SmutTalk: A question of polyamory…

SmutTalk: A question of polyamory…

I’m working on my next Visitor’s Apprentice story, The Visitor Rises, and I’d love some input. I’ve got my young protagonist Gina talking to a woman she’s just met about the very complicated four-way romance she’s involved in. The lady starts asking questions — who wouldn’t? And it got me thinking.
So I thought I’d ask:
  • Friends who’ve been involved in poly relationships: What questions do people always ask you when they find out (reasonable or not)?
  • Friends who HAVEN’T: What questions would you want to ask someone who told you they were in a multi-partner relationship?
Doing research. Really. 🙂
(And you don’t have to identify which of the above groups you fall into if you don’t want to, obviously.)

Making Lemonade and a Cry for Aid

So my publisher just posted another new cover for Juliet Takes Off:

Juliet Takes Off shirt 1 BANNED!


Made me laugh. Whether it gets anyone to buy it is anyone’s guess! Still, if it worked for Ulysses here’s hoping it work for us!

ALSO: I’ve just finished a draft of the next story in this cycle, and I’d love to have one of you lovely people read it and give me some feedback. Comment or send me an email at and I’ll send you the story, as well as your choice of one of my other ebooks or an Audible coupon code for Juliet Takes Stage!

What do you think about during sex?

A very interesting question, in general, and one that Tess MacKenzie (who writes wonderfully sexy stories that somehow manage not to be about the sex) is pondering in her post Getting Head.

For a writer of what at least hopes to be erotic literature, as opposed to, you know, straight smut (not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind), the question of what goes through one’s mind during moments of erstwhile ecstasy is a real one. I mean, I know what goes through my mind during even fairly good sex: nothing at all. I think that’s part of the pleasure of it. Ecstasy, after all, comes from the Greek ex (meaning, you know out) and histani — which meant standing or staying. It means literally being transported out of yourself. But that leaves a writer stuck: how can you write about nothing. Buddhists have been struggling with that problem for millenniums. We have to write something damn it! And it’s got to be hot or it ruins the scene! 

So what would one think about during sex?

In sexy writing, authors go in all kinds of directions with that; some go with concrete sensory detail, some go with a free-associative inner monologue (beige… I think I’ll paint the ceiling in beige…). Looking at my own writing, I see that I’ve done a bit of both. 

What about you? What do you think about?