Sneak Previews

  • Lust, Actually (Sneak Peek!) (11/30/2019) - Hey, guess what! I’ve just published a steamy, brand new holiday story called Making Movies. I know, I know — no one is more surprised than me. I was watching a, um, very popular holiday movie (points for guessing which!) and this story popped into my head, fully formed. Stillpoint/Eros has posted a fun, hot sneak […]
  • Preview: Morning Yoga from Let It Go (7/28/2019) - Guess what! Let It Go, my newest friendly MMF menage tale, comes out on Friday, August 2! Let It Go follows Helen, Tommy, and Al (from Let It Snow), as they reach their gold at the end of the rainbow. Their ride off into the sunset. Their polyamorous honeymoon on an idyllic tropical beach. Unfortunately, […]
  • The Visitor Rises by KD West Preview: Streetcar from The Visitor Rises (11/13/2018) - Thanks, everyone, for your incredibly helpful responses to my question about polyamory. Your thoughts changed the scene, which I’d thought of as awkward but comic, into one that raises much more serious questions, ones the protagonist then wrestles with through the rest of the story. Here’s the scene — if you have any feedback (either […]
  • Sneak Peek: The Visitor Falls (interracial reverse harem) (8/30/2018) - Hey! Stillpoint/Eros just posted a sneak peak of my new interracial reverse harem tale, The Visitor Falls! Check out what new polyamorous exploits Gina gets up to in this steamy sequel to The Visitor Celebrates. Psst! You can pre-order The Visitor Falls for just $0.99 on Stillpoint/Eros or at your favorite ebook retailer… But only through […]
  • Sneak peek: Close shave (The Visitor Comes for the Holidays) (2/13/2018) - Happy day-before-Valentine’s Day! Thanks so much for your help in choosing to write the full scene of Lea getting Gina nice and clean for her night with Sean, Andy, and Prior! I had a blast writing the scene, so I thought I’d share it with you here in its totality — I’d love to know what you […]
  • Priestess: The Visitor's Wedding cover Preview #2 & Poll: Priestess — The Hotel (MFM, voyeurism) (11/11/2017) - Here’s another sneak peek at Priestess, the conclusion of The Visitor’s Wedding! The opening section is here. This bit takes place after the wedding, during which, at her husband’s urging, Danielle told Tony the Trooper, “My husband’s fantasy is to watch me make love to another man. It’s not a fantasy we’ve ever been able to […]
  • Priestess: The Visitor's Wedding cover Preview: Priestess, Pt. I (MF polyamory) (11/4/2017) - So Priestess, the grand finale of the Visitor’s Wedding series is almost finished! Here’s the opening section, which catches up with what some of our friends from the earlier stories are up to, and introduces the least familiar of the Harris siblings, the eldest sister Danielle. Who shows is that sometimes the most conventional-seeming folks can […]
  • Handmaiden cover Sneak peek #2 — Handmaiden: The Visitor’s Wedding (9/22/2017) - So I’m done with Handmaiden: The Visitor’s Wedding, the next Visitor story! I shared the opening bit — a sexy morsel of interracial FFF. Here’s the next section, which features Kirsten discovering just what it’s like to serve a mistress — and a master. (FFM interracial menage — for adult readers only.) Do let me know what you think! […]
  • Handmaiden cover Sneak peek: Handmaiden (interracial FFF) (7/14/2017) - So earlier this summer, Stillpoint/Eros sent out a poll asking which of several story ideas I should work on. And the results were a tie between two: A M/F/M triangle/ménage among a group of old friends and another Visitor’s Wedding story — the tale of what Kirsten, Cherry, and Prior got up to while Lea, […]
  • Audiobook! Listen to By the Numbers (8/31/2016) - Hey! Guess what! The audiobook of my fantasy erotica novel  By the Numbers is available! And it’s fantastic! 😀 So I shared a short piece last month, but to give you an idea about why I’m so excited about it here’s the whole first chapter: The narrator is Didi Knotts, which is the adult-only stage name for a […]
  • Sneak Peek #2: The Visitor’s Wedding — Goddess (MMF firemen menage) (6/27/2016) - Here’s the second section of the story that I shared earlier this month. (I’m still working on a title for it. There’s a poll at the bottom of this post!) It follows Jessie (Andy’s sister) in the aftermath of Andy, Lea, and Sean’s wedding(s) (in The Visitor Has Company). During the reception at the Harris family […]
