SmutTalk: A question of polyamory…

SmutTalk: A question of polyamory…

I’m working on my next Visitor’s Apprentice story, The Visitor Rises, and I’d love some input. I’ve got my young protagonist Gina talking to a woman she’s just met about the very complicated four-way romance she’s involved in. The lady starts asking questions — who wouldn’t? And it got me thinking.
So I thought I’d ask:
  • Friends who’ve been involved in poly relationships: What questions do people always ask you when they find out (reasonable or not)?
  • Friends who HAVEN’T: What questions would you want to ask someone who told you they were in a multi-partner relationship?
Doing research. Really. 🙂
(And you don’t have to identify which of the above groups you fall into if you don’t want to, obviously.)

Poll: Reverse harem or orgy?

Poll: Reverse harem or orgy?

So I’m working on The Visitor Rises, the next story in Gina’s continuing polyamorous apprenticeship. It’s looking as if it’s going to be a bit shorter than the first two titles in the series, and it’s going to feature a birthday celebration.

Now, obviously, it’s going to include fun times with her dancer boys, Sam, Jim, and Matt. But what I need help deciding is whether to include Marie the Porn Star, turning it from a woman-and-her-three-men reverse harem to a two-women-three-men orgy. And if Marie gets to play along, should I allow her and Gina to have fun together, or should the only bisexuality be between the boys? (Say that three times fast!)

A poll! Shave or no shave?

The Visitor Comes for the HolidaysShh! I’m preparing a holiday gift for my fans!  The Visitor Comes for the Holidays is a novella-length story featuring a bunch of the characters from The Visitor Saga. It stars Gina, a young college student whose joining Lea, Andy, and Sean’s wildly unconventional extended family in the mountains for the first time. (You might recognize Gina from the last Visitor’s Wedding story, Priestess. She’s Mario’s sister.)

Anyway, I need your help! I have a scene where Lea, Cherry, and Kirsten are all getting Gina ready for her first night with not just one, not just two, but three gorgeous men. They’re decking her out in sexy things, giving advice… At one point, Lea is in the bathroom helping Gina put on her new silkies (Cherry is outside helping Kirsten keep herself from jumping Gina, who is very much Kirsten’s type).

Now, when I originally planned the story, I had Lea help Gina shave her bush here. I thought it might be a fun, somewhat sensual way for the two straight(-ish) women to bond and discuss the joys and difficulties of love and sex with multiple partners.

On the other hand, it’s about 1500-2000 words where Gina isn’t in the room with her three hunks.

So, my friends, I need your help:

Here’s a little appetizer: Continue reading

Preview #2 & Poll: Priestess — The Hotel (MFM, voyeurism)

Preview #2 & Poll: Priestess — The Hotel (MFM, voyeurism)

Priestess: The Visitor's Wedding cover

Priestess: The VIsitor’s Wedding

Here’s another sneak peek at Priestess, the conclusion of The Visitor’s Wedding!

The opening section is here.

This bit takes place after the wedding, during which, at her husband’s urging, Danielle told Tony the Trooper, “My husband’s fantasy is to watch me make love to another man. It’s not a fantasy we’ve ever been able to live out, but we’d both like that man to be you.” So here they’re on the way to make Robby’s (and Danielle’s) fantasy a reality.

And I need your help finishing the story — so there’s a poll at the very end. Please let me know what direction you think I should take with this threesome.

Adult readers only!

The Priestess, Pt. II: The Hotel

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Free book, and a plea for help

Free book, and a plea for help

Hey, I’m giving away a signed copy of By the Numbers: A Friendly Ménage Fantasy over on Goodreads! Go check it out. I’d love it if one of you won it.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

By the Numbers by K.D. West

By the Numbers

by K.D. West

Giveaway ends April 24, 2017.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

Yes, I’m still writing — but I need your help.

Also, Stillpoint/Eros sent out a survey about what I should write next.

I’d like to ask that here as well — and if you already answered the other survey, please feel free to stuff the ballot box! 😉

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Cover reveal: The Visitor’s Wedding – Goddess (FMM menage)

Cover reveal: The Visitor’s Wedding – Goddess (FMM menage)

Hey! Guess what!

I’m working on finishing up the new Visitor story I’ve been sharing. Thanks so much for your feedback!

We’ve settled on a title: Goddess: The Visitor’s Wedding.

