Review: “Will leave you drooling and desperately wanting more!”

Review: “Will leave you drooling and desperately wanting more!”

Delta over at TheRomanceReviews has given a lovely review of my newest collection of MMF ménage à trois stories, The Visitor & Other Threesomes!

She doesn’t love everything — which I understand — but I love what she loves.

Here’s the full review: Continue reading

Review: Getting into a Girl’s Shorts: Short Sometimes-Erotic Fiction about Women With Women by Tess Mackenzie

Review: Getting into a Girl’s Shorts: Short Sometimes-Erotic Fiction about Women With Women by Tess Mackenzie

girl's shortsThis collection is a perfect example of why I love this writer’s work. The stories here run the gamut in terms of tone from serious to silly with just about everything in between. All of them are sexy, in one way or another; all of them involve a relationship — sexual, romantic, or both — between women. And yet it’s hard to categorize them in any neat way. Lesbian erotica? Well, maybe. Some of them. Some of the women are — at least so far as they know — straight. Some of them are bisexual. Each of them is different, and each of them is challenged by the relationship — sexual, romantic, or both — in different ways, and how each deals with her challenge is really where the stories’ focusses lie. There doesn’t seem to be any of the typical pat erotic and-then-we-had-sex-and-it-was-all-good clichés. There doesn’t seem to be a particular sexual-political bent. Each of the stories centers around the characters, their needs and their problems. Gender and sex are along for the ride.

Oh–but they are sexy. Oh, yes. Definitely. 🙂

Review: A Forbidden Storm by J Larsen

Review: A Forbidden Storm by J Larsen

You know me: I’m always as interested in the people in an erotic story as in the sex. More, maybe. That’s my kink, I guess. A story that I read recently drove that home to me.

A Forbidden Storm by J Larsen tells the story of a newlywed woman, Jessica, who has never felt particularly sexy or attractive. Moving into her new house with her husband, she meets a neighborhood couple, Catherine and Martin, and pretty soon realizes that Martin makes her feel very sexy indeed. She and her new husband go away for a delayed honeymoon to Antigua; imagine her surprise and discomfort when she discovers that Martin is staying at the same resort. Without his wife Catherine.

A  cross between an erotic romance and something darker and more psychological, this story follows its protagonist on a metaphoric and literal journey that’s sexy, but also keeps you wondering as a reader how things are going to turn out. The surprise ending was properly satisfying. Continue reading

Review: Yank by Selena Kitt

Here’s another review of a favorite erotica author, Selena Kitt, for her quasi-incest coming-of-age (and also just coming) story, Yank.

I reviewed it on Goodreads here.

The difference between porn and erotica is all in the details. If a story’s generic, the characters are cardboard cutouts, and the actions (which is to say, the sexy bits) flow purely in an And then I… and then he… format, it’s porn. It’s also crap. If the story involves characters who are struggling with real problems that aren’t easily solved — even with a roll in the hay — then that’s actually a story, and if there’s sex involved then it might even be erotic.

Selena Kitt’s stories are pretty consistently erotic. Smutty fun, sometimes, but no cardboard cutouts in sight. Continue reading

Review: Erin by Tess Mackenzie

I’ve started actually using my Goodreads account, and so I thought I’d mirror reviews here. Here’s the first:

So, this is not a story I would have picked out for me, based on the shopping-list. It’s about a lesbian couple, which is fine, though not my thing, and it centers around the kink of anal sex. Which… Well, I’ve written about it, and it’s something intriguing, sure, but it’s not my kink of choice. (Don’t know what that is, exactly, but you know what I mean.) The thing, is, I love Tess Mackenzie’s stories. They’re erotic, sure, but they’re about the people, and that’s why I read “Erin” (and its sequels), and that’s why I loved it. The two main characters, Erin and Lauren… Well, yeah. They’re both women. (Actually, Lauren is bisexual, not that it matters in this story so much.) And Erin has a thing for anal sex — particularly analingus. And the story flows out from there…. but honestly? It’s about their insecurities, and their love for each other, and the push-me-pull-you that those two things — combined with their desires — put them through. Is it sexy? Hell yeah.But mostly, I found myself falling in love a bit with these two slightly neurotic, sweet, very human creatures, and enjoyed the hell out of the short trip they took me on (and the subsequent trips as well).

You can find the story (and its two sequels, “Erin’s Anniversary,” and “Erin’s Birthday” here:

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