Audiobook! Listen to By the Numbers

Audiobook! Listen to By the Numbers

Hey! Guess what!

The audiobook of my fantasy erotica novel  By the Numbers is available! And it’s fantastic!


So I shared a short piece last month, but to give you an idea about why I’m so excited about it here’s the whole first chapter:

The narrator is Didi Knotts, which is the adult-only stage name for a wonderful, award-winning narrator.

What do you think???

The audiobook to my contemporary fantasy erotica novel is available on Stillpoint/Eros, on Amazon, on iTunes, and Audible.


Sneak listen! By the Numbers audiobook on the way

Sneak listen! By the Numbers audiobook on the way

Voice performer Didi Knotts has started recording the audiobook for my new fantasy ménage novel By the Numbers. Here’s the first peek!

And Goddess: The Visitor’s Wedding is almost finished. Keep any eye out — I’ll have news soon!

Sneak listen: The Visitor Entertains audiobook coming soon!

Sneak listen: The Visitor Entertains audiobook coming soon!

Hope you’re all well!

I’ve had a lovely afternoon. I just listened to the first bit of Milo Churchcutt’s audiobook narration of my ménage tale, The Visitor Entertains! It’s fabulous, and I knew I had to share it with you.

Here it is, Lea making a bad day at work just a bit better for her boys. It’s just under a half-hour long, and REALLY NOT WORKSAFE (mild bondage, anal sex, threesome. Adult listeners only.):

So? What do you think???


A Thanksgiving from Stillpoint/Eros: Free Audiobooks!

A Thanksgiving from Stillpoint/Eros: Free Audiobooks!

My publisher, Stillpoint/Eros, announced that they’re giving away free downloads of audiobooks on Audible! Not just mine or Mary Cyn‘s — they’re giving a free download code good for any title on Audible to everyone who purchases on their site or can document reviewing one of our books between now and December 31!

Go! Review! Get free audiobooks! Be merry!  (And pre-order The Visitor Entertains before Friday to get 33% off!)

Here’s the original announcement: Continue reading

Sneak peek: Juliet Takes Charge

Sneak peek: Juliet Takes Charge

Juliet Takes Charge by KD West/Model: Mary CynSo, um, a while ago, just before the end of the school year, I ran a poll asking what story I should write next.

And you guys were great and pointed me in the right direction… well, in two, evenly split: The Wilding of the Shrew, my submissive!Kate take on Shakespeare’s raunchiest comedy, and Juliet Takes Charge, the next (and next-to-last) story in my Juliet Takes Flight series.



Every summer this happens. I think, Hey! It’s summer! I’ll get SO MUCH DONE…

In case you think teachers aren’t busy during the summer, think again. I’ve been drowning. Mostly good stuff, but yeah: drowning. And not anywhere nearly as much writing time as I’d have liked!

But I have been writing, and the Juliet story is close enough to being done (I’m hoping we can get you a the actual book in the next week) that my publisher and I though it would be okay for me to give you a forspeis — that’s Yiddish for “a test taste.” Which is something Yiddish speakers take very seriously.

The cover model, you will note, is once again my Stillpoint/Eros stable-mate and narrator Mary Cyn. Isn’t she pretty? Everyone wave!

(Stillpoint/Eros have just posted another extract from this story on their site: Happy Birthday, Allison. Go check it out!)

So here you go, for you, special, a forspeis:

Juliet Takes Charge

A Complicated Erotic Romance

Juliet Takes Flight #6

Dear Allison,

Well, after our chat with Jordan the other day, I don’t think I can even pretend to be your teacher at this point. When the girl who could barely say the word fuck when I first made love to her is suddenly proposing a threeway, I think need to admit that you’ve learned what I have to teach. Congratulations. Pick up your diploma at the office.

Here’s where I admit my own weakness and admit I’m not ready to wave goodbye to you yet, however — and I hope that you aren’t ready to leave me in the dust quite yet either. Given what you’re asking, however, I feel as if I need to share my own experiences with attempting to expand beyond a couple, none of which ended quite the way any of us intended. I want to offer these, not as a teacher, as I said, but as your friend and your lover.

I’ve got three stories to share, aside from the one that we’re about to write. Two involve Cindy — they’re about the only sexual stories I can think of about my time with her that are worth sharing — and one is a story I’ve already mentioned involving Veronica and our friend Jenny.

I’m still looking forward to giving you your birthday gift. I just wanted you to understand why it scares me.



Cream, I decide. I’m the cream. I’m too pale to be the coffee.


Cream, I am. Poured around Ken, who is kneeling on the floor of the girls’ dressing room showers. With me, limp and liquid, flowing over him. “Hmm?”

“Oh. Good. Thought I’d lost you for good.”

