A poll! Shave or no shave?

The Visitor Comes for the HolidaysShh! I’m preparing a holiday gift for my fans!  The Visitor Comes for the Holidays is a novella-length story featuring a bunch of the characters from The Visitor Saga. It stars Gina, a young college student whose joining Lea, Andy, and Sean’s wildly unconventional extended family in the mountains for the first time. (You might recognize Gina from the last Visitor’s Wedding story, Priestess. She’s Mario’s sister.)

Anyway, I need your help! I have a scene where Lea, Cherry, and Kirsten are all getting Gina ready for her first night with not just one, not just two, but three gorgeous men. They’re decking her out in sexy things, giving advice… At one point, Lea is in the bathroom helping Gina put on her new silkies (Cherry is outside helping Kirsten keep herself from jumping Gina, who is very much Kirsten’s type).

Now, when I originally planned the story, I had Lea help Gina shave her bush here. I thought it might be a fun, somewhat sensual way for the two straight(-ish) women to bond and discuss the joys and difficulties of love and sex with multiple partners.

On the other hand, it’s about 1500-2000 words where Gina isn’t in the room with her three hunks.

So, my friends, I need your help:

Here’s a little appetizer:

When Gina stumbled on the staircase, Kirsten looked back and chuckled. “Yeah. My baby’s papa does the whole smoldering look thing pretty well, don’t he?”


It hadn’t occurred to  Gina that this might actually happen. Well, she’d asked them, and they’d all said yes. And she’d gone up into her room and lay on her bed, playing with her pussy and her tits and even her ass, thinking about them, their mouths, their breasts, their cocks… But the idea that she was about to… With… Gina shivered.

Kirsten pushed open the door to the bedroom she shared with Cherry and Prior and pulled Gina in.

The bedroom was an absolute shambles. Clothes were scattered everywhere. There were handcuffs dangling from all four corners of the huge bed. On the nightstands there were three dildos, each with a set of straps that… Oh. Strap-on. Right. Two cribs were tucked into the closet. A pile of wrapped presents loomed next to the dresser.

Kirsten shot a crooked smirk at Gina. “Sorry. We kinda didn’t clean up from last night.”

“Oh.” Gina’s heart was beating like a hummingbird’s wings. “Was this where all five of…?”

Kirsten smiled a bit more fully and nodded. “Oh, yeah. Epic. But don’t worry — those boys won’t have any trouble getting excited for you. Trust me. They was all salivating this afternoon. Heck. Me too.”

“Um. Yeah.” Gina closed the door, then turned back to Kirsten. “Kirsten?”

The blonde had wandered over to the dresser and was sorting through presents. “Uh-huh?”

“Does it ever bother you, being the one who isn’t, you know, married to anyone?”

Kirsten straightened and turned, putting three packages on the bed — two flat, one square. “Huh.” She looked down for a moment and then back up at Gina. “Sure. Sometimes. But, see, I know who I am to every one of them. With Prior and Cherry, I…” Pale blue eyes flashed up. “I’m their… handmaiden.” Kirsten blushed, but her gaze remained steady. “I’m the mama of Andy’s son, which we’re both ecstatic about. And I’m Lea’s BFF, which no one else is. And of course, I’m Sean’s bratty little sister. But you know what that’s like.” One solemn blue eye winked.

Gina nodded and smiled. “I guess… I wondered if you felt, you know, excluded, or whatever, just now.”

“Naw,” said Kirsten, her face warming. She sat on the bed next to the presents and patted next to her. When Gina sat down on the bed, she cocked her head. “Now, you don’t think they’re having some romantic conversation down there or anything, do you?”

Gina shrugged.

“Heh. No. I’d be willing to bet that what Lea and Cherry wanted to talk to the boys about was treating you right. Following your lead. I didn’t need to hear that. Besides!” She plopped the first wide package on Gina’s lap. “I get to be here when you open this!”

