Preview: Streetcar from The Visitor Rises

Preview: Streetcar from  The Visitor Rises

The Visitor Rises by KD WestThanks, everyone, for your incredibly helpful responses to my question about polyamory. Your thoughts changed the scene, which I’d thought of as awkward but comic, into one that raises much more serious questions, ones the protagonist then wrestles with through the rest of the story.

Here’s the scene — if you have any feedback (either about the scene, about the woman’s questions, or about Gina’s answers), I’d love to hear them! (For reference: Gina, a black pre-law student, has been in a quad with three guys — Jim, Matt, and Sam — for the previous month. If you’d like a peek at their story, you can get a very NSFW preview here.)

The Visitor Rises (Preview #1) — Streetcar

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