  • Sneak Peek: The Visitor’s Wedding: Natural Woman (6/9/2016) - Well, it’s been a very long, and very weird school year, and I am very pleased to say that it is (virtually) finished. Free at last, free at last…. A piece of fun news! My story The Visitor has been included in a collection edited by the redoubtable Selena Kitt: Menagerie. Go check it out! There […]
  • Sneak peek #2: By the Numbers — Imaginary (MF fantasy play) (1/5/2016) - Happy new year! My new FFM ménage contemporary fantasy novel By the Numbers comes out in a couple of weeks, and I wanted to share another bit with you! I posted the prologue, Null, just before the holidays. This chapter picks up the story… a bit later. 🙂 It’s about 4,000 words with some serious […]
  • Sneak peek! Null (By the Numbers prologue — erotic contemporary fantasy) (12/26/2015) - A short prologue to my erotic contemporary fantasy By the Numbers — and you thought when someone said they didn't give a flying f#ck, it meant they didn't care. 😀
  • The Visitor Has Company cover NEW Release/Sneak Peek: The Visitor Has Company (7/25/2015) - Hey! So it took a while, but I finally managed to rewrite everything that I lost — plus over five thousand words. Losing that section made me rethink some of what I’d written, expand a bit…. And it’s READY! The Visitor Has Company has now been released!!! It follows the story of what happens when Lea, […]
  • WIlder West cover Sneak Peek: Out of the Closet (from Wilder West) (6/17/2015) - Hey! My second omnibus collection, Wilder West, is coming out on Friday! (You can get order it now, however, on  Stillpoint/Eros and Amazon.) To celebrate, here’s a sneak peek; this one’s from one of my Juliet stories, Juliet Takes the Floor. It features poor Allison missing her first lover, her former teacher Ken, and her new lover, her […]
  • Sneak peek #2: On the Table — In Bed (5/2/2015) - So, I finished On the Table, the fourth in my Over the Top stories about Suzie, Danny and their somewhat twisted path to True Love! I’ve got it off to my editor, but I’d love some feedback from you guys. If any of you would like to get an advanced read of the story and send me any […]
  • Sneak Peek: On the Table – After-Party (MF, FFM) | Stillpoint/Eros (4/28/2015) - Check it out! Stillpoint/Eros has posted a preview of my up-coming Over the Top story, On the Table: Pre-Order Now! On the Table Read the fourth story in Over the Top series! Released May 22 Sometimes you know exactly where the party’s going. . . And sometimes you don’t. When she threw a party for Danny’s birthday, Suzie […]
  • The Visitor Entertains audiobook cover Sneak listen: The Visitor Entertains audiobook coming soon! (3/22/2015) - I just listened to the first bit of Milo Churchcutt's audiobook narration of my ménage tale, The Visitor Entertains! It's fabulous, and I knew I had to share it with you. Here it is, Lea making a bad day at work just a bit better for her boys. It's just under a half-hour long, and REALLY NOT WORKSAFE (mild bondage, anal sex, threesome):
  • THe Visitor Takes a Trip cover Sneak peek #2: The Visitor Takes a Trip — In the Pines (2/23/2015) - Here’s another fun bit from The Visitor Takes a Trip (NOW AVAILABLE!), my next story about Lea and her firemen, Sean and Andy! (The previous preview is here.) The trio are visiting Andy’s home in the mountains of northern Georgia, and having to maintain the story that Lea is engaged to Andy. Sean and Lea agreed to […]
  • THe Visitor Takes a Trip cover Sneak peek: The Visitor Takes a Trip (2/6/2015) - Here’s the first couple of sections of The Visitor Takes a Trip (NOW AVAILABLE!), my next story about Lea and her firemen, Sean and Andy! It continues to travel, um, uncharted territory for me — I’d love any feedback you lovely folks might have. This is the beginning of the sixth title in The Visitor Saga: The […]
  • Sneak Peek: Out of the Bag (Over the Top #3 — M/F, pegging) (1/15/2015) - Guess what! Here’s a preview of the next story in my Over the Top series, following Danny and Suzie’s explorations of their sexuality in all its varied, kinky splendor. Let me know what you think! Out of the Bag An Erotic New Adult Romance It’s just the two of them. Though everyone said that they’d try to help […]
  • The Visitor Has Company Cover Cover reveal: New cover art for the Visitor series! (1/8/2015) - Stillpoint/Eros just updated the art on the Visitor books! Here are the five titles so far (the most recent one hasn’t been changed much, I think):          And even more exciting, here are the covers for the last two stories in the series:    I’d love any feedback you might have!
