Giveaway: Three for Three

Giveaway: Three for Three

Hey! I’ve been crazy busy — end of the school year and all — but I have a couple of exciting things to share.

First of all, we’re having a giveaway of my bestselling ménage collection, Three for Three over at Goodreads:

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Three for Three by K.D. West

Three for Three

by K.D. West

Giveaway ends June 12, 2015.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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Check it out! Enter early and often! 😀

Also, Stillpoint/Eros is releasing the second collection of my stories, Wilder West, next Friday! This book gathers together a lot of my favorite stories from the past year, including a number that have never been collected before.

Wilder West is available for pre-order at Stillpoint/Eros and Amazon.

Here’s more info about the book, which will be available next week as an ebook and paperback (and soon an audiobook, hopefully!):

WilderWest-Vol2-cover-v1-200Remember the name K.D. West, because after reading the marvelous erotic stories in this bundle, you’ll be looking for more from this very talented writer! — Amazon Reviewer

A young woman flying to her new home city is met by both of her boyfriends… and they couldn’t be more pleased. A happily married couple discover that sometimes a touch of fantasy can make you even happier. A student convinces her former teacher and her best friend to give her a birthday present that none of them will ever forget.

Breathtakingly funny, heartrendingly human, and always as steamy as Louisiana hot sauce, K.D. West’s stories explore the whole gamut of human love and sexuality.

This collection, the follow-up to Wild West, includes fourteen tales:

  1. The Visitor Comes Home: Separated by a continent, Lea and her new lovers Sean and Andy learn how to narrow the gap. The sequel to The Visitor. (video sex, bisexuality,ménage à trois. F/M/M, implied F/F)
  2. The Visitor Comes Again: Lea returns to Atlanta terrified of what she’s doing, moving cross-country to live with not one but two men. Andy and Sean show her some Southern hospitality to calm her down. (workplace sex, bisexuality, ménage à troisF/M/M)
  3. The Visitor Goes to Work: Sean and Andy send Lea of to her new job in style. Sean’s sister Kirsten has a house-warming present — for the whole threesome. (masturbation, ménage à troisF/M/M)
  4. The Visitor Entertains: After putting Kirsten’s present to good use, Lea’s firemen inspect the theater where she works — and decide it’s time to burn down the house. (pegging, mild bondage, anal sex, bisexuality, ménage à troisF/M/M)
  5. The Visitor Takes a Trip: Andy is having a crisis and Sean and Lea have to go back to Andy’s home town to help him solve it. (gay sex, bisexuality, ménage à troisF/M/M, F/M, F/M/F)
  6. Folding Herself In: Gil and Danny are getting married tomorrow — not to each other: to Ruth and Diana. Their usually-quiet friend Phoebe decides that that a double wedding deserves a double surprise — and she’s going to give it to them! (anal sex, double penetration, infidelity, ménage à trois. M/F/M)
  7. Fantasy Is More than Black and White: Trey is the best man at his sister’s wedding… to his one-time girlfriend. His own bride Jeanne shows Trey that while everyone has fantasies, some people are lucky enough to be married to them. (fantasy sex, bisexuality, book sex. M/F, implied F/F, implied M/F/F/M)
  8. Juliet Takes the Floor: Allison’s journey toward sexual maturity is truly taking off. Separated from her two lovers — her former teacher Ken and her BFF Jordan — Allison decides to show them she knows what she wants. (phone sex, masturbation. M/F, F/F)
  9. Juliet Takes Charge: Ken and Jordan decide to give Allison the birthday present she asked for. Is she ready for what it’s going to bring? (bisexuality, student/teacher, BFF sex, strap-on, analingus, ménage à trois. F/M, F/F, F/F/M)
  10. Under the Covers: When Danny surprises Suzie at Christmas, she discovers that sometimes it is better to receive than to give. Sequel to Over the Top. (new adult, analingus, oral sex. F/M)
  11. Out of the Bag: If you’re going to go into your girlfriend’s things, you’d better be ready for what you find. What’s Danny going to do to make things right? (mild bondage, pegging, hand job. M/F)
  12. On the Table: When she threw a party for Danny’s birthday, Suzie thought she knew what she was doing. Her friend Alice shows her how wrong she was. (ménage à trois. F/M/F)
  13. Two Candles: Brilliante walks away on her wedding day in search of true love… and finds her. (family-safe lesbian fairytale. F/F — no sex)
  14. Lily & Rose: When her father disappears while trying to rescue the princess from the Black Knight, Rose knows that she herself must ride to the rescue. (family-safe lesbian fairytale. F/F — no sex)




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