SmutTalk: Pronoun Panic, the C Word (A Poll), and a Sneak Peek

SmutTalk: Pronoun Panic, the C Word (A Poll), and a Sneak Peek

So I’ve been working on the next Juliet story. Yay! And it’s once again taking me into somewhat uncharted territory, because there’s actually some same-gender nookie involved. Something I want to do right, since it’s not actually something I’ve, you know, done. It just seemed important for this story.

So I was talking with a friend who was kind enough to look through the story and give me some feedback, which was enormously helpful.

We talked about the potential traps involved in writing a love scene between two women, instead of a mixed set (or, as I’ve been doing of late, a trio). Pacing is a bit different. (A chance for more emphasis on foreplay and by-play, and no need to stop with the come shot, after all!)

But the biggest thing about writing a scene between two characters? You can’t use freaking pronouns. “She kissed her nipple” just doesn’t cut it! But using both women’s name all the time sucks too! It demands a fair amount of careful scene-setting to make it clear who is doing what to whom, and how. To those of my fandom friends who wrote lots of yaoi and yuri? My hat’s off to you. I had no idea!

Another thing that came up that I’d like some help with. I tend to use cunt as the descriptor of choice for a woman’s pudenda. I find it offensive when applied derogatorily for a person, but when and where I grew up, that was the accepted terminology — no charge behind it or anything.

And my friend didn’t have a problem with that, but felt that other people might — that it might be considered crass or or offensive. Which isn’t my intent at all; I just want to be descriptive.

Don’t know if this is a regional thing (since she’s in the South Pacific and I’m in the Western US — or the East Pacific, I guess) or a generational thing.

So I wanted to ask you: do you find the  C Word offensive? Only in some circumstances? In any? I really don’t want to piss anyone off when I hadn’t intended to; I mean, if I’m going to poke someone in the eye, I want to do it on purpose, you know?

Thanks! Leave comments if you feel the need to explain or expand!

Oh, and by way of thanks, here’s a bit from the story in question, which should be out soon:

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