to leave poor Gina out. They decide to give her a holiday present she'll never forget.

This is the first story in The Visitor Revisited, a series of stories about a young woman reimagining love — and discovering all of the unexpected places that it can lead.

(21,000 words. Interracial polyamorous erotic romance — BWWMWMBM reverse harem. Implied MFF and FFF. Adult readers only.)

Available from
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