Fingers fluttering, Gina picked up the package, which was wrapped beautifully in lavender paper. A card read, May you wear them well! Love, Cherry and Kirsten Unsure what kind of clothes the women could possibly have bought her, Gina was nonetheless touched. Mario had learned not to try to buy her clothes early on, so there was barely a stitch Gina owned that she hadn’t bought herself. She leaned over and kissed Kirsten on the cheek. “Thank you so much.”

Blushing again, Kirsten patted the present. “Well, don’t thank me yet! I want to see what you think.”

Curious, terrified, Gina carefully removed the paper, as Kirsten twitched with anticipation.

Gina didn’t recognize the store box. “NaughtyNice?”

“Hmm.” Kirsten was fairly bouncing on the bed, which, given Kirsten’s generous figure, meant that there was a lot of bouncing going on. “Open it!”

Sure now she wasn’t going to be opening a work skirt or a scarf, Gina took a breath and lifted the top of the box. Beneath a layer of lavender tissue lay four scraps of lace and silk, all in a gorgeous, subtle shade of ice blue. Gina gasped.

“Do you like it?” When Gina gawped at Kirsten, Kirsten spluttered, “See, people always want to put black women in black, or white, or, you know, like Cherry, bright red, she always… Anyway, I thought, your skin is such a beautiful… It’s just a shade warmer than Cherry’s and I thought this blue’d bring out the cinnamon in your —”

Gina didn’t intend to kiss Kirsten on the lips, but found that in fact she had done so. “Thank you. It’s beautiful.” She lifted up the largest piece — a lace cami with a set of straps that dangled from the bottom. “A… A garter belt?” Gina had never, ever owned anything so decadent. So naughtynice.

Kirsten nodded and lifted the two rolled lengths of sheer silk in the same barely-blue — stockings. “Um. That. Too. But the straps…” She lifted the final piece of lace out of the box: a pair of panties.

These too were gorgeous — but they didn’t look like any panties Gina had ever seen: low-cut in the back, and with a set of flaps in the front that reminded her vaguely of the tighty-whities she’d stolen from Johnny for when she had her period. She wiggled a finger through the flap and shot an inquisitive look at Kirsten.

“Heh.” Kirsten thrummed the square package with her fingers. “That’s… about what’s in the present from Sean and Prior and Andy. I’ll show you —”

“Let her open the one from me first,” called Lea from the door. “Before you terrify the poor girl.”

Cherry strode over, sitting beside Kirsten and giving her a smooch. Then she turned to Gina. “You like Kirsten’s handiwork?”

Gina blinked. “Kristen’s…?”

For the first time since Gina met Kirsten O’Connell at Mario’s wedding, the blonde seemed shy. She fiddled with the filmy blue undies in Gina’s fingers. “I made them.”

“You…?” Gina stared down at the beautifully detailed, delicate lingerie. “Wow! They’re… amazing! You made these?”

Kirsten smiled and nodded. “Last year and a half, I’ve been trying to create a line of really… specialized lingerie. Naughtynice. That’s me. And you’re my first… um… customer.”

“Oh. Wow.” She looked from Kirsten to Cherry to Lea, then back to Kirsten, whose face and arms were glowing pink. “Should I… try these on?”

Kirsten started bouncing on the bed in earnest. Cherry laughed, and Lea snorted, then said, “I think that was a yes. You can change in here if you’d like, or in the bathroom.”

“Um, in the bathroom, if you don’t mind.” Gina tried not to notice Kirsten’s disappointed pout as she drifted toward the bathroom door. She looked down at the wisps of fabric in her fingers. “Um. Lea? Would you…? I think I could use some help.”

Lea nodded.

“Oh, fine,” grumbled Kirsten. “Straight girl gets all the fun.”

“Hush, Kirsten,” Cherry ordered. “If she wasn’t straight, Gina there wouldn’t have asked her.” Cherry took a pale earlobe in her fingers and squeezed. “Now be good, and you know you’ll be rewarded later.”

Eyes closed, Kirsten purred, “Yes, my lady.”

“Come on,” Lea chuckled, “before they start getting kinky.”

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