I shake my head. “Nuh-uh. Don’t want to miss anything.”

The spray from the shower gives Ken a kind of halo, though his expression is anything but angelic as he clenches the muscles of his thighs and ass pressing his cock up into my cunt and I feel liquid again — liquid fire now. “Love you,” I murmur — or at least I try, since, yes, my lips too are liquid.

Having said the words just a handful of times, I haven’t yet gotten used to the feel of them. They are still fresh and sharp and cut me as they leave my mouth.

“Love you,” he rumbles, lying back and lowering me onto his chest. His words too are fresh, and balm, and I slide atop him — steamed milk now? Something frothy and insubstantial.

But, oh, that cock still, still deep within me — it is very, very solid.

I wasn’t sure how to feel about this package of Ken’s stories. First of all, Cindy had become this bugbear, the way he didn’t talk about her. Reading about her struggles with her own bisexuality, I couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for her. Though I didn’t blame Ken for being angry with her.

Also, I couldn’t help but think, But this time is different. This time it’s something we are all going into with our eyes open. This time it’s something we all want.

Well, I admitted to myself, I want it. I don’t know if they do, or if they’re just going along with me. But still…

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Still More Steamy Sighs – Juliet Takes First released as an audiobook!

News, eroto-audiophiles! Stillpoint/Eros has released the audiobook of my collection Juliet Takes First! The stories are all wonderfully narrated by the multi-talented Mary Cyn. Check it out!

Juliet-Takes-FirstStillpoint/Eros is pleased to release its newest audiobook, Juliet Takes First, drawn from four steamy stories by K.D. West, all recorded by the multi-talented Mary Cyn. Now available in a single volume, the first four stories in K.D. West’s Juliet Takes Flight series.

Sexual initiation (from “Juliet Takes Off” – read by Mary Cyn)

Searing tales of forbidden erotic romance: collected for the first time, the first four stories in K.D. West’s Juliet Takes Flight series! When you fall in love with your teacher, that’s taking a chance. When your teacher falls in love with you, that’s taking it to a whole new level. Allison finds her Romeo, but Ken is much older – and he’s her teacher. In this collection of tales by K.D. West, this young Juliet finds that love can cross all boundaries, and can lead you in directions you never expected. Sexy, surprising, and moving, this collection includes:

  • Juliet Takes Stage: Allison has wanted Ken ever since he became her teacher. and how could Ken not want this passionate young Juliet? Now Ken’s alone and Allison has graduated. He still wants her. She wants to give him… everything.
  • Juliet Takes Off: What if Romeo were more than twice Juliet’s age — and her teacher? Would that have made a difference? Allison tries to find another leading man, but ends up being drawn back to the first person who ever inspired her to real, undeniable desire. How can this Juliet convince her much-older Romeo to take her seriously? How can she convince him that she is a woman, and no longer a girl?
  • Juliet Takes Her Leave: After dreaming of going to college for years, Allison finds once she gets there that she misses the people she left behind: her best friend Jordan and especially Ken, her lover, her one-time teacher. Fortunately for her, they miss her just as much.
  • Juliet Takes a Chance: As Allison’s awakening continues, she discovers that sometimes what seems far away can be incredibly close. When her friend Jordan comes to visit her in college, she finds that BFF and ILU mean a lot more in person than over a text.
  • BONUS – Juliet Takes the Floor, pt. I: A sneak peek at the next installment of Allison’s story. In the aftermath of Jordan’s visit, Allison finds herself rethinking everything that she thought that she knew about herself — and her lovers.

The audiobook is available exclusively through Audible, iTunes, or your local Amazon Store!

(M/F, F/F. Sexually explicit romance. 18+ only!)

The author of the up-coming novel A Joy Forever: An Erotic Education, K.D. West is a teacher, writer and performer living in a small suburb of a big city:

Not a huge amount to say — I’m an author of steamy stories who happens to be a teacher; these things don’t mix well in public, so I tend to be fairly quiet about real life in my blogging. I am, however, interested in all sorts of things — books, writing, theater, mythology, and, obviously, erotica! I’m a huge reader of genre fiction — mostly mysteries and fantasy, but also science fiction and historical romance.

West is writing two intertwined series involving a young woman and her older lover (the Juliet Takes Flight and Erotic Tales: Letters to Allison stories) and a series of stories about friends discovering that they can become much more (Friendly Ménage Tales). Also on the way: an erotic paranormal/urban fantasy novel involving a long lost friend coming all-but-literally back from the dead, and showing a happily married couple just what they’d been missing. For more information, visit KD West’s blog or Stillpoint/Eros. Stillpoint/Eros, your home for fine erotica to feed the mind, the soul, and — yes — the body, is the erotica imprint of Stillpoint Digital Press.