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Check it out! Stillpoint/Eros has posted a preview of my up-coming Over the Top story, On the Table:

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On the Table cover

On the Table

Read the fourth story in Over the Top series!

Released May 22

Sometimes you know exactly where the party’s going. . .
And sometimes you don’t.

When she threw a party for Danny’s birthday, Suzie thought she knew what she was doing. Her friend Alice shows her how wrong she was.

(Ménage à trois. F/M/F)

After-Party: On the Table

Review: The Bridesmaid Always Comes Twice

Review: The Bridesmaid Always Comes Twice

Haven’t posted a review for a while, which is rude of me! Just finished reading through this collection by my friend Mary Cyn, so I thought I’d change that:

The Bridesmaid Always Comes Twice

The Bridesmaid Always Comes Twice coverI read each of these stories as they came out and loved them —Mary Cyn has a wonderful ability to vary from wild comedy to wild emotion, all while keeping things very, very sexy.

There are all sorts of scenes here: an epic fantasy orgy, a happenstance post-wedding threesome that feels like much more, a bunch of brushes with almost-infidelity (and more group sex), and an amazing finale that is satisfying on every level. And tying them all together is the narrator, Kat McKinney, with her tart, touching observations about sex, about love, and about the search for The Guy, with her conversations with her barfly father confessor (where is Nick when you need him?), and with lots of weddings. Even when you want to scream at her for falling into yet another phenomenally stupid situation, you want to hug her and laugh with her. It all feels amazingly real. Kat seems like the kind of girlfriend who you love just to meet over drinks because she makes you laugh (except when she makes you want to cry).

When this collection came out, I read the whole series over and was pleased to find that, in fact, not only did the story arc hold together beautifully (there’s an added prologue and epilogue to tie things together nicely) but in fact reading them together added to the experience. Nice job!

Darcy Letters #1 — A New Wife

Darcy Letters #1 — A New Wife

This is a departure from my regular stuff, but I kind of wanted to share it with you.

I have a friend (former student, actually) who loves Jane Austen. I mean loves her. Mind, I’m pretty fond of Pride & Prejudice and the rest myself, so a few years ago I wrote a bit of slightly risqué Austen fanfiction for her as a birthday gift.

For some reason, over the weekend, a follow-up popped into my head, and now I’m trying to decide whether to continue it or not.

Here’s the first part (which includes some dirty words — impeccably used, naturally — and some discussions of conjugal bliss): Continue reading

Giveaway: The Visitor Arrives (LAST DAY!)

Giveaway: The Visitor Arrives (LAST DAY!)

Today’s your last day to sign up to win a paperback copy of The Visitor Arrives: Friendly MMF Ménage Tales, my Amazon best-selling threesome erotic romance!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Visitor Arrives by K.D. West

The Visitor Arrives

by K.D. West

Giveaway ends April 17, 2015.

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It’s the the world’s oldest story: A girl, her fireman, and her other fireman.

Visitor-collection-1-cover-800When Lea heads off to Atlanta for a job interview, all she’s thinking about is the work. Well, and Sean, her best friend’s brother. Sean, the tall, muscular firefighter. With the gentle Southern drawl and the wicked smile. Whose couch she’s going to be sleeping on.

Well, actually, whose couch she hopes very much she won’t be sleeping on. But it turns out that Andy, Sean’s roommate, is another, equally hot Southern firefighter, and so when a visitor – or perhaps two – joins Lea on that couch, it sparks a series of events that none of them could possibly have foreseen.

But that none of them regrets. Not even a little bit.

This collection contains the first four installments in The Visitor Saga:

  1. The Visitor
  2. The Visitor Comes Home
  3. The Visitor Comes Again
  4. The Visitor Goes to Work

(MF, MMF menage a trois. Bisexuality. Explicit language and scenes of sexuality between consenting adults. Adult readers only.)

New Release: The Visitor Takes a Trip (No Joke!)

New Release: The Visitor Takes a Trip (No Joke!)

THe Visitor Takes a Trip coverIt may be April Fool’s, but I am very happy to say in all seriousness that Stillpoint/Eros has (finally) released the next installment in my Visitor series, The Visitor Takes a Trip! (The delay was all mine — my non-writing life combined with a rare touch of writer’s block to push the story back. My apologies.)

You can order from Stillpoint/Eros or from Amazon (available through KindleUnlimited).

I think you’ll love the story, which follows Lea and her firefighter boyfriends Sean and Andy through the wedding circuit: Andy’s childhood best friend Prior is marrying Andy’s first girlfriend Cherry, and they want Andy to be the best man. Which would all be fine, except that Andy may have suggested that he too is engaged — to Lea. Prior told Cherry, who told Andy’s sister Jessie, who told her and Andy’s parents…

It’s a mess.

How will our threesome survive? What will they discover about each other and about the rural town where Andy grew up? And what is Lea doing with those handcuffs and that gag???

I’ve posted two sneak previews: On the Rocks and In the Pines. Check them out!

And Stillpoint/Eros has asked me to extend this special offer to you folks: if you review any one of my books (on your blog, on Goodreads, on Amazon, etc.) and send them a screenshot or a URL to, they’ll send you a coupon good for any Stillpoint/Eros book, plus a download code good for free audiobook from Audible! Doesn’t have to be a five-star review — we expect and respect your honest opinion. Just contact them and share your feedback, and we’ll feed your habit. 😉