  • Under the covers cover Free Holiday Story! Under the Covers (Over the Top #2) (12/23/2014) - NOW AVAILABLE AS AN EBOOK We’re planning on releasing this after the holidays — the follow-up to Over the Top, this story follows Suzie and Danny the first Christmas after they’ve gone off to college on opposite coasts— but I wanted to give everyone a holiday present. So here you go! Happy Kwanzukkamas!  Under the Covers: What Dreams May […]
  • Visitor-Entertains-cover Sneak Peek #3: The Visitor Entertains (NSFW – pegging, threesome anal play) (11/18/2014) - To celebrate the pre-release of my friendly MMF ménage tale "The Visitor Entertains," I'm sharing another steamy section of the story! As always, it's for adult readers only – and there's threesome sex, bisexuality, pegging... You know: good, clean fun. 😉
  • Visitor-Entertains-cover Sneak Peak #2: The Visitor Entertains (NSFW — anal sex, mild bondage) (11/10/2014) - ETA: The Visitor Entertains is now available from Stillpoint/Eros, as well as from from the Amazon Kindle Store, Apple iBooks Store, B&N Nook Store, ScribD, Xcitica, AllRomanceEbooks, and Smashwords! I’m excited! The Visitor Entertains, the next book in my series of stories about Lea and her two firemen, is now available for pre-order on Stillpoint/Eros (and soon on other sites […]
  • Visitor-Entertains-cover Sneak Peek: The Visitor Entertains (MMF, mild bondage, anal play) (10/28/2014) - ETA: The Visitor Entertains is now available from Stillpoint/Eros, as well as from from the Amazon Kindle Store, Apple iBooks Store, B&N Nook Store, ScribD, Xcitica, AllRomanceEbooks, and Smashwords! I’m excited! Hey! It’s my birthday, so I thought I’d share a gift — the opening of my newest story, which I hope to have complete in the next few weeks: The Visitor […]
  • Juliet Takes Charge by KD West/Model: Mary Cyn Happy Birthday, Allison — (FFM sneak preview #2 from Juliet Takes Charge) (9/21/2014) - Here’s another forspeis of my most recent story, Juliet Takes Charge! When this unassuming Juliet (Allison) asks her lovers to join her in a threesome for her birthday, she has no way of knowing just what it is that they are all going to discover. A sneak preview from K.D. West’s newest story, Juliet Takes Charge, a […]
  • Juliet Takes Charge by KD West/Model: Mary Cyn Sneak peek: Juliet Takes Charge (7/17/2014) - So, um, a while ago, just before the end of the school year, I ran a poll asking what story I should write next. And you guys were great and pointed me in the right direction… well, in two, evenly split: The Wilding of the Shrew, my submissive!Kate take on Shakespeare’s raunchiest comedy, and Juliet […]
  • Sneak peek: The Visitor Goes to Work! (4/28/2014) - Here’s a peek at The Visitor Goes to Work, the next installment in my stories about Lea and her two Southern firemen, Sean and Andy! Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? Lea’s always taken pride in a job well done. Sean and Andy take pride in Lea doing well, and pleasure […]
  • Sneak Peek: Meredith (Love Letters – Erotic Tales) (4/16/2014) - So when I first showed up here… Wow. It’s been a year. In any case, when I first started blogging here, I had just published the first four stories in what I called Love Letters and what my publisher chose to call Four Erotic Tales: Letters to Allison. I knew that I had another two or possibly […]
  • Fantasies are more than black and white by K.D. West Preview: Fantasy Is More than Black & White (3/24/2014) - So here’s a sneak peek at the first part of my next story, Fantasy Is More than Black & White. Inspired by Folding Herself In and Mary Cyn’s Wedded Bliss and Plus One, it’s another wedding-themed bit of erotica, this one on the theme of fantasies, it will surprise you to learn. All these weddings! […]
  • Kate meets Petruchio (from the ACT 1976 DVD) Sneak Peek: The Taming of Kate (2/15/2014) - So I was talking with the multi-talented Mary Cyn about a story that she’s publishing through Stillpoint/Eros. Her narrator’s name is Kat, short for Katherine. As in The Taming of the Shrew. That got me thinking about Kate and Petruchio. And (for reasons that are too boring to go into) 50 Shades of Grey.  And […]
  • Sneak peek: Juliet Takes the Floor (2/4/2014) - Hi! Hope you’re all staying warm. Or — for those of you south of the equator, staying cool. I’ve been working away on a bunch of stories — the next Visitor story, a looooong new fantasy-ish/paranormal-ish M/F/F story…. I’ve also been working on the next Juliet Takes Flight story. And since my publisher is putting out the first collection […]
  • Special: The audiobook of Four Erotic Tales is on sale! (1/26/2014) - The audiobook of Four Erotic Tales is now on sale on Audible for just $2.99! Hear Milo Churchcutt give my words life! And if you own the ebook for the Kindle, it’s WhisperSync-ready! From K. D. West, four sensual tales of seduction, desire, serendipity…and pleasure: “Dana: Thing of Beauty” – A thing of beauty is a […]
  • Sneak Peek: The Visitor (A Friendly FMM Ménage Tale) (12/26/2013) - Hey! Happy holidays! Hope you’ve had a wonderful week — and that Santa (or not-Santa) was good to you, no matter how naughty you may have been. My week’s been wonderful, though busy. Still, I’ve managed to get a bunch of writing done, which is always exciting! I’ve got another threesome story that’s almost ready […]
  • Juliet Takes a Chance cover SmutTalk: Pronoun Panic, the C Word (A Poll), and a Sneak Peek (12/12/2013) - So I’ve been working on the next Juliet story. Yay! And it’s once again taking me into somewhat uncharted territory, because there’s actually some same-gender nookie involved. Something I want to do right, since it’s not actually something I’ve, you know, done. It just seemed important for this story. So I was talking with a friend […]
  • Sneak peek: Over the Top (12/3/2013) - Here’s another bit that I’ve been working on that I thought I’d share with you. It’s from another story about a group of friends growing more than friendly, though I think the dynamic here’s a bit different from Truth and Games. This bit has an implied threesome (MFM). The rest is going to have more […]

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