And Stillpoint/Eros has come up with a cover: Continue reading

Sneak Peek #2: The Visitor’s Wedding — Goddess (MMF firemen menage)

Sneak Peek #2: The Visitor’s Wedding — Goddess (MMF firemen menage)

Here’s the second section of the story that I shared earlier this month. (I’m still working on a title for it. There’s a poll at the bottom of this post!) It follows Jessie (Andy’s sister) in the aftermath of Andy, Lea, and Sean’s wedding(s) (in The Visitor Has Company). During the reception at the Harris family home, the recently-divorced Jessie was the one family member who wasn’t enjoying herself. So Lea suggested to her husbands’ commanding officer Pat Olson and their fellow firefighter (Super) Mario Billings that Jessie could use some company. Which they seem to be very happy to provide!

The Visitor’s Wedding, Pt. II: Goddess

Tears. She remembered feeling so damned good, then why were there tears?

A hand brushed through her hair, which was tangled. Another rubbed her naked thigh like it was a colicky baby. And another…

Another hand covered her pussy, a fourth her breast.

“Hey, Jessie,” said Pat, the one up near her head.

“You okay, baby?” asked Mario, from the other end.

“Okay?” she laughed through the tears. “Okay? Sweet Jesus with a hard-on!”

They laughed with her, though neither of them sounded certain they should.

Jessie sat up, her legs slipping off of Mario’s shoulders. She leaned forward and kissed him. “Thank you.”


She turned and kissed Pat. “Thank you, too.”

“Welcome.” She could feel him grinning into her lips. “So. We done for the night?”

She blinked at him. “Aw, fuck no!”

“Good.” He stood and held out his hand to her. “Come on. Unless you want to fuck us fuckin’ dry in here.”

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Poll: Should my next story be MMF or FFM?

Poll: Should my next story be MMF or FFM?

I’m wrapping up the writing on The Visitor Has Company, the last tale of Lea, Sean, and Andy’s adventures — for now at least. (Contact me if you’d like to get an early beta copy.)

I’ve got a number of irons in the fire, writing-wise (including a novel that’s metastasized — it’s either a three-novel series or a smaller three-part series and a stand-alone. Over 220,000 words. Eesh!). In any case there are a couple of menage stories I’ve had sitting on my hard drive waiting to be finished — one’s a MMF story (two men and a woman) and one’s an FFM story (two women and a man).

So I thought I’d ask your help:

Help me, folks! You’re my only hope. 😉

So… threesomes?

So… threesomes?

Ah, the threesome! The threeway, the triad, the menage a trois, the spit roast, the Napoleon’s Hat! A favorite topic of mine, obviously — and not just mine!

Stillpoint/Eros just launched an Ask the Author page, which I christened by asking a question of the readers:

I write about threesomes (two guys and a girl, two girls and a guy — heck, probably three of each eventually) because I find them fascinating. You guys seem to as well! I have my own thoughts and — ahem — experiences to draw on, but I would really love to hear some of yours.

Have you ever participated in a three-way? Was it planned or an accident? Was it driven by one member of the ménage? Two? All three? What surprised you? What didn’t? And most importantly: How did it compare to the fantasy?

Inquiring minds do want to know!

Make my publisher happy by answering at the website, or you can answer here. I really would love to hear what you guys have to say!

# #

In other (not unrelated) news, Stillpoint/Eros just announced a dual release party for my collection of threesome stories, The Visitor & Other Threesomes, and the wonderful Mary Cyn’s exploration of the pleasures and pains of third-wheel-dom, Never a Bride! Both books will be released on July 31, just in time for you to get the last of your summer reading in.

As the invite says, we need a third — are you going to be it? 😉

There’ll be giveaways — including a signed copy of the print edition of my book. So come on! What are you waiting for?

Poll: What should I write next?

Poll: What should I write next?

I’ve got a bunch of stories in my hopper, and I need some help deciding which one to focus on next. Here are the ones I’m looking at, in no particular order:

  • Under the Covers – a new story following Danny and Suzie from Over the Top trying to find a way to get together while they’re going to school on opposite sides of the country. (M/F)
  • The Wilding of the Shrew — Shakespeare’s Kate as an unsuspected submissive — she has no idea until Petruchio comes along. (M/F. I posted the start here a while back.)
  • The Visitor Entertains — Lea brings Sean and Andy to the theater, and makes sure it’s a very entertaining experience. (F/M/M. Part of the Visitor series, obviously.)
  • Juliet Takes Charge — Allison gets Ken and Jordan to give her the birthday present she really, really wants. (F/F/M. The next story in the Juliet series.)
  • Meredith — First times can be sweet, but sometimes so can last times — even if you don’t know that’s what they are. (M/F. The next story in the Love Letters series. I posted the first half a little while back.)
  • Open the Door — A couple who have just emptied their nest welcome in a neighbor in need. (M/F/F. A Friendly Ménage tale.)

Whew. I’ve got some others, but these are the ones that I actually think I’m ready to work on. So tell me: which one should I write next???

Thanks! If you have any suggestions or questions, let me know.