SmutTalk: A question of polyamory…

SmutTalk: A question of polyamory…

I’m working on my next Visitor’s Apprentice story, The Visitor Rises, and I’d love some input. I’ve got my young protagonist Gina talking to a woman she’s just met about the very complicated four-way romance she’s involved in. The lady starts asking questions — who wouldn’t? And it got me thinking.
So I thought I’d ask:
  • Friends who’ve been involved in poly relationships: What questions do people always ask you when they find out (reasonable or not)?
  • Friends who HAVEN’T: What questions would you want to ask someone who told you they were in a multi-partner relationship?
Doing research. Really. 🙂
(And you don’t have to identify which of the above groups you fall into if you don’t want to, obviously.)

FYI: Here’s What Pegging Is And How To Try It

FYI: Here’s What Pegging Is And How To Try It

So since a few of my recent books (and some that are in the works) feature that sex act known as pegging, I’ve been doing research. Ah, the joys of being a smutsmith! 😀

In any case, I happened to come across this less-click-baity-y-than-usual Buzzfeed article that I thought you might find of interest:

Here’s What Pegging Is And How To Try It

You may have noticed that the sex showing up in mainstream pop culture lately has been getting a little more…interesting.

Anal's on the table

In the past year alone, kink hit it big with Fifty Shades of Grey, Mindy & Danny navigated the complications of anal sex…
…and in their most recent season, the women of Broad City brought pegging into the discussion.

Which might raise some questions. For instance, what exactly is pegging? And what should you know if you’re interested in trying it?
So glad you asked!
Pegging has a very specific definition: a woman anally penetrating a man while wearing a strap-on dildo.

And although people may well have been doing this since ancient man first put a finger in his own butt, the term has only been around since Dan Savage held a contest in 2001 to come up with a word for that particular act.

While “punting” and “bobbing” were also in the running, “pegging” was the clear winner with 43% of the vote!


The contest thing was new to me! i didn’t realize the term was that recent!

In any case, I found the rest of the article to be fun, even-handed, and informative:

Read the rest at Here’s What Pegging Is And How